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Health measures implemented in Penjamillo for A/H1N1, Cholera and Dengue

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  • Health measures implemented in Penjamillo for A/H1N1, Cholera and Dengue
    Spanish to English translation

    Health measures implemented in Penjamillo for A/H1N1, Cholera and Dengue
    Posted: 4/5/2011

    Penjamillo was one of the first municipality to be trained by the Sanitary District No. 6 in the areas of prevention of influenza A virus H1N1, as well as cholera and dengue.
    The training session gave the nurse Maria Guadalupe Quezada, attended by the Mayor, Francisco Piceno, as well as council members and directors who make up the City, also counted with the participation of law enforcement officers and ejido.

    This talk focused on the need to take preventive measures against the emergence of diseases such as cholera, dengue and influenza H1N1, which has presented the first cases in the north state.

    Quezada said during the meeting how important it is to strengthen all precautionary measures to prevent these diseases from reaching the town, with the same share of the population, as it did 2 years ago, where they were free of infection.

    He spoke of the importance of continuing preventive measures to avoid, where possible, cases are presented in the above mentioned diseases, as in the case of cholera, which can be acquired through food.

    In this time of year are most at risk are said, by eating fish and shellfish, and animals that are immune, so they can have the bacteria and not develop and reach the human body, there is a risk of causing even develop death.

    Another disease that should be attacking is dengue fever which is spread by the Aedes aegypti mosquito emergence of another of which should be very aware of the proximity of the river with houses in the town, before it is said vector brigades maintained and where people are expected to continue responding to the program of the fight against dengue.

    And with regard to H1N1 influenza, which has already been cases in the country's northern states, said it is important to take measures to prevent this disease appears in Penjamillo, taking care with hand washing, avoiding the kiss greeting trying to assist the physician with any symptoms that could represent symptoms, including fever of 38 °, cough, sore throat.

    In response, the Mayor Francisco Piceno, thanked the Health District for the support given to Penjamillo, noting that thanks to measures taken in Penjamillo by way of prevention, as they have been the days of cleaning and sanitation to avoid the proliferation of diseases.

    He called the charge of Health Promotion of the Court, attend the next meeting of the development council, that will explain the importance of health care, emphasizing that have already been expressed Influenza H1N1 outbreaks in which requires taking the necessary steps to prevent it from reaching Penjamillo