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    Confirma gobierno de SLP cuatro decesos por influenza

    El gobierno estatal exhortó a extremar precauciones y colaborar con las medidas que lleva a cabo el sector salud ante los casos de influenza registrados en la entidad, a causa de los cuales tiene reportados hasta el momento cuatro decesos.
    Por: Notimex
    24-Abril-2009 (05:42 p.m.)

    Google translation:
    SLP government confirmed four deaths from influenza

    The state government urged extreme caution and work with the measures undertaken by the health sector to the recorded cases of influenza in the state, because of which has reported four deaths so far.
    By: AP
    24-Apr-2009 (05:42 p.m.)

    San Luis Potosí.-In accordance with the Government, between March and April this year, the various levels of health have reported 49 cases of atypical influenza, from which has led to four deaths.

    He explained that because this is an inter-agency effort coordinated by the Ministry of Health State, IMSS, ISSSTE, the Ministry of National Defense (SEDENA), private hospitals and others.

    The state government said that the Federation will send shots to the body, in addition to the 500 thousand doses used in a campaign in October to December 2008 in the state.

    Of the 49 identified patients with atypical pneumonia between March and April, 34 were in the capital, six in Soledad de Graciano Sanchez, three in Santa Maria, two more in Matehuala while Ahualulco, Charcas, Venado and Villa de Arriaga filed a case each of whose total, resulting in four deaths.

    Meanwhile, the state secretary of Education, Francisco Antonio Rubin Celis Chávez, said that classes in public and private schools of all levels will continue as usual, until the health authorities did not indicate otherwise.

    Indicated that the only institution which suspended its normal Friday was only the University of San Luis Potosi, as the National Coordination Polytechnical University as agreed, as a preventive measure.

    The official stressed that a circular was sent to all directors, department heads, coordinators, supervisors and principals to strengthen preventive measures to avoid contagion.

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    Re: San Luis Potosí: Casos


    Se aplicará plan de resguardo epidemiológico, dicen autoridades
    En San Luis Potosí crece de 27 a 50 la cifra de personas con la enfermedad

    Google translation;
    Stewardship plan applies epidemiological, authorities say
    In San Luis Potosi grows from 27 to 50 the number of people with the disease

    Edith Argüelles

    San Luis Potosí, SLP, April 24. Since the alert was ordered by the epidemiological influenza, the number of patients confirmed in San Luis Potosi from 27 to 50, and the status of third part of them is serious, the Ministry of Health reported the state. Four people have died of the disease in recent days.

    All hospitals, public and private, are on alert. The floors are sick, people between 19 and 49 years old, have been isolated in hopes of implementing the stewardship plan to be applied epidemiology across the country, said Juan Sanchez Ramos, head of the agency.

    The cases have occurred in eight of the 58 municipalities of the state, but most are concentrated in the capital Potosina. In some cities began panic buying antrigripales and cubrebocas in pharmacies, while the consultations in health facilities increased 40 percent.

    Deaths, including an elementary teacher and a priest, have occurred in the Central Hospital, General Hospital of the ISSSTE and a private clinic in the state capital. Sánchez Ramos reported that students of teachers who acquired the virus were monitored and they are infected is discarded.

    As a precautionary measure ordered at school not to accept students who show symptoms of respiratory disease, but the government has not paid activities, such as the Federal District and the state of Mexico.

    This requires a technical and medical reasons that could only be taken in tandem with the federal Health Ministry, said Francisco Javier Posadas Robledo, director of health policy and quality of the unit in the state.

    Posadas Robledo believes that "the biological behavior of the virus is not about stocks," and preferred not to comment on whether the entity in proportion to the gravity of the cases would be higher than in the Federal District, where 13 deaths were confirmed but where by far exceeds the 2 million 500 thousand residents of San Luis Potosi.

    Asked to calm the population and follow the instructions to avoid infection.

    It is expected that next week the federal government sent 578 thousand vaccines against influenza, which will be covered in the first place among the more than 12 thousand 500 workers in the health sector and then to risk group, between 22 and 45 years of age .


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      Re: San Luis Potosí: Casos


      Sábado 25 de Abril de 2009, última actualización: 5:08 pm
      Notisistema Informa
      Confirman la muerte de cinco personas contagiadas de influenza en SLP

      Google translation:
      Notisistema Informa
      Confirm the deaths of five people infected by influenza in SLP

      The Ministry of Health of San Luis Potosi confirmed the deaths of five people infected by the influenza virus.

