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    Confirmed four deaths from influenza in Morelos
    Peter Tonantzin
    (04:44 p.m.)
    Other four deaths were analyzed and delivered outstanding results

    Hospital director general of Cuernavaca Joseph G. Parres, Adrian Ramirez Alvear, confirmed the deaths of four people per A/H1N1 influenza during the last week, plus another four deaths are analyzed and delivered outstanding results, to see if this virus died.

    For now there is saturation in the demand for medical services in the health institution, which the director received daily 65 to 70 cases of influenza, which in the last month 140 cases were suspected and 18 were hospitalized but eight already died.

    To meet demand and avoid saturation of the hospital with the virus spreading, has arranged a special area to receive people who are infected with H1N1, in fact said the Thursday night killed the last two people who remained hospitalized in this hospital.

    The specialist said the latest outbreak has three weeks and so far had confirmed 16 infections in the past three weeks, but these would be the first four confirmed deaths in hospitals for influenza Morelos.


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    Re: Morelos: Cases


    They could die from influenza 3 patients
    Victor Manuel Caballero Solano, secretary of Health. Photo: Froyl?n Trujillo / El Sol de Cuernavaca
    * For cases confirm the National Institutes of Health
    El Sol de Cuernavaca
    October 10, 2009

    Monica Gonzalez

    Cuernavaca, Morelos .- The Secretary of Health, Victor Manuel Caballero Solano confirmed that three people suspected of having died from the virus Influenza A H1N1, but it will be until next week when the National Public Health Institute, confirm whether these patients died of disease or a similar.

    Secretary explained that in total there are four people killed in recent days for SARS, but of these, three are strongly suspected of having died from the H1N1 virus, which should be reconfirmed in the coming days by the results of blood tests that result in the specialists.

    Patients were treated at General Hospital Joseph G. Parres of Cuernavaca, and came from the municipalities of Jiutepec and Emiliano Zapata, three of whom are women and one man, while their ages range from 34 to 84 years of age.

    The secretary of Health urged people to remain calm at this stage of possible deaths, reported that from April to date now total 320 cases, an amount that is still minor compared to that recorded in other entities in the country.

    Solano Knight asked the population to strengthen preventive measures as washing hands, kiss and greet not maintain proper hygiene in the workplace, since this would only be able to face the virus.

    Also confirmed that continues to apply the seasonal influenza vaccine, and will be until December when the H1N1, although the possibility exists that the amount is reduced, due to the distribution that is making the Ministry of Health at the federal level by the Other cases in each state.


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      Re: Morelos: Cases


      Suman 335 cases and seven deaths in Morelos AH1N1
      The health secretary said that as a preventive antiviral medications prescribed hospitals without confirmation that the patient has human influenza

      El Universal
      Cuernavaca, Morelos Monday October 12, 2009
      18:46 The number of deaths from flu contagion AH1N1 grew to seven in the last five days. The secretary of Health in Morelos, Victor Caballero Solano, confirmed yesterday the deaths of three people including two children.

      Last Friday, the director of the Hospital General Joseph G. Parres, Adrian Ramirez announced that four people died from this virus.

      The influenza victims were two children: a baby one year old, a child of seven years and a man of 36 years, the first two were from the town of Axochiapan and the third of the village.

      He said the official count is 335 cases of the virus, mostly in the municipalities of Cuautla and Cuernavaca metropolitan area.

      As a precaution, Caballero Solano said, hospitals are recent antiviral drugs, even when there is confirmation that the patient is infected with human influenza.

      This, he said, is to prevent as many deaths as it did confirm that the last three people who died had come to the medical center five days after submitting the pictures of human influenza.

      Health Secretary announced the strengthening of prevention activities in the state to contain a possible increase in cases of the flu AH1N1.

      Of the 335 cases in the institution at 40 weeks, 14 of them hospitalized, and four are reported severe (two children), the rest are stable in their homes.

      He stressed that in each of the hospitals have an exclusive area of respiratory disease, identified by means of colors to be addressed as a priority, adding that in 2008 there were 185 deaths at the federal level and so far this year have recorded 145 deaths from this virus.

      On the topic of dengue in the state, Caballero Solano said there have been 637 cases, of which 85 are bleeding, so the place is located in 12 of 23 nationwide.

