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    6 cases of human influenza in Nayarit
    * The NHS reported that all recovered and are out of danger

    Drafting / El Sol de Nayarit
    07-05-2009 21:16:20

    The Ministry of Health in Nayarit, through its owner Omar Reynoso Gallegos, reported today that laboratory tests have confirmed a further 3 cases of influenza type A/H1N1, better known as Human Influenza how much pain head given in Mexico and other countries in the world.

    Upgrading of human influenza cases in Nayarit reported a total of 6 infected patients in total, Reynoso Gallegos also reported that all patients recovered and are out of danger.

    Patients are currently at home recovering from the ravages of the infection, thankfully out of danger, so that preventive measures and health recommendations to continue recommending the entire population, because as everyone knows, the influenza virus is here to stay, as well as sanitary measures.

    Responsible for health in the state, it must be emphasized that the human influenza virus does not disappear, it is necessary to form new habits of hygiene to avoid the risks of contagion.

    Until now, the Ministry of Health confirmed a total of 89 cases of influenza in the state, of which 20 were found yesterday, 19 of the dreaded type 1 and type B.

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    Re: Nayarit: Cases


    Google translation:

    13 new confirmed cases of influenza type A in Nayarit
    NOTIMEX in Tepic | National
    Saturday May 9, 2009 | Time Generated: 18:04 | Last updated: 18:04

    State Health Secretary, Omar Reynoso Gallegos confirmed 13 new cases of influenza type A in the body, after which total 93 patients referred to this condition, of which six are positive for A (H1N1), with no deaths, and 24 type B.

    He said that the government of Nayarit inspection checkpoints reinforced with entrances and exits to the state and suspended classes until further notice in seven neighboring municipalities to the state of Jalisco.

    In a communique, the government of Nayarit stressed that to date total 117 cases of influenza in the state, of which 93 patients were type A, but only six were A (H1N1), while the other 24 are type B.

    Explained that two human cases of influenza were reported in the town of Tepic, Ahuacatlán two more, one in Ixtlan del Rio, Jalisco, adjacent to, and one in San Blas. Reynoso Gallegos said that 51.3 percent of the infected patients were men and 48.7 percent female.

    Said that by age range, 46 are infected less than 10 years, between 11 and 20 years of age there were 14 cases between 21 and 50 years reported 47 infected, and cases in people over 51 years are presented 10.

    The Health Secretary stressed that the Nayarit state capital, Tepic, the highest number of cases, with 41 patients.

    It also said that the fence was reinforced epidemiological, as yet to be confirmed 81 suspected cases of influenza, which were sent to Mexico City for analysis.

    For his part, Governor Ney Gonzalez Sanchez sued sending cubrebocas and antibacterial gel, because the suppliers do not supply these materials in Nayarit, where they are distributed because there is more demand, ie, in states where it has increased the contingency.



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      Re: Nayarit: Cases


      Google translation:


      99 probable cases of human influenza in Nayarit
      Drafting / El Sol de Nayarit
      10-05-2009 20:43:08

      The last report issued by Governor Ney Gonzalez Sanchez through your facebook space, indicates that up to yesterday afternoon there have been 914 suspected cases in Nayarit, of which 815 have already been discarded cases that have resulted in negative laboratory tests, there are still 99 probable cases of the dreaded disease of human influenza.

      He also said that so far only 6 cases have been confirmed as Influenza A/H1N1 or Humana.

      Striking that there are 13 municipalities in the state where there are probable cases of human influenza, including 33 cases with Tepic, Ixtlan del Rio 19; Ahuacatlán 4; Santiago IXC. 7, San Blas 2; Xalisco 6; Banderas Bay 4; Jala 9; Compostela 2; Tuxpan 1; The tinder 8; Acaponeta Rosamorada and one case each, as found in the state that two cases of come, one of Zacatecas and Jalisco.

      Also these 99 probable cases of influenza A/H1N1, 54 are males and 45 females, whereas age group younger than 10 years identified 40, 11 to 20 years 10 21 to 50 years 40 51 years and older than 9.