      Upon release, the State Government decided to suspend school activities at all levels, both in public and private institutions.
      The suspension will run all next week.
      As part of preventive measures, the State Government also canceled Festival San Luis, and ordered the closure of bars, discos and museums.


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        Re: San Luis Potosí: Casos


        Asciende a cinco el número de muertos en SLP por influenzaW Radio | Abril 25 de 2009
        Por Graciela Cuéllar

        Google translation:

        Amounts to five the number killed in SLP by influenzaW Radio | April 25, 2009
        By Graciela Cuellar

        San Luis Potosí .- To this day there are records of 62 people infected by the virus, and confirmed a new death with which amounts to five people dead.

        The governor of San Luis Potosí, Marcelo de los Santos Fraga, took command of operations against the epidemiological emergency.

        So far, it has taken more drastic measures in the state of San Luis Potosi as the suspension of classes across the state for next week.


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          Re: San Luis Potosí: Casos

          Source: Source:

          Influenza San Luis Potosí registra 10 muertes
          El gobernador Marcelo de los Santos Fraga, reiteró el llamado a la población a extremar precauciones y seguir las recomendaciones

          Google translation:
          San Luis Potosi Influenza recorded 10 deaths
          The Governor Marcelo de los Santos Fraga, reiterated the call for people to exercise extreme caution and follow the recommendations

          El Universal
          San Luis Potosi Sunday April 26 2009

          The Ministry of Health of the body revealed that according to recent reports
          Epidemiological, there was an increase in recorded cases of swine influenza and totaling 76, while the number of deaths rose to 10.

          Therefore, the governor Marcelo de los Santos Fraga, reiterated the call for people to exercise extreme caution and follow the recommendations, to break the chain of infection and prevent this epidemic can become a pandemic.

          Announced that the new area emergency Hospital Central "Ignacio Morones Prieto" is devoted exclusively to the care of people with this disease, which has a capacity of 90 beds and new equipment.

          It requested the Director of Central Hospital, Dr. Nicolás Pérez Arocha, protect all medical personnel, and administrative agency, to respond safely to patients and staff from other health institutions.

          The Epidemiological Surveillance Committee, comprising all health institutions of the public and private sectors, he reiterated that should not go to crowded and enclosed places, while beyond the epidemiological alert.

          For his part, Oscar Mendoza Hernández, general director of Civil Protection of the state government, reported that on instructions from the governor was installed a communication center
          state to maintain a permanent monitoring of the development and evolution of the contingency in the 58 municipalities of the entity.

          Meanwhile, urban transport permisionarios reported a low of 50 percent in the number of users in all its units, and runs routes in the metropolitan area, comprising the municipalities of San Luis Potosí and Soledad de Graciano Sanchez.


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            Re: San Luis Potosí: Casos


            Google translation:
            SLP acknowledges killing 10 people in last hours (SEE POST ABOVE)

            Marcelo de los Santos, governor of San Luis Potosi, said that nine cases have been detected in the municipality of Soledad de Graciano Sanchez

            MEXICO, April 27, 2009 .- During the last few hours the death toll rose from six to ten in San Luis Potosi to the cause of swine influenza.

            In an interview televised Primero Noticias, Marcelo de los Santos, governor of San Luis Potosi stated that of 66 patients affected by swine influenza, ten have died in the last few hours.

            Said that nine cases have been detected in the municipality of Soledad de Graciano Sanchez, while the rest have been reported in the state capital.

            Confirmed that the school will be suspended and appealed to the sensitivity to potential employers absences for illness. (The Agency Weekly, ES


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              Re: San Luis Potosí: Casos


              Date: 2009-04-28
              Influenza: Suman ten deaths in San Luis Potosi by swine influenza

              This morning the governor of San Luis Potosí, Marcelo de los Santos Fraga, announced that so far there have been ten deaths in its entity by swine influenza.

              In a radio interview this morning the governor of San Luis Potosí, Marcelo de los Santos Fraga said that in his state have been 83 cases of swine influenza, of which ten have already been discharged.

              Twelve cases were reported as serious and 51 are stable in different hospitals of the entity.

              After they made the announcement that a national level is suspending classes and events where people are bonded, this is the third state where more cases have been filed.


