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Six cases of A-H1N1 in Morelos

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  • Six cases of A-H1N1 in Morelos

    The secretary of health of them Reside he confirmed that in what goes of this month there have been identified six cases of the virus of the A-H1N1 in the metropolitan zone of the entity.

    In accordance with the state official, Carlos Eduardo Carrillo Ordaz, up to the moment they take a coverage of 62 per cent in the vaccination against this virus, principally in the most vulnerable sectors, which are adult persons and children.

    The secretary of Health indicated that the affected persons are principally young in a status of between 20 and 25 years and made sure that the presence of six confirmed cases is not sufficient to declare an epidemiologic alert and therefore it is a question of outlying cases.

    In the next hours, the Secretary of Health might confirm another two hanging cases that are in laboratory analyses, which might turn out to be positives, since the suspicion is had as the symptoms of a possible epidemiologic sprout.