      As you can see the numbers of infections are rising,
      it is recommended to follow all the preventive measures to reduce the risk of contagion, but above all stay calm and seek immediate medical attention if any symptoms of present illness, as as we know, human influenza is fatal if not attended to in time.

      Some experts in health provision in the coming days there will be an increase in cases of infections due to the income classes and opening entertainment centers and recreation, it also recommended to stay alert and not to attend areas where register conglomerate.

      Following is the email published by the state governor Ney González Sánchez, same email that was sent by the Secretary of Health, Omar Gallegos Reynozo:

      From: "Omar Gallegos Reynozo"
      Date: Sun, 10 May 2009 13:58:04 -0600
      Subject: H1N1 IN NAYARIT

      CURRENT suspected cases, probable or confirmed H1N1 influenza A
      * Suspect cases: 914
      * Of which Descartes: 815
      * PROBABLE: 99

      - 33 TEPIC TYPE "A"
      - Ixtlan RIVER 19 TYPE "A"
      - 4 Ahuacatlán TYPE "A"
      - SANTIAGO IXC. 7 TYPE "A"
      - SAN BLAS 2 TYPE "A"
      - 6 Xalisco TYPE "A"
      - Banderas Bay 4 TYPE "A"
      - JALA 9 TYPE "A"
      - Tuxpan 1 TYPE "A"
      - 8 tinder THE TYPE "A"
      - 1 Acaponeta TYPE "A"

      Foreign ...
      - ZACATECAS 1 TYPE "A"
      - JALISCO 1 TYPE "A"

      - For 10 years. 40
      11 to 20 years. 10
      21 to 50 years 40
      + 51 years. 9

      MALE 54
      FEMALE 45

      * Of the 99 probable cases have been confirmed 6 cases


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        Re: Nayarit: Cases


        Google translation:
        By evil report of two deaths in Guerrero and one in Nayarit
        Of correspondents

        The head of the Secretariat of Health of Guerrero, Luis Barrera Rios, confirmed the deaths of two people infected with influenza A/H1N1, which occurred over a week ago, and denied that these cases have been hidden by the agency in charge the lack of information, explained, was due to "the cases were studied for ten days."

        The victims are younger than four months old, Alfredo Rey Nava, who died in a hospital in the town of Zihuatanejo, and a female person of about 36 years, was transferred to the municipality of San Luis Acatlan to the port of Acapulco, where he died.

        Also, Canada tests confirmed the first death from influenza A/H1N1 in Nayarit, a woman who for ten days was attended by a physician of Tepic, who apparently was not aware of the disease, said the governor Ney Gonzalez Sanchez.

        The victim arrived for his own decision to the ISSSTE hospital ten days after the virus was in the process of incubation. The president also announced the installation of a laboratory for the detection of this evil, through an investment of eight million pesos.

        Moreover, the lower Francisco Moreno Sanchez, 10 years old, is in critical condition for two months because of the influenza A/H1N1 virus in the New Civil Hospital of Guadalajara, Jalisco.

        In Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas, the human influenza virus spread to 27 schools, which have found cases of infection, both in public and private institutions in some schools up to ten pupils were reported infected.

        So far positive cases were detected in 25 public schools and two private. The second most serious case in the state was in high school Ignacio Ramirez with 10 patients. Two other infections were confirmed in several private schools.

        Misael Habana de los Santos, Jesús Narváez Robles, Mauricio Ferrer, LA Marshall and Mariana Chavez


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          Re: Nayarit: Cases


          Google translation:
          Girl of nine years died from influenza AH1N1
          - The child was cared for by an apparent flu-like box, but worsened after the death until July 15.

          - Report hike in breast cancer, 19 deaths from HIV / AIDS and dengue hemorrhagic attacks.

          22 / 07 / 2009 .-

          By: Oscar Camacho Verdin .-

          A girl of nine years of age who lived in the town of Bahia de Banderas became the second fatality caused by the influenza AH1N1 revealed yesterday the State Health Secretary Omar Reynoso Gallegos.