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                Re: San Luis Potosí: Casos


                Monitored 34 cases associated with any swine influenza in SLP

                The Governor Marcelo de los Santos reported that a review carried out in relation to those affected in your body, which was said to start with 100 cases associated with the swine flu of which have been 13 deaths and 21 people discharged.

                Wed, 29/04/2009 - 08:34

                Mexico City .- The governor of San Luis Potosí, Marcelo de los Santos said that the bank had detected 34 cases that may be associated with swine influenza, and whose patients are in a delicate state.

                In MLENIO Television interview, the president said Potosina of cases in patients who died from influenza, their files were sent for analysis and to determine whether they are stationary or swine.

                In a report made with respect to those affected in your body, which was said to start with 100 cases of which have been 13 deaths and 21 people discharged.

                He explained that the same number (100) were 76 cases of which 32 are in stable conditions for the remaining 34 patients in a sensitive and serious.

                Marcelo de los Santos said that in San Luis Potosi are done all the preventive measures to fight infection and closures of restaurants, bars, and massive events.

                Reported that supermarkets are not going to close, "two days ago had panic buying and that is concentration of people."

                He stated they are trying to get as many treatments and so far have succeeded in 9540, to be distributed for free.

                He said that the body potential outbreaks were detected in 12 municipalities, mostly in the state capital and the metropolitan area.
                Reported that ending is canceled "definitely" the fair of San Luis Potosi.


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                  Re: San Luis Potosí: Casos


                  San Luis Potosi sixth confirmed death from influenza
                  The Ministry of Health said that the organization has dropped the number of people affected with the virus of influenza A/H1N1

                  Adriana Ochoa / Correspondent
                  El Universal
                  SAN LUIS POTOSI, SLP. Sunday May 10, 2009

                  The Ministry of Health confirmed the sixth case of death from influenza AH1N1 rate of deaths that were still pending, based on epidemiological studies of diagnosis.

                  The unit said it has lowered the number of people affected with the virus of influenza A/H1N1.

                  The weekend would have been reported only three, while 44 were discharged after receiving treatment in hospitals.

                  Parallel to the new influenza, were also presented cases of influenza "A" so unusual in people between 19 and 40 years of age.

                  Cerco epidemiological

                  The State Board of Elections and Civic Participation will maintain its "fence epidemiological" to May 15 on its premises and political parties.

                  The sessions are closed and the candidates should avoid massive and respect that the indicator for each 20 square meters have no more than four people together, "said president director Rodolfo Aguilar Gallegos.

                  He noted that due to the flu that affects our human body, there were changes in the strategies of both political parties campaigning for the operation of the electoral process.

                  "We are abiding by the rule or agreement issued by the federal Ministry of Health which asks us to and from day 3 until May 15 is respected epidemiological fence," he added.

                  For the political parties, banning all acts which can gather more than four people per every 20 square meters, "which means they may not have a campaign rallies or concentrations of people."

                  And in the case of electoral bodies, the measures are that all sessions until May 15, to take place in private and only members of the House "but we extend such meetings to four hours without any problems, because at first they were an hour with 30 minutes of recess. "

                  Aguilar said that the rules of the Ministry of Health do not specify any punishment for those who do not comply, "but the unit could move to another department for offenses that are punishable
                  > swap


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                    Re: San Luis Potosí: Casos


                    Google translation:
                    San Luis Potosi
                    So yesterday was the detection of 125 human cases of influenza
                    El Sol de San Luis
                    May 11, 2009

                    Drafting / El Sol de San Luis

                    San Luis Potosi, San Luis Potosí .- Health Services maintain surveillance on the number of cases filed in our state. Yesterday, 125 were confirmed positive cases of swine influenza (swine flu) and 31 cases of seasonal influenza.
                    The report is issued by the National Institute of Epidemiological Diagnosis and Reference (Indre) and the Public Health Laboratory in the state.

                    Reported that the amount of effort continues in the health sector actions aimed to improve care for patients who have suspected or flu tables in order to assess whether it is a probable case of influenza.

                    Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social (IMSS) from San Luis Potosi 44 cases reported, the Institute of Social Security and Services for State Workers (ISSSTE) in four cases, health services and 104 private hospitals reported four cases for a total of 156 confirmed.

