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Morelos Vaccination A/H1N1

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  • Morelos Vaccination A/H1N1

    Research Ssa damaged vaccines in Morelos

    A batch of inoculations to combat influenza AH1N1 were possibly damaged by not storing correctly

    Justin Miranda
    El Universal
    Cuernavaca, Morelos Tuesday, 08 diciembre of 2009
    22:30 Morelos Ministry of Health initiated an administrative investigation against civilian hospital staff Ernesto Meana San Rom?n, Jojutla municipality, after a batch of vaccines against influenza A H1N1 were exposed to unfavorable weather conditions that could disable your healing properties.
    The secretary of Health in Morelos, Victor Manuel Caballero Solano, confirmed that the
    refrigerator where the bottles were stored with the vaccine was not closed completely by the staff responsible, and this caused the dose is altered two degrees Celsius.

    Caballero Solano said a local television station that the number of vaccines possibly damaged by elevated temperatures were 90, which are found in 9 bottles, each of which pays for 10 doses.

    According to the health minister in the state, the vaccines must be maintained at an average of 8 degrees Celsius, but after outdoor exposure had altered, so the bottles are kept in shelter for analysis by a technical committee to diagnose whether they can be applied to humans.

    Caballero Solano reported that vaccines are insured, noting that in case of losses will be replaced immediately.

    However he said that nine persons are subject to administrative investigation to determine responsibilities. He said that each vaccine is worth about 75 pesos to the market.


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    Re: Morelos Vaccination A/H1N1

    Vaccination campaign against the flu, canceled
    Vaccination campaign was suspended virus A H1N1, influenza stationary, BCG and tetanus in the Regional Hospital Ernesto Meana San Rom?n ". Photo: Angelina Albarran / El Sol de Cuernavaca * For faults in the refrigerator that contained

    * Analyze future implementation INCB
    El Sol de Cuernavaca
    December 9, 2009

    Angelina Albarran

    Jojutla, Morelos .- Given failures in controlling vaccine refrigeration, it suspended the vaccination campaign H1N1 and the influenza stationary at the Regional Hospital Ernesto Meana San Rom?n, it will be the National Institute of Biological Control of the to determine whether served or not, said the director Angoli Francisco Avendano.

    When interviewed about the situation in this hospital, which serves a population of 160 thousand people from six towns in the southern region of the state, the hospital director said that there was a problem with the network of cooling, setback which according to the rule requires the material to "biological" (shot) is valued by the National Institute of Biologicals.

    "And is that the setback that took control of cooling did not respond as expected and as he left the standard required to tell us if it is okay or not the material to be applied. In this situation are the vaccines, 35 vials of BCG, stationary Influenza, 19 bottles of H1N1 dose equivalent to 190 BIP and others, "he said.

    While it is expected that next week, already has biological evaluation, the director insisted that is required to give them the green light because it is what is done here is to initiate the corresponding procedure, which yesterday started as a control measure.

    The events that occurred on Monday is expected "because it did not close a refrigerator, was ajar and although the area is isolated, unfortunately, the temperature rose to 10 degrees when the law establishes a check from 2 to 8 degrees, although it is within the mattress maximum permissible, "said Avendano Angoli yet so delicate is the handling of biologics to get out of the protocol began reporting this incident and are specialists that will determine whether or not to apply these vaccines.

    Angoli Avendano said that otherwise the health sector will have to replace these vaccines, after acknowledging he certainly was human error that caused the space of 10 hours the refrigerator does not close tightly.

    He denied that it is an event such as occurred in Colima state in central Mexico, where he wasted a large amount of H1N1 vaccine by stating that it was unfortunate what happened, because they are the first to reach this hospital, which has a population of 535 workers, including health centers in the municipalities of the south that will require these vaccines.