Recorded strange flu outbreak in the prison of Cozumel
COZUMEL, Q. Roo. - Inmates will be transferred in groups of four to the Health Center to be treated.

Julian Miranda / SIPSE
COZUMEL, Q. Roo. - Of the 81 local jail inmates 15 have flu for two days, prisoners are being held in module two, said the prison director, Macedonian V?rguez Gongora, who described the situation as an outbreak of atypical disease.

Inmates may be segregated from the rest of the population to prevent the disease from spreading to other inmates or visitors.

Inmates will be transported in groups of four to the clinic the health center for medical care.

The county jail has medical office area, but lacks a medical examiner cases that meets for eight months.

V?rguez Gongora said on Friday found that some inmates of area two, a space that is inhabited by 30 inmates, had symptoms of flu, a situation that has grown up to 15 cases.

The presence of the disease is classified as atypical, because there have been no extreme changes in temperature, although it is possible that has been infected by a visitor.

Prisoners have the following signs: elevated body temperature, runny nose and body aches.

He said they have the agreement with the state Health Department for four inmates receive daily medical care for various ailments in the clinic of the Health Center, located in the colony Andres Quintana Roo.

Therefore, from Monday will be transferred the first group of four prisoners inmates to attend the consultation for medical treatment.

Depending on the results of medical tests will determine if patients are placed in a specific area to prevent spread to the rest of the general population.

Said prison staff who have made representations to the Ministry of Public Security to authorize the hiring of a medical examiner to avoid transport to a hospital to inmates, however, has not received a favorable response.