                    In the capital there have been 124 cases, Soledad with eight, five Rioverde, Villa de Arriaga three, three Villa de Zaragoza, Ciudad Valles three, two Fernández Ciudad, Villa de Ramos, Villa de Arista, Matehuala, Deer, Villa Hidalgo , Charcas, Tamasopo Tamuín and a case each.

                    The outbreak is now kept in epidemiological control and presents a significant advance in the number of discharges with 114 patients who left hospital, 10 of them positive for H1N1 influenza and three state who successfully evolve.

                    In our state have been confirmed six deaths due to influenza A H1N1 and three more deaths by seasonal influenza, which is why the Health Services are calling for preventive measures are still taken as the proper hand washing , cubreboca use on a regular basis in places with little ventilation or agglomerations, keep children at home and away from contact with sick people since the epidemic in the state must be monitored with the support of all sectors of the population.


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                      Re: San Luis Potosí: Cases


                      National Monday Aug 10, 2009
                      R E C + I - S
                      A woman died from influenza in San Luis Potosi
                      By: El Universal / SAN LUIS POTOSI, SLP.

                      One woman died of the Huasteca region of human influenza in the contingency that we live in the region because of the resurgence of the disease, confirmed the Ministry of Health.

                      Women of 46 years, died at the General Hospital of Ciudad Valles.

                      The head of the agency, Juan Sanchez Ramos, said the patient suffered complications because they had chronic degenerative diseases such as diabetes.

                      San Luis Potosí is in eighth place nationally in number of cases of influenza A H1N1, with a total of 654 confirmed cases from the month of April to date, representing 6.42 percent of those registered nationally.

                      From this figure, 147 correspond to the outbreak of the Huasteca region.


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                        Re: San Luis Potosí: Cases

                        Translation: Spanish » English

                        Alma Gutierrez Ibarra

                        San Luis Potosi, San Luis Potosi .- After two months of respite, the human influenza virus A H1N1 was reintroduced in the capital San Luis Potosi. The Health Department found two cases in High School Students "Camilo Arriaga (ESCA) of the colony Railroad.

                        Dr. Francisco Javier Posadas Robledo, director of Quality in Health Policy, found that the dependence documented cases are observed and 65 students who had contact with the sick.

                        "Teens who contracted the virus and receive specialized medical care and are stable."

                        Security measures were taken to avoid spreading the virus but refused to go to suspend activities on campus. "Social distancing is not applicable because the cases were detected on time, distance is only selective with the group of students."

                        Dr. Guest said that working on analysis of students who had contact with infected students to take the most appropriate.

                        To avoid affecting the school and economic activity in the capital of the state Ministry of Health proceeded to isolate the sick.

                        He reiterated the call to the inhabitants of San Luis Potosi to stay vigilant in preventive measures to avoid spreading the virus, "wash their hands often, use antibacterial gel, avoid kissing greetings or hand, and carry a balanced diet. "

                        He recalled that until October to reach the entity vaccines influenza virus.

                        The state official said that few cases of influenza, "but it is clear that the virus is still present in the state and the city as of hygiene measures will be intensified.


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                          Re: San Luis Potosí: Cases


                          Brutal wave of AH1N1
                          Jose Angel Cordova Villalobos. Photo: The Sun of San Luis.Puede attack a million people in the winter
                          El Sol de San Luis
                          September 11, 2009

                          Roberto Gutierrez and Felipe Cardenas Turrubiartes quibrera

                          San Luis Potosi, San Luis Potosi .- The second wave of avian influenza in Mexico AH1N1 attack a million people during the winter months, mainly in urban areas of the country. The lethality of the disease is eight deaths per 1,000 patients, but the Federal Government will invest 2,000 million dollars in the acquisition of 30 million vaccines to 23.8 million people requiring dose.

                          Do not vaccinate the entire population, but only to vulnerable groups.

                          This was stated by the Health Secretary Jose Angel Cordova Villalobos, in an interview with EL SOL DE SAN LUIS during your visit to this city where he led the work of the Eleventh Regular Meeting of the National Health Council held in the capital.

                          The scope of protection of influenza vaccine AH1N1 be between 30 and 70 percent, and clarified that the new virus is high transmissibility, but with low lethality.

