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State of Mexico has registered 51 flu deaths

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  • State of Mexico has registered 51 flu deaths

    Between 1 and 24 January H1N1 influenza has caused the death of 135 people and thousand 517 patients throughout the country in accordance with the Federal Ministry of health. The State of Mexico ranks sixth with 91 cases of influenza and 9 deaths, however San Luis Potosí is the State that recorded higher cases of influenza with 250 followed with 219 cases Jalisco and Nuevo León with 109. States with more fatalities are Baja California with 21 Mexico City and Jalisco with 13, with 12 Hidalgo and San Luis Potosí 10, Aguascalientes, Mexico and Michoacan State 9 as to Querétaro and Zacatecas with 7.

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    Re: State of Mexico has registered 91 cases of influenza and 9 deaths

    35 die by influenza in Edomex

    The influenza virus has killed 449 Mexicans in the year and has infected 4 thousand and four people, in their majority of 40 years and more, many of them associated with suffering such as diabetes and obesity.

    In accordance with the analysis of the epidemiological reports of the Secretary of Health (SSA), There are three states where the increase of cases and deaths from influenza viruses 'in the past 10 days' have doubled, to such a degree that now occupy the first seven locations with the largest number of cases at the national level: Michoacan, Zacatecas and Hidalgo.

    Last January 30, Michoacan recorded 126 cases and 13 deaths. At the last cut of this Monday, this figure rose to 235 and 25 deaths; it remains Hidalgo, with 132 cases and 19 deaths, a figure which rose to 206 cases and 33 deaths.

    Zacatecas recorded 126 cases and 13 deaths, and the Court of February 10 has 200 cases and 24 deaths by the influenza virus. According to the General Directorate for epidemiology, Jalisco (553 cases) , DF (378) , San Luis Potosi (312) , Edomex (288) , Michoacan (235) , Zacatecas (200) , Hidalgo (206) and NL (188) are the states with the highest number of cases. In terms of deaths, Jalisco (67) , Baja California (46) , DF (44), Edomex (35) , Hidalgo (33) and Michoacán (25) are the states with more records.


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      Re: State of Mexico has registered 35 flu deaths

      Edomex reported 51 deaths from influenza

      Oluca, Mexico (February 23 2014) .-
      so far this year, the deaths from influenza in the State of Mexico totaling 51, that is to say, in the last 11 days there was an increase of 60 percent in deaths, since the February 11 totalled 31.According to the report that issued the Secretariat of Health with date to the Court of February 22, In the State of Mexico have been on 8 percent of the 625 deaths that have been reported at the national level.