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San Luis Potosí: Cases

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    Re: San Luis Potosí: Cases

    Raymundo Rocha Lozano

    San Luis Potosi, San Luis Potosi .- The health sector warned that low temperatures increase the number of respiratory diseases, but said he is prepared to deal with what you need to register cases.

    In an interview after meeting with lawmakers, the health secretary Alejandro Perez Sanchez reported to date have been recorded 2.353 cases of influenza A-H1N1, and 252 influenza A, in the two stages of the disease have been reported 14 deaths. However, with the onset of winter may increase the number of patients not only influenza but also "vile flu," but the authority on the subject is ready.

    The official said after meeting with lawmakers in the second stage of the influenza A-H1N1, when more cases have occurred, there were only six deaths and one influenza A, the mortality of the A-H1N1 is lower than the seasonal rate.

    With seasonal influenza type A "we have spent many years living and we even have some 300 deaths per year due to pneumonia and some of this kind of influenza, so we're not worried, but prepared to handle cases that might arise.

    Dr. Perea Sanchez added that "this does not mean that we are not alert, hospitals were instructed to be prepared areas for controlling outbreaks, but not what we expect, but we must be prepared both personally and as a team.

    Revealed that it received 13 fans to be delivered to hospitals to give medical attention if it was required.

    To prevent respiratory diseases are reported, the secretary of Health recommended that people follow the directions that have spread the various media, such as not taking children to school when no symptom is present, which in the schools filters are implemented fix, constant hand washing and other recommendations for cleaning already known.

    It was unclear when will the flu vaccine, but as happens apply to high-risk groups, but there are enough antiviral to provide care to the cases recorded.


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      Re: San Luis Potosí: Cases

      Add San Luis Potosi 10 human deaths from influenza
      The neighbor state remains the fifth most affected states, the deaths were two of them under 10 years and the rest adults.

      Mon, 09/11/2009 - 17:57
      San Luis Potosi .- In just 10 days, this entity is registered 11 deaths from influenza A (H1N1) as a result of this second wave of the disease, said the state health secretary, Alejandro Perez Sanchez. He said that so far two thousand have registered 801 cases, between seasonal human influenza, and that the last 11 deaths occurred between 20 and 30 October.

      With these figures, he said, San Luis Potosi remains fifth in the most affected states, the deaths were two of them under 10 years and the rest adults.

      He acknowledged that increased cases of influenza A (H1N1) and seasonal in the state, and a total of 21 deaths were recorded in all of San Luis Potosi.

      Perea Sanchez said San Luis Potosí is prepared to handle cases that arise, even the Central Hospital already has an area devoted to caring for patients with human influenza, in the event of a rise in infections.

      For vaccines for influenza A (H1N1), indicated that it is not known how many will get the statement, as it is to be determined according to the population at risk.



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        Re: San Luis Potosí: Cases

        Drafting / El Sol de San Luis

        San Luis Potosi, San Luis Potosi .- In San Luis Potosi has documented 11 deaths from influenza A H1N1 from August to date. In the last two weeks there were five deaths.

        This stated by Dr. Alejandro Perez Sanchez, head of the Ministry of Health, who refused to hide information that dependence, "before we disclose information to corroborate through laboratory studies and clinical analysis for reporting the truth."

        He said that the entity AH1N1 cases of influenza and seasonal influenza are increasing, "but the situation is under control and you have enough medicine to care for patients, statistics are within what was expected.

        San Luis Potosi are ready to meet the new wave of influenza. In the Hospital Central "Dr. Ignacio Morones Prieto" was enabled by a special zone is intended to care for influenza patients if they present an increase in cases above expectations.

        Dr. Alejandro Perez said on Friday received a statement from the Federal Ministry of Health where he reports the arrival of one million doses of flu vaccine to the country, however it is unknown how many will receive San Luis Potosi, "because is determining the risk population of each entity. "

        Urged people to implement recommendations to prevent spread. Do not greet a kiss, or by hand. Wash hands often with antibacterial soap or use antibacterial gel because this simple act can kill the virus. Properly wash the dishes and household goods. The two most important household areas to clean and disinfect properly are the kitchen and bathroom. Staying away from crowded places.


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          Re: San Luis Potosí: Cases

          New threat of H1N1 virus
          390,000 people could contract in the state: SSA
          El Sol de San Luis
          November 18, 2009

          Drafting / El Sol de San Luis

          San Luis Potosi, San Luis Potosi .- In San Luis Potosi has a projection that 390,000 people could contract the virus of influenza A H1N1 in the flare to be taken into the winter season.

          The head of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Alejandro Perez Sanchez, said that according to studies conducted by the agency identified a group of 390,000 people as at-risk population in the state, which are the ones who will be eligible for vaccine AH1N1 influenza in the period from December to March. The institution is among the five in the country with more cases of influenza.

          So far in San Luis Potosi 4.069 have been documented cases of influenza, 3,700 of the type of influenza A/H1N1 and 369 seasonal. During the second wave of infection from August to November were raised 16 deaths.

          "Although the figures the state of San Luis is maintained with a lower mortality rate than other institutions of the Republic, thanks to preventive measures we have implemented.

          He recalled that the symptoms should be taken into account to come to receive medical attention: sudden onset of fever, headache and cough, with those without shots is a patient who potentially may have influenza.

          The recommendations are maintained on constant washing of hands, apply an antibacterial gel. Avoid handshakes and kissing. Cover your mouth with his forearm every time you sneeze.

          No self-medication and see your doctor if you have a picture severe influenza.

          The influenza vaccine is applied to vulnerable groups like children 36 months to five years of age and older population. Health personnel is the main population group should receive the influenza vaccine doses that will begin in December


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            Re: San Luis Potosí: Cases


            San Luis Potosi
            They fear new outbreak of H1N1 virus
            MP urged to adopt the necessary preventive measures
            El Sol de San Luis
            January 5, 2010

            Drafting / El Sol de San Luis

            San Luis Potosi, San Luis Potosi .- It is a latent risk that cases of seasonal and H1N1 influenza at school sites by low temperatures and rain of recent days, if not taking appropriate preventive measures.

            Congressman Vito Lucas Gomez Hernandez said the Ministry of Education has the responsibility to be on the lookout for compliance measures to prevent the Secretary of Health and attend any event to register.

            He explained that the coordination between both secretariats is essential to prevent the virus from spreading at school sites when they return thousands of students to classes on Thursday, January 7.

            Among the measures to be implemented are the not require students to wear the uniform every day and that they could change clothes every day because there is less cleaning the more chance that the virus appears.

            "The risk is latent and is not to neglect preventive and precautionary measures are needed to strengthen school filters, for example, measures taken in each of the schools and individual homes to avoid precisely that a revival of influenza problem especially in the students ".

            Gomez Hernandez added that lawmakers should be on the lookout for authorities to meet their fair share to prevent the disease returning and affect students.

            Also the New Alliance Party legislator reacted to the bombing last week in a bank attributed to a radical group and stated that "the end and the beginning of each year is a time we can recall some very relevant facts that sense, we should move with caution, it is a social problem, lack of security problems there are, disagreement about the economic situation that was experienced in 2009 ".

            "But should not be so superficial judgments must be deepened on the information you have about it and be very good to outstanding, each one applied in the field of government, within the legislative branch, the judiciary, of so we have a better year, expectations for 2010 are better than 2009, so we hope that with the cooperation of all can make it happen, "he said.