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SSO reinforces actions in cases of influenza

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  • SSO reinforces actions in cases of influenza
    Spanish-English translation

    SSO reinforces actions in cases of influenza

    Written by Press
    Thursday, February 2, 2012 16:41

    Oaxaca, Mexico. - The owner of Health Services Oaxaca (SSO) Germain Tenorio Vasconcelos, said that so far have been applied 300,315 doses of vaccine against seasonal influenza, which represents an increase of 58.1 percent in the application of biological statewide.

    He argued that the immune are available to meet the population in any contingency, and provides support and information in 730 first-level units, 160 brigades Coverage Expansion Program (CAP), Opportunities and Health Caravans, and 29 hospitals in the institution. noted that through public hearings held by the state governor, Gabino Cue Monteagudo, have provided medical consultations, immunizations, information and medical care of people with diabetes mellitus, hypertension and obesity, and the same material on self care of their welfare, have been distributed on Life Serum Oral Folic Acid bottles, condoms and Abbe for larval control. Tenorio Vasconcelos, said that to date have been distributed 200 thousand flyers, 800 posters 406 000 preventive measures against influenza in schools and medical units of the institution, have been placed in 50 self-adhesive medallions public transport trucks. Just as the spread of 144 daily impacts on three screens advertising the capital city, headlines have been inserted in major newspapers in the state, ten spots a day in 28 radio stations and programming Oaxaca Corporation of Radio and Television (CORTV) funded by the state government. have been issued five newsletters in the media, likewise have managed 16 interviews related to the topic of H1N1 influenza, on radio stations in the six health districts and two press conferences. He said that on instructions from the Federal Health Minister, Solomon Chertorivski Woldenberg, the national information available AH1N1 influenza Friday of each week on the official website of dependence: while in the state, will be the State Security Subcommittee on Health (SESS), who provide the data. In this sense, he added that to epidemiological week number three in the state, there have been 174 H1N1 positive cases and four deaths of which two are Central Valley, one in the Coast and one in the Mixteca. argued that in this scenario, the public should to continue with preventive measures like washing hands frequently, use hand sanitizer if you are sick cover your mouth with your elbow, not hand shaking and kissing a person with flu. And eating foods rich in vitamin "A "and" C ", not self-medicate and seek medical advice if any discomfort or fever greater than 38 degrees and a sore throat he said.