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62 cases of A H1N1 in Morelos

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  • 62 cases of A H1N1 in Morelos

    Cuernavaca, Morelos. - In less than eight days the number persons infected with influenza type A H1N1 spent from 49 to 62 cases, still the Secretary of Health, Carlos Carrillo Ordaz supported that there is no motive of alarm. ? The number of cases of the type A H1N1 is supported inside the waited in winter period and there is no motive of alarm, nevertheless, it is important not to forget the preventive measurements as the hand wash of a frequent way with water and soap, to use if it is a possible gel antibacterial and to avoid to greet of kiss or of hand other persons ?, it recommended. One of these infected patients is original of the state of Puebla and he added that in accordance with the diagnosis of the medical units the persons who endure this illness are in the status of five and 55 years of age but the most affected they are the group of 20 to 44 years. Cheek Ordaz extern? that is important to prepare infections and he recommended that to the moment to sneeze it is necessary to cover the nose and the mouth with the forearm; to avoid to go to the work and school fell ill, not automedicarse, and in case of presenting symptoms of respiratory illness to come to a unit of nearby health as the Services of Health of them Reside (SSM), in the IMSS or the ISSSTE.