      And he said that last year at this date, there had been six thousand 188 cases, "so this week we have a 90% incidence.



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        Re: Morelos: Cases


        Morelos confirm three deaths caused by influenza A H1N1

        The health secretary said the entity that the deaths occurred in the municipalities of Axochiapan and Tepoztlan.


        Tue, 13/10/2009 - 12:47

        Cuernavaca .- Victor Manuel Caballero Solano, Morelos health secretary said so far they have confirmed three deaths from the influenza virus AH1N1 in the state.

        The official said that two were minors in the municipalities of Axochiapan and Tepoztlan.

        Tomorrow will be known whether the other three deaths previously announced in the cities of Cuernavaca and Jiutepec, are a result of the epidemic.


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          Re: Morelos: Cases


          Two more deaths from influenza
          * Health confirms that there are five victims of the virus
          El Sol de Cuernavaca
          October 17, 2009

          Monica Gonzalez

          Cuernavaca, Morelos .- The Ministry of Health confirmed two more deaths from the human influenza virus A H1N1, which already add five people have died from the disease in the state and since it began contingency in April this year .

          According to reports from the department, the National Institute of Public Health announced Friday morning the test results were sent to three people suspected of having died from the human influenza virus, confirming that only two cases tested positive for the disease and one was discarded.

          This means that there are five people have died so far this virus, which, in accord with the Health Department is a 35-year-old from Cuernavaca and a man of 34 years the town of Jiutepec . The other three people killed by the disease also fall into two of Axochiapan and one of the village.

          The health secretary, Victor Manuel Caballero Solano said that is 337 people so far infected with human influenza virus A H1N1 and are still being sent to the laboratory samples of more people who show a symptom of this disease.

          However, denied there was alarm at the confirmation of more deaths and said the only way to avoid more problems continue registering for this reason is the preventive health measures already known society.


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            Re: Morelos: Cases


            Morelos records nine deaths from influenza A H1N1
            Victor Caballero Solano, state health secretary, reports that of those who died, three were juveniles, two adults and four young couples

            JUSTIN MIRANDA
            El Universal
            Cuernavaca, Mor Monday October 26, 2009
            The death toll from influenza A H1N1 from six to nine in just one week in entity, according to data from the State Health Secretariat, are young people most affected by the virus.

            Victor Caballero Solano, secretary of Health in Morelos, said the nine dead were three children, two adults and four were young couples.

            In this regard called on parents to monitor more closely the clinical status of their children, as has been reported that at concentrations of juveniles are living with teenagers with fever or flu symptoms, not considered serious by the paterfamilias.

            Caballero Solano reported so far added 422 cases of influenza A H1N1.

            Moreover, he called on local authorities to reinforce measures incoming cleaning cemeteries, as in a tour of Cuernavaca for 26 cemeteries were identified pools of water, whose fields are prone to developing the transmitter of the dengue mosquito.

            For this case reported that so far this year there are 735 recorded dengue patients, of whom 113 are of the hemorrhagic type.

            Last week it was confirmed the first death from the disease.



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              Re: Morelos: Cases


              Friday November 6, 2009

              LA PIEDAD, MICHOACAN (BI) .- A total of 207 confirmed cases of influenza A HIN1 in La Piedad, one of the municipalities with more infections, just below Morelia and Uruapan L?zaro C?rdenas.

              Through the official statistics of the disease became known that La Piedad has registered over two hundred cases, while seasonal influenza have been confirmed with 29 patients.

              Recently it was rumored that in a garden of children had a confirmed case of influenza, and that parents demanded a fence health, but the head of the jurisdiction Bernabe Arevalo Duarte denied the fact and clarify that health fences not usually performed in schools, because they assume that there are filters to prevent children from entering any symptoms and classes where parents take them even when sick, are returned by teachers to their homes until they recover.

              He mentioned that the comments that this or that person has the flu, there have been, but these cases should be confirmed by doctors in health centers, where practiced laboratory studies.

              When the patient has all the symptoms of the virus, even without the laboratory result with treatment is started, it also ask to take all precautionary measures to prevent spreading to other family members.

              He said when there are results and positive cases are not expected to know the patient goes to school, but go directly home to give proper treatment and inform you that should take preventive measures.

              Dr. Barnabas Duarte Arevalo, said that so far confirmed patients with influenza A H1N1, there have been no cases with complications, they have all taken their treatment properly and have made it out of the condition.