                          Mexico has been a good example to the world how to deal with an epidemic, "maybe we are limited in financial resources but not in reactivity, we were the first country to grapple with the latest virus, but the outbreak in the first months could control thanks to the participation of the population because it had not been so would have been devastating. "

                          Health Secretary said the threat hanging over Mexico since 2005, when he worked in the preparedness plan for pandemic, "we expected the H5 N1 virus with a fatality rate of 60 percent, but we face a different virus and had to prepare for the worst, but we control the situation. "

                          In the National Health Council participate in the health sector owners of each entity, which total 32, but also SEDENA health director, staff of IMSS, ISSSTE, Pemex and the president of the network of healthy communities, "we now have a joint real to implement and coordinate efforts against influenza.

                          Cordova Villalobos said that coupled with the work to contain the new virus the Ministry of Health is responsible to integrate the industry for universal access to health care, "is the vision of President Felipe Calderón that everyone has the right to health, which spending does not cause us to optimize impoverishing and integrating resources to sectors to avoid duplication of efforts and expenses.

                          Around the effectiveness of the vaccine against human influenza, said it is not the only means of prevention because they are also mechanisms of social distancing, "it works well, simple things like washing hands, Mexicans are very mood, but it is impolite to greet someone by hand or kiss when one is sick, so we must change our culture because vaccines are complementary.

                          One of the major problems to combat the new evil is self-medication which is very handy in Mexico, "and more for a disease that appears to be flu is believed to be cured with antibiotics, but these only half dazed and virus not destroy it, and when it appears again around three days and severe symptoms and everything gets complicated. The secret is to go on time, he does during the first three days does not have to die. "


                          On the fifth of October begins the campaign against seasonal flu when supply 19.5 million doses for children, seniors and health personnel.

                          Doses will arrive in December against the H1N1 virus. "It should be clear that we are two different vaccines, one for each virus and do not apply to the population."

                          Dr. Jose Angel Cordova explained that people born after 1957 is a potential candidate to the virus "because the antibodies we were born before our long exposure to influenza viruses that are of many types and dupes, and by both are natural immune, but those born after 1957 are at risk of being infected.

                          "VIRUS natural or man?

                          Asked about rumors that the virus came from a laboratory, the federal official rejected that hypothesis, "that is discarded, all studies suggest that it is a virus that mutated nature, which in 1976 tested animals first, then East returned to mutate until it spread to humanity. "

                          THE FLARE

                          To date in Mexico have been documented cases of influenza 28.000. 6,000 of seasonal and 22,000 influenza A H1N1 virus.

                          "We hope that in the winter months, but in the case of microorganisms may be wandering behavior or atypical. As an example we have the Aedes mosquito transmits dengue Egypti, which had previously resisted an altitude of 1,500 meters above sea level But now they are. The smaller an organism becomes more adaptable.

                          He explained the doctor born in Leon, Guanajuato, San Luis Potosi roots but that in the second wave of human influenza virus the most affected population will be living in urban areas "by the concentration of people in the rural population is dispersed, but in urban, many are closed spaces such as shopping malls and urban transport.

                          He explained that the vaccine against influenza A H1N1 apply to health officials, pregnant women, children 6 to 24 months, child care staff who care for children under six months, of any age who are obese, diabetic, uncontrolled or unstable, those with lung problems, disease lower their defenses as AIDS or cancer, and those with neuromuscular problems.

                          Dr. Jose Angel Cordova said that 20 million doses are secured with a European company "and another 10 million are negotiating on the Chinese market where it is confirming its quality assurance, because not everything Chinese is bad, are not pirates, the patent of the vaccine does not exist ".

                          In Mexico we will begin to produce vaccine next year and through 2011 will begin to trade.

                          HUMAN CAPACITY ... "And Finance?

                          Asked about the impact of the economic crisis in this country, Health Secretary acknowledged that the cuts impacted the department, "but since 2000 have increased the resources of 35,000 million pesos that were received in 2000, to 133.000 million now. "

                          He said that will strengthen the Popular Insurance program that began in 2003 with 2,800 million pesos budget and is now 48,000 million.

                          "These are compelling reasons that have led to face many threats, but we have setbacks, there are 125 municipalities in the country where maternal mortality indicators equals Zambia or any African country."

