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Mexico - Nayarit: 122 cases of influenza and 19 deaths

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  • Mexico - Nayarit: 122 cases of influenza and 19 deaths

    Nayarit. -The Nayar, 4; Tuxpan, 4; Rosamorada, 3; San Pedro Lagunillas, 3; Ahuacatl?n, 2; San Blas, 1, y Tecuala, 1. In whole type registers hundred cases of influenza AH1N1, 18 cases of influenza type AH3N2 and 4 cases of influenza type B. for confirmed cases, Nayarit occupies the place number 18 at national level. As for deaths for this illness, to the date in the entity they add eight: six for AH1N1 and two AH3N2; there correspond to four feminine ones and four masculine ones, six of the IMSS, one of the ISSSTE and one of SSN; 3 of these from 25 to 44 years of age, 1 of 45 to 54 years, 2 of 55 to 64 years and 2 of 65 years or more.
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    19 deaths for influenza in Nayarit

    It raises to 19 the deaths because of the influenza in the state, nevertheless, it is predicted that this illness goes to the fall in this region, as well as in the country, that thing about I match to information of the Services of Health of Nayarit, at present the entity there are had confirmed 156 cases of which 56 % prevails in the capital nayarita, 121 of these correspond to AH1N1.

    ? At national level in relation to other states, we are in the place 21, it is important to say it, it was of the places, of the least affected states, in relation to the deaths to inform them that in Nayarit, last week we bring 18 deaths, 19 brings one more death to this week, 19 deaths of which, 16 correspond to AHN1 and three AH3N2 ?, pointed out Jorge Barrera/, Assistant director of Preventive Medicine and Epidemiology of the Services of Health of Nayarit.