              The new influenza virus A (H1N1) has been found in patients of 92 of the 113 municipalities in the state, although still concentrated mainly in the cities of greater population density: Morelia, with 659 confirmed cases tops the list, followed by Lazarus Cardenas, Uruapan and La Piedad. These four counties represent around 68% of patients.

              Of the municipalities of the health jurisdiction, the situation is as follows: in La Piedad are 207 influenza A (H1N1) and 29 seasonal Yur?cuaro were recorded in 47 and 6 seasonal in Angamacutiro are 4 and 26 seasonal; in Churintzio 2 seasonal in Penjamillo 1 and 2 are seasonal in Tanhuato 3 and 1 seasonal Morelos 1 in 5 and seasonal Puru?ndiro 1 and Tlazazalca only one case of influenza A (H1N1).


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                Re: Morelos: Cases


                Justin Miranda
                El Universal
                Cuernavaca, Morelos Friday November 13, 2009
                19:16 The Ministry of Health in Morelos reported four more deaths from influenza AH1N1 bringing the total 14 deaths in the regrowth stage of the virus.
                Among those killed are in a 50-year-old, originally from the town of Atlatlahucan, a man of 39 years native of the town of Tepoztlan, a woman 35 years of Ciudad Ayala and a minor entity of Tlayacapan.

                The health sector reported that according to official statistics there are 659 cases of confirmed influenza AH1N1, of which 20 remain hospitalized and seven in critical condition.

                Another group of 95 people suffer from seasonal influenza, according to data from the Ministry of Health.

                The town of Tepoztlan, located north of the state, is one who has seen the highest number of deaths from influenza, with five deaths out of 14.


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                  Re: Morelos: Cases


                  Perform health meeting in Xochitepec
                  * Concerned index of dengue and influenza
                  El Sol de Cuernavaca
                  December 4, 2009

                  Monica Gonzalez

                  Xochitepec, Morelos .- In the 45 cases of dengue and 14 of Human Influenza A H1N1 registered in the municipality of Xochitepec, authorities of the Health Services, National Institute of Public Health (INSP) and the same locality, organized the First Meeting of Health Promotion and Community Involvement, to lay the groundwork to address these problems in a timely manner.

                  Ciro Peralta Norberto Navarro, secretary of the City of Xochitepec, inaugurating the event, stressed that this is a sign of closer relations with the municipal government Xochitepec community to improve the health of citizens by preventing the effects of diseases like influenza H1N1 and dengue.

                  Peralta Navarro mentioned that these diseases can cause effects on the economy and productivity in families so it is necessary that the public is well informed about how to prevent and recognize its symptoms.

                  Meanwhile, Delia Gonzalez Hernandez, director of Health Xochitepec City Council, explained that through this meeting offers an explanation of both diseases, their transmission, symptoms and prevention with the goal of assistants, teachers, school , municipal authorities, among others, are kept informed about the issue, so they can transfer the information in their respective communities.

                  Approximately 80 people attended the meeting where the staff Morelos Health Services and Health Directorate of the Municipality of Xochitepec taught the conversation in order to prevent cases of dengue and influenza, thus achieving participation between society and government that demand Xochitepec Mayor, Juan Carlos Rivera Hernandez.

                  According to figures from the Department of Health Xochitepec, in the municipality is registering an average of 45 cases of dengue and H1N1 Influenza regard have been recorded 14 cases.


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                    Re: Morelos: Cases


                    37 children die from respiratory diseases in Morelos
                    Peter Tonantzin
                    (01:45 p.m.)
                    Self-treatment and neglect of parents do not seek medical care immediately aggravate infections, deaths increased by 30%

                    .- MORELOS Health Services Morelos confirmed that so far this year there have been 37 deaths in children under 5 years due to acute respiratory diseases, equivalent to an increase of 30 percent over the previous year.
                    According to officials of this office, the week award 10 thousand consultations to address severe respiratory problems, but mostly it's breathing problems have been complicated by self-medication and neglectful parents not to go immediately the doctor.
                    In the same vein, the authorities indicated that on average are awarded 450 thousand visits per year, which could increase this season due to the presence of a new influenza A H1N1 virus and which has begun a vaccination campaign for general children under 5 years.