                          Although the investment is seven percentage points of gross domestic product (GDP) will require more resources "need eight percent of GDP to consolidate infrastructure and integration of the sector"

                          SUPPLY AND supply shortage

                          Dr. Jose Angel Cordova Villalobos reported that February 24 is the deadline for all generic drugs are interchangeable, "that is going to have to prove they are as effective as the originals. In Mexico there will be good or bad drugs , all will be good. "

                          On the availability of medicines in the health sector, the federal official acknowledged that the problem is internal, "doctors are very vedete, I am a doctor and I still see patients, we like the latest fashions and this distorts markets . We did an analysis of the recipes that are issued and found that it prescribes a new, modern medicine is very useful, but costs 100 times more than the traditional even though both are effective.

                          Through a recipe program is a saving of 800 million dollars in drugs last year. "In the audit we found that 80 percent of the recipes include a specific drug, we investigate why and not logical or pursued other interest or benefit."

                          He noted that it has maintained a policy of transparency and rational use of resources, "many companies are upset because their profit margins, which were enormous, fell, including many pharmaceutical supply shortage caused prices to rise, it was perverse, was bad milk.

                          He asserted that the country has improved the supply of drugs and at this stage complaints are occasional supply shortage.

                          HEALTH AND ARMED FORCES

                          To the second wave of avian Dr. Jose Angel Cordova explained that Mexico's armed forces have had and continue to have a role in all the work of containment, "you saw when they made the distribution of covering mouths, they also distributed materials donated by other countries such as gowns, gloves and antibacterial gel in short, the military took charge of a very precise way to make the distribution according to the needs of each of the states. "

                          He noted that the Armed Forces are not only a stronghold in crisis, "as we look to the problems of flooding, but in health crises, and of course we continue to work in a coordinated way, so involved the Ministry of National Defense (SEDENA) in the National Health Council.


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                            Re: San Luis Potosí: Cases


                            Sat, 12/09/2009 - 05:54

                            Cordova Villalobos closed the National Health Council. Photo: Eduardo Morales / Efeler country epidemiologists found that during the second wave of influenza A/H1N1 infections have in fact one and half million people affected with the virus, at least 200 thousand people will be attending medical services , up to 30 thousand require hospitalization in intensive care and 300 will die. That is, 500 thousand infected loved the original estimate.

                            At the close of the 11th Regular Meeting of the National Health Council, Secretary Jose Angel Cordova Villalobos said that by mid-November saw the highest peak of the virus, so that hospital admissions exceed the number of reserved beds to face the second wave of infections.

                            The health secretary said that during two days, along with state health secretaries, were analyzed three possible scenarios for the spread of H1N1 virus and covering an attack rate of 5, 8 and 10 percent of total population.

                            Cordova Villalobos recommended to state health authorities to minimize, as of October, the non-urgent surgeries.

                            "The use of fans is increased when patients operated occupy between 80 and 100 percent of all respirators, and this makes the hospitals running at maximum capacity and if there is overload tube patient demand we will be in trouble .

                            It is likely that the new wave of influenza is forward, so that should strengthen the mechanisms of containment and coordination with the public, he added.

                            He indicated that the batch of vaccine available in October against influenza, shall apply only to health personnel and will be expected to arrive the following for other priority groups.

                            He reported that studies the feasibility of the laboratory to which it will buy the vaccine against this disease below the delivery in October or November, rather than anticipated, which was in December.

                            In this regular meeting also was held the workshop Crisis Management Systems at the possible spread of the pandemic in the country.

                            "Basically there are organizational issues that are important because the ability to respond, often do not rely simply on the infrastructure you have, but the way it's organized information system to form a decision-making center .

                            This center, he said, will handle all situations, the logistics, planning and administration, everyone will have a specific role to play in times of crisis.

                            In hospitals, the organization will be different: specific medical staff will receive the sick, others only to diagnose, some more to report and upload all data to the reporting platform that will reach the central guard.

                            Meanwhile, the Senate announced yesterday that cited to appear to the Secretary of Health on 21 September as part of the gloss of the third report of the government of President Felipe Calderón.

                            Report of victims

                            The Ministry of Health said last Wednesday to Friday 23 thousand 245 rose a 23 mil 774 verified cases of influenza A/H1N1 in the country, while deaths rose from 209 to 211.

                            In reiterating that you should not lower its guard and must maintain preventive measures such as frequent hand washing and sneezing tag because the virus is present, explained that of the 211 people killed were women, 51.2 percent and 48.8 percent male , and 71.1 percent had between 20 and 54 years old.

