Authorities of health confirm the first death in Quintana Roo for influenza A H1N1, illness that continues in increase in the state, where the number has come to 44 cases.

Ariel Mart?nez, the director of the services of health in the state affirmed that it were in Canc?n where a person died as a consequence of influenza A H1N1, although also it was facing another pathology related to the diabetes.

' It had been already amputated and was presenting decomposition, with low defenses and without vaccinating against the influenza. Unfortunately it had many negative conditions of health ', he told.

In the statistical report of this Friday, the 17th of February, the Secretary of Health confirmed that Quintana Roo spent from 29 to 44 cases of influenza, that is to say, 15 new cases in the last epidemiologic week.

Of 44 brought cases, 41 correspond to the influenza A H1N1 and three to the seasonal one.

The Secretary of Health affirmed that the number of cases registered till now are the awaited thing and it might keep on increasing the number, from what they exhort the population to redouble the measurements of hygiene from the hearth and avoid to come to public places, to the work or the school when they present pictures of Respiratory Sharp Infections