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They confirm sixth case of A H1N1 in Michoacán

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  • They confirm sixth case of A H1N1 in Michoacán

    Morelia, Michoacán. - confirmed to Himself the sixth case of influenza A H1N1 of the period and the third one in the year. The secretary of health in the state, Guadalupe Hernández Alcalá, informed that the case was detected in the small one of seven years of age of the municipality of Pátzcuaro Actualmente he is in the infantile hospital of the capital, and although his state of health is serious, it this accept the treatment. The official emphasized that in spite of the preventions and the information that has happened to the citizenship, in first fifteen days of the year have detected to themselves three cases of influenza A H1N1 and the cases of hospitalization for respiratory sharp illnesses they have increasing in the whole state. The secretary of greeting does called the population michoacana for before any so that before any symptom they come to a center of health, since there exists a supply of medicines and free treatments to attack these sufferings.