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Mexico: 31 deaths for influenza in Puebla

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  • Mexico: 31 deaths for influenza in Puebla

    IT POPULATES, Pue. - The Secretary of Health of the State of Puebla (SSEP) confirmed two deaths for influenza, after detecting that the number of cases by this virus has been trebled in the last five weeks. Interviewee in a wireless local news, the holder of the state dependency, Salvador Neftal? Escobedo Zoletto, entrusted that the contagions will diminish in the next two weeks up to disappearing, since he remembered that this way the influenza has behaved A (H3N2), To (H1N1) and B.
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    10 deaths are brought in Puebla

    After 10 deaths added the entity for influenza, the secretary of Health, Salvador Escobedo Zoletto, he exhorted the society to abstain from greeting of kiss and of hand, in addition to carrying to extremes the measurements of hygiene and avoiding crowded places, in order to reduce the possibility of contagions.


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      Puebla adds 31 positive deaths per influenza

      The state of Puebla adds 31 positive deaths for influenza up to the epidemiologic week 14 of this 2016, with what he places himself in the fourth place at national level, in accordance with the report of the General direction of Epidemiology of the Secretary of federal Health.

      This report indicates that during the period of influenza 2015-2016 have registered 497 positive cases to influenza of the week 40 from the year 2015 to the week 14 of the current one, occupying the fifth place in the country for this number.