                            Of the 32 states that have confirmed cases are most concentrated in Chiapas, Yucatan, Mexico City, Jalisco, Veracruz, Tamaulipas and Tabasco.

                            Focuses on the northwest

                            The Deputy Director of Epidemiology, Hugo Lopez-Gatell, explained that the outbreaks in Baja California Sur, Sonora and Sinaloa, where there have been rapid increases in cases with the H1N1 virus, due to the fact that the pandemic has already moved northwest of the country after having crossed the center and southeast.

                            These are states where there were few cases at the beginning of the pandemic and that now have been forced to close a generalized and targeted schools to curb the spread of the virus.

                            However, Health Secretary Jose Angel Cordova Villalobos, said "concerned" by "an outbreak of influenza in Sinaloa and Baja California Sur, which are actually warning sites to see how it evolves," the virus.

                            Hugo Lopez-Gatell, head of National Monitoring System of Mexico, said that in addition to Baja California, Sonora and Sinaloa, have also detected an increase in cases of infection in nine other states. Baja California, Coahuila, Hidalgo, Estado de Mexico, Distrito Federal, Michoacán, Puebla, San Luis Potosi and Tlaxcala. (San Luis Potosi. Blanca Valadez)

                            San Luis Potosi. Blanca Valadez


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                              Re: San Luis Potosí: Cases


                              1.202 cases of influenza but will not close schools
                              There are no vaccines, but are advertised even with misspellings. Photo: El Sol de San Luis.
                              Open morning in Ciudad Valles and Tamazunchale
                              El Sol de San Luis
                              September 20, 2009

                              Drafting / El Sol de San Luis

                              San Luis Potosi, San Luis Potosi .- In San Luis Potosi 1.202 have confirmed cases of influenza, but despite the outbreak the Ministry of Health ruled suspend school activities in the state and he pledged to resume Monday morning classes at campuses Ciudad Valles and Tamazunchale.

                              Dr. Juan Sanchez Ramos, head of the agency, said that 224 cases correspond to 1.827 seasonal influenza virus and influenza A H1N1. He asked the people to exercise their power to participate and maintain the hygiene and preventive measures because "we can not lower its guard against the outbreak.

                              Of the total 714 cases correspond to the Huasteca (435 in Ciudad Valles, 140 Tamazunchale, 27 in Armpit, 24 in Aquismón, 17 in Ebony, 15 Tamuin, 12 Tampacán, 11 Tamasopo, Matlapa eight, six in Tanlajás, five in San Vicente, four in San Martin and three Tanquián.

                              Tancanhuitz were recorded in two cases, and in El Naranjo, San Antonio, Xilitla and Coxcatlán a case in each municipality.

                              Of the age groups that have been confirmed by virus H1/N1, 70 percent are for the student sector, therefore it must abide by the protocol established for social distancing in positive cases.

                              The Health Ministry ordered in Ciudad Valles and Tamazunchale the suspension of classes will resume tomorrow, as a preventive measure before the wave of infections and medical and hospital capacity in the area.

                              The Federal Health Ministry reported that 26.556 and confirmed cases of influenza A H1/N1 in the country with 218 deaths.

                              Of those killed, 87.2 percent had cough, fever 86.2 percent, 75% had difficulty breathing. Of the patients 50.9% were women and 49.1% men. Most were between 20 and 54 years of age. The 32 states have confirmed cases, but most are concentrated in Chiapas, Yucatan, Mexico City, Jalisco, Veracruz, Tamaulipas and San Luis Potosi.

                              It is important to keep up their guard and preventive measures such as frequent hand washing and sneezing etiquette. Influenza is an illness that if treated early is curable, so people are encouraged, especially to chronically ill, to go immediately to the nearest health unit when they present any symptoms of respiratory disease to avoid complicating and even resulting in death.

                              The influenza virus is transmitted through saliva expelled by sick people talking, coughing, sneezing, sharing eating utensils or food, greet and kiss. Survive for 48 to 72 hours on porous surfaces like hands, door handles, railings, tissues and fabrics, hence the need to wash their hands frequently and disinfect.

                              Some common symptoms of people who become ill because of influenza viruses are temperature higher than 38 degrees, burning and sore throat, cough, headache with abrupt onset and high intensity, joint and muscle pain, runny nose and in some cases diarrhea.