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Youth dies when flu virus reached the heart

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  • Youth dies when flu virus reached the heart
    Spanish to Eng. translation

    Youth dies when flu virus reached the heart
    Imelda Torres / Pulse

    A simple flu can be deadly because it derived from several factors, there are complications that touch the heart and cause death. Recently raised the case of a young Valls, who died in the city of Monterrey, NL, whose cause the doctors literally gave his family explaining that the flu virus had reached his heart.

    Health authorities say that it is essential to address any fever or flu and especially

    not self-medicate.

    Dr. Gustavo Macias del Rio, global head of epidemiology at the Health District Five, said that such cases occur primarily in patients with chronic diseases and sequelae of respiratory infections such as rheumatic fever.

    "If you have a picture of pneumonia gets to have chronic bronchitis, is not one hundred per cent oxygen and there are a lot of secretions in the lung. In young people are given from cases of pharyngitis that may be complicated by rheumatic fever, is a bacteria called beta hemolytic streptococcus, "he said.

    That bacteria - added - can be normally in the throat and can affect the heart or connective tissue that is what we call rheumatic fever over time can cause injury to the heart with a valvular stenosis or heart failure.