          The official explained that the minor was admitted to the Hospital General de Tepic July 10 and died on day 15. Of suspected influenza suffered, he said, samples were sent to the Institute of Epidemiological Diagnosis and Reference (Indre) and this confirmed the existence of the type AH1N1.

          Reynoso Gallegos explained that 12 days before admission to hospital, she had the first symptoms but was attended by a doctor who treated the condition as a flu-like box, which was worse to suffer pneumonia.

          He added that the child had other health ailments, so it did not react to the drug supplied.

          As in the death of an adult woman from influenza, which occurred last May at the ISSSTE hospital, Reynoso said the bad treatment employed by physicians. He recalled that the drug used in cases of influenza AH1N1 is more effective when applied in the first four days.

          So far, Nayarit reported 158 cases of influenza AH1N1, with two deaths.

          The Health Secretary added that the end of the year when the vaccine has that kind of influenza, it applies to the most vulnerable groups, such as those suffering from diabetes, lung disease, HIV-AIDS, or pregnant women.

          19 deaths from AIDS

          Moreover, the holder of the Health Ministry said that so far in 2009 have been presented in Nayarit 19 deaths of people suffering from HIV / AIDS, and have also been five new cases.

          Last year there were 65 deaths and 12 patients newly identified. And in 2005 were five deaths, but 34 new cases.

          Omar Reynoso said that the towns of Tuxpan, Ruiz Tepic and the greatest number of patients.

          87 DHF

          Similarly, it was reported that during 2009 have been 769 reported cases of dengue, of which 87 were hemorrhagic type, ie greater risk, however, Omar Reynoso denied any death for that cause.

          Therefore, he mentioned the importance of not taking home items with water and, if any, such as batteries and tubs, to give them the necessary maintenance.

          He said the abandoned tires are one of the main places where the mosquito that transmits dengue. Llantera estimated that one can dispose of up to 20 tires per week, so called not throw anywhere.


          For its part, the director of the Seguro Popular Jaime Cuevas Tello regretted that in the first six months of the year have been detected 41 cases of breast cancer, which represents over 50 per cent compared to 61 cases reported during 2008 .

          Of the 41 illnesses, said Cuevas, a large proportion of women above 50 years.

          Therefore called for all women to attend regularly for checkups, if any, time to detect the disease.
          > swap


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            Re: Nayarit: Cases


            They estimate 35 deaths from influenza in Nayarit
            - The number of cases will increase to over three thousand, of which 750 will be severe, said Health Secretary, who urged hygiene have important

            29 / 09 / 2009 .-

            By: Oscar Camacho Verdin .-

            In recent months three people have died from influenza AH1N1, but it is expected that by March of 2010 the number has increased to 35, according to Nayarit forecast prepared by the Ministry of Health of the Federal Government.

            This was pointed out yesterday by the state health secretary Omar Reynoso Gallegos. He said if current trends continue, for within six months, ending when the cold months in the state, there will be three thousand 300 people suffering from influenza AH1N1, of which 750 are considered serious and possibly die between 25 and 35, provided, however, insisted, maintaining the current rate of sick and there is no more dramatic increase.

            Until Monday, 28 September, there were 621 confirmed cases of influenza AH1N1, but there is a daily increase of about 40 new patients, said the state official. The municipality of Tepic, concentrating the majority of patients with 435.

            Rose Gallegos felt that the significant number of cases is related to the return to school, so he called on parents and teachers to implement safety three filters: the first at home, the second entry into the school and the other at the entrance of the salon. And is that a child with fever, headache, cough, flu, preferably not go to school to avoid infecting his teammates.

            Health Secretary of the State Government warned that children from one to 10 years and add up to 180 cases and are very close to the 198 reported for those 11 to 20 years, evidence that the surveillance was neglected in primary and nursery schools as well as childcare.

            He said that in Tepic and the comprehensive school was suspended by the contagion of several children, and in Jesus Maria Del Nayar municipality, it did the same classroom.

