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Health reported 25 deaths from influenza in San Luis Potosi

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  • Health reported 25 deaths from influenza in San Luis Potosi

    From October to the date, the Secretariat of Health of the State Government has documented 4 deaths from influenza, and until now, the statistical account already 93 cases, of which "of the 30 to 40 percent" are cases of A/H1-N1, said Juan Pablo Castillo Palencia, Responsible of the Subdirectorate of Epidemiology of the Ministry of Health.

    According to the area of epidemiology, the cases that were aggravated to death, have the same causes, i.e. , the fact that I do not care requested in a timely manner and the patients arrived at the Hospital with health complications. The SS reported that the deaths are not of a single municipality, but have occurred in San Luis Potosi, but two of them came from the Huasteca area. The 4 had a diagnosis of influenza.

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    Re: Health reported four deaths from influenza in San Luis Potosi

    Influenza A H1N1, "the same as in 2009"

    Members of the Advisory Committee on Infectious Diseases of the College of the Medical Profession of San Luis Potosi, got to know that during the months of December and the first two weeks of January, it has been confirmed the infection by the influenza virus A(H1N1), equal to the one that caused the epidemic of 2009, When it was necessary to suspend activities in the schools.

    "There have been multiple hospitalizations including patients requiring admission to intensive care units and some deaths have occurred (11 in total December-January), and so far the disease has affected mostly young and middle-aged adults", Notes the information shared by Dr. Roberto Rodriguez Della Vecchia.


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      Re: Health reported 11 deaths from influenza in San Luis Potosi

      SLP heads the largest number of sick of influenza with 250

      SAN LUIS PERMIT, January 25.- San Luis Potosi has the highest number of patients with influenza A(H1N1), with a total of 250 cases, followed by Jalisco with 219, Nuevo León, with 109, with 104 Federal District and the State of Mexico with 91, reported the state Ministry of Health. He also indicated the eve that were reported 10 deaths in the entity, because of this disease, while a week ago there were five deaths. The rate of mortality due to influenza in the state is made up of 4 per cent and at the national level is 8.8 percent, which places to San Luis Potosi below the national average.


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        Re: Health reported 11 deaths from influenza in San Luis Potosi

        Another death by flu

        OO already added 18 deaths in the year: OS cases registered in SLP increased to 288Dentro from the last report issued by the Directorate of surveillance epidemiological of the Secretariat of health of the Federal Government, in San Luis Potosí have reported a total of 288 cases of Influenza and 18 deaths so far in the year, while nationwide there have been 2,000 644 cases and 273 deaths.The influenza virus is seasonal, causes more severe pictures in adults aged 35 to 55 years old who suffer from any chronic such as obesity and diabetes.


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          Re: Health reported 18 deaths from influenza in San Luis Potosi

          Increase to 22 deaths and four more by influenza cases in SLP

          A total of 292 cases and 22 deaths from influenza reported the direction of Epidemiological Surveillance of the Secretariat of Health of the Federal Government in his court the day Ms. DEHOY; thus it is reported that this virus is seasonal and has caused severe tables in adults between 35 and 55 years who suffer from a chronic disease, As obesity and diabetes. The Directorate General for Epidemiological Surveillance of the Federal Secretariat of Health, reported that in the country are recorded so far 2 thousand 805 cases of Influenza and 295 deaths.


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            Re: Health reported 22 deaths from influenza in San Luis Potosi

            Secretary of Health must report cases of Influenza in SLP

            "There is data of a lot of people that goes to the Central Hospital and learns of a dead here and there, and the secretary of Health tells us that everything is under control," complained eldiputado Ruben Guajardo barrier. And then asked "there are those doubts for the same reason, We need to clarify and that the information we have in the Congress of the State, in the Commission of Health and that we reach out to all" .To alleviate this deficiency in information, Guajardo presented a point of agreement which he asks the Governor have the appearance before the Congress of the State of Francisco Javier Posadas Robledo, Secretary of Health.



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              Re: Health reported 22 deaths from influenza in San Luis Potosi

              SLP registers 326 cases and 25 deaths by Influenza

              The Secretariat of Health of the Government of the Republic through the direction of Epidemiological Surveillance, issued the report of cases and deaths from Influenza in where it is reported that San Luis Potosi records up to now a total of 326 cases and 25 deaths, while at the national level, There are already 5 thousand 591 cases and 625 deaths caused by the disease.