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  • Morelos Vaccination A/H1N1

    More vaccine can be lost by carelessness

    Araceli Garcia Dominguez | National Thursday December 10, 2009 | Creation Time: 02:33 | Last updated: 03:55

    Analyzed. The Secretary of Health states that verify the effectiveness of vaccines affected in Morelos. Photo: Francisco Huerta

    Health Secretary Jose Angel Cordova Villalobos, said the state of Morelos several doses of vaccines against H1N1 influenza are at risk of being lost then they were not properly chilled.

    Following the launch of the campaign "Safe Surgery Saves Lives," the official added that even determining the number of doses that might be affected as well as appropriate investigations to ascertain the level of damage and if they still retain their effectiveness.

    "Unlike vaccines Colima, after being abandoned at the airport in that city, those of Morelos were refrigerated at a temperature less risky, so be checked effectively," he said.

    There have been lapses, he said, shipments of biological and it is possible that although people were vaccinated, serum did not effect them, since they might not be in adequate conditions of refrigeration.

    On the other hand, reported that so far there have been 722 deaths from infection of this virus and added that there were 66 thousand confirmed 390 cases of infection in the country. It stressed that currently only makes the record 10 percent of the cases reported the Health System, said that from today will launch a second campaign of immunization against influenza A/H1N1.

    He stressed that the epidemiological situation remains stable, adding that the yellow light is on so it should continue to take preventive measures to avoid contagion. He reiterated his call to go to get vaccinated, noting that continuing with the health control measures in March would position the green light.

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    Re: Morelos Vaccination A/H1N1

    They arrive tomorrow influenza vaccines: SS
    The health secretary, Victor Manuel Caballero Solano, reported that more vaccine arrives in Morelos. Photo: Gude Servin / El Sol de Cuautla * Apply the dose to more people in winter, the objective

    * Warns S. Knight not caught out by mercenaries health
    El Sol de Cuautla
    December 14, 2009

    Gabriela Martinez

    Cuautla, Morelos .- After reporting that tomorrow Morelos reaches a new batch of three thousand 500 doses of vaccine against influenza A H1N1 for the winter season, the Health Secretary, Victor Manuel Caballero Solano, reiterated his call for people to not caught out by those who attempt to sell the biological, which only applies in the health sector, so any attempt to trade must be reported, he said.

    Because during the winter season the Health Department expects an increase in influenza cases, the state government official said they are ready to provide medical care to the population, in addition to the sufficient supply of medicines.

    He said in this connection that the unit established a strategic reserve of inputs to counter diseases specific to the season, indicating they have thousands of gallons of antibacterial gel to ensure the protection of individuals and strengthening of hygiene measures.

    Similarly, Caballero Solano reported that tomorrow they will Morelos three thousand 500 more shots against influenza A H1N1, and confirmed that so far have been vaccinated two thousand workers in the health sector, doctors and nurses, as well as 250 women pregnant.

    However, once again called on citizens to remain vigilant and maintain preventive measures against influenza, because although the cases reported in the state are controlled, the Health Department remains on alert.

    Victor Manuel Caballero Solano said that to date the report is of 689 cases of influenza A H1N1, and 12 people hospitalized, making clear that this figure has increased recently. However, the Ministry of Health provides a surge in cases during winter, hence the importance of population relaxation of preventive measures and keep hygienic habits and known by all to prevent the spread of the virus.

    In addition, Health Secretary Morelos reminded that the vaccine against influenza A H1N1 is being applied only for the Health Sector in clinics Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) and the ISSSTE, as well as the health center the state. In this sense, called to denounce any attempt to market the antiviral, which is not sold in the private sector, he said.


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      Re: Morelos Vaccination A/H1N1

      Morelos get more shots AH1N1
      The application of biological target groups in the state proceeds according to schedule, with the implementation so far of four thousand doses 544 medical personnel and pregnant

      El Universal
      Cuernavaca Saturday December 19, 2009
      The state health secretary, Victor Manuel Caballero Solano said Morelos received the second batch of human influenza vaccines, consisting of eight thousand doses, which were added to the six thousand 500 who initially arrived.

      He reported that the application of biological target groups, proceeds according to schedule, with the implementation so far of four thousand doses 544 medical personnel and pregnant women.

      "This new shipment of biological second block will be destined to susceptible groups receiving the vaccine, as are adults over 60 years and children under two years, people with chronic-degenerative diseases," he said.

      'It is important that pregnant women in the second and third trimester of pregnancy receive the vaccine as part of vulnerable groups, "he added.

      Caballero Solano said that until now reported 694 cases of confirmed influenza virus A (H1N1) in the state since it began the contingency and therefore encouraged to maintain preventive measures.