            Omar Reynoso insisted on maintaining hygiene measures such as frequent hand washing and use covers those who are sick mouths.

            He also said that the state implement 100 thousand 81 influenza vaccine AH1N1, but these are not yet available. He asked people not to be fooled because the vaccine is only available by official health authorities, not the particular level.

            For seasonal influenza, Reynoso said that so far there are 301 confirmed cases and that vaccination will start October with five 118 thousand 486 units. He said doctors and nurses will be vaccinated, children between six and 35 months, adults over 60 years, pregnant women and people with chronic health problems like diabetes, cancer, hypertension, AIDS, among others.

            State Health Secretary called for the security filters are applied not only in schools but also in workplaces, for example in restaurants and among drivers of public service trucks are daily in contact with many people.


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              Re: Nayarit: Cases


              We must continue with preventive measures against influenza A (H1N1)

              Tepic, Nayarit / December 14 .- The Minister of Health of Nayarit, Dr. Omar Reynozo Gallegos, said that starting a week of winter in the country, it is important to take preventive measures to prevent respiratory infections, ranging from common cold to influenza A (H1N1).

              He recalled that the influenza A (H1N1) is just a viral infection that is preventable through hygienic measures, as there are medicines that provide cured if early and adequate.
              On the other hand commented that "special care must be taken in the minors, pregnant women, people suffering from obesity and diabetes, hypertension and cardiac and pulmonary diseases. They are people who may be complicated by pneumonia and require hospitalization. "

              The official reminded that people need warm clothing, avoid exposure to cold currents, avoid attending crowded places, if you are sick it is best to remain at rest at home and see a doctor. Other preventive measures are to cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing, wash hands often, eat fruits and vegetables yellow or orange in abundance.

              Reynozo Gallegos, concluded by saying "what matters is that the public is attentive to the radio or television, because through the news is given the necessary information. It is best to be knowledgeable, demanding timely medical care and not self medicate.


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                Re: Nayarit: Cases


                Ensure influenza vaccine in Nayarit
                Influenza alert - Wednesday 20 January (18:30 hrs.)

                Vaccine derived laboratories in Europe and U.S.

                El Financiero en línea

                Tepic, January 20 .- The State Health secretary, Omar Reynozo Gallegos, ensured that the vaccines against influenza A (H1N1) that apply in Nayarit come from laboratories in Europe and the United States, ruling that they are not Chinese.

                He hoped the shipment of 20 thousand doses, which will add to the 30 thousand that have been delivered to the Health Services of Nayarit (SSN).

                He noted that in the control of human seasonal influenza and has worked, thanks to the good response of people in the twenty municipalities.

                He said that so far have maintained control in respiratory diseases, so that no deaths have increased, existing control schemes pneumococcal vaccination, seasonal influenza A (H1N1) and rotavirus, which have served as a protective measure to prevent contagion.

                He added that areas with lower temperatures, as the mountain, the operations were strengthened by mobilizing convoys of the 40 health supplies and medicines, with the objective of preventing deaths from respiratory diseases. (Con información de Notimex / GCE)


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                  Re: Nayarit: Cases


                  Call to prevent influenza Nayarit
                  The West
                  March 3, 2010

                  Contributed by Luis Chavez Lopez

                  Tepic, Nayarit (OEM-Informex) .- A new call to continue actions to prevent diseases such as influenza A-H1N1 in schools of the institution and strengthen efforts by the quality of education, made the owner of the Public Education Services State of Nayarit (Sepen), Anibal Ibarra Montenegro, officers, directors, teachers and parents.

                  As part of the Pledge of Allegiance carried out month by month, the holder of the department recalled that just over a year, came the outbreak of the flu epidemic and he asked the entire education sector, including parents and students themselves, the measures remain educated by the state government through the Ministry of Health.

                  On the topic of education stressed the importance of March, is that it is precisely the time of preparation of minors in national assessments such as the Link test case.

                  Thus, he said, is necessary before the school break, we start with the preparation of children for evaluation and can not frighten them develop the skills that every day teachers around the state are inculcating them permanently