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Suspected influenza in south area

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  • Suspected influenza in south area

    Suspected influenza in south area
    * Dies I feel the River FIU Coatl?n

    * There are 10 Tetecala hospitalized victims of the virus

    * Health denies outbreak in Coatl?n and Miacatl?n
    El Sol de Cuernavaca
    March 19, 2010

    Angelina Albarran and Monica Gonzalez

    Zona Sur de Morelos .- Died Lucia Merida Lara, president of DIF Coatl?n River, after a complicated picture of influenza AHIN1. Note that in this community and municipalities in the southwest is growing alarm at the lack of vaccines, especially after it was revealed that staff of the City Council and the Health sector was vaccinated against human influenza.

    Despite the secrecy was the unfortunate death in the state capital and to the fear that is generated panic among the population, it is presumed that grows the number of persons infected with human influenza.

    It was around 9 am when the president died System for Integral Family Development Coatl?n municipality of Rio, Lucia Merida Lara, after spending more than five days hospitalized for influenza AH1N1 box.

    It was the stroke of 9:30 am, when council members confirmed the death of the mayor's wife, Ramiro Figueroa Melgar, who confirmed that he died of a respiratory arrest without giving details.

    It is noteworthy that after interned President of the Integrated System for Family Development, last Thursday, the authorities of the Sanitary Jurisdiction I, on Friday morning went to the City Council to provide the vaccine to more than 120 workers town, amid great secrecy to avoid causing alarm among the population.

    Especially after it was revealed that four people were hospitalized in the Regional Hospital "Rodolfo Becerril de la Paz" and then taken to hospital in the city of Cuernavaca, confirming that show symptoms of influenza AH1N1.

    Thus, local residents asked the council members of his address to the health authorities to apply the AH1N1 influenza vaccines against a possible outbreak in the municipality, it is not possible that only one sector of the population is being implemented.

    Especially after it was revealed that already 10 cases of human influenza patients in the regional hospital, located in the town of Tetecala, among whom is former president of Miacatl?n, Clemente Luna Arriaga, and nine more of the municipalities of Miacatl?n, Tetecala and Coatl?n River.

    * Health denies outbreak

    The Health Department denied that there is an outbreak of human influenza A H1N1 in the municipality of Rio Coatl?n much less than the President of the DIF system of that locality Lucia Merida has died from the disease.

    Through an official statement and after that in the course of the morning yesterday to the announcement of the death of a person by the human influenza virus A H1N1, the Ministry of Health reported that there is no outbreak Coatl?n in the municipality of Rio and only two cases have been reported already received treatment and successfully evolve.

    He described as unfortunate the death of President of DIF, Lucia Merida of the town, but said his death was not due to the human influenza virus A H1N1.

    For ethical issues and respect for the relatives of the woman, the health services they reserve the cause of death, a theme that emphasized the exclusive responsibility of the family.

    The communiqu? states that it is important that people remember that while influenza is no cause for alarm, whether to maintain the hygiene measures needed to prevent not only influenza but many other conditions, so should not lower our guard as constant hand washing, mainly.

    Since vaccination does against influenza A H1N1, have been applied so far 152 thousand 038 doses of seasonal influenza and have been applied to 242 thousand doses 639 white groups.