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Jalisco: 93 deaths from influenza

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    Re: Jalisco: 90 deaths from influenza

    The SSJ recorded three new cases of influenza

    Guadalajara, Jalisco (31/Mar/ 2014) .- The Secretariat of Health Jalisco (SSJ) reported that the Entity records up to the court of the March 27 three new cases of influenza, accumulating a total of 753. The number of deaths is maintained at 91. The unit recalls to the population not lower our guard and to strengthen the preventive measures against influenza, among which the continuous washing hands, using antibacterial gel and cover your mouth with the angle of the arm when you cough. Blackaller was appointed Ahmsa's Jorge Ayala, director general of Public Health, reiterated that 'we must go to avoid crowded areas if you are one sick, also attend the school if a child or person is sick and before symptoms such as cough and fever is important to see a doctor and do not self-medicate'. The entity occupies the second place in cases, below the Federal District, which has 769 cases, and the eighth place by incidence rate (9.61 ).


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      Re: Jalisco: 91 deaths from influenza

      A case of influenza type B in Jalisco

      Guadalajara, Jalisco. - The Secretary of Health Jalisco (SSJ) informed that during the epidemiologic week 28, with court on July 10, type registered a case of influenza B in a 35-year-old woman, resident of the municipality of Tlaquepaque. It indicated that the annual piled up one in Jalisco is 766 cases of influenza and 93 deaths. It pointed out that of the notified cases, 80 per cent correspond to influenza A (H1N1) and the rest to influenza type A (H3N2), influenza A, influenza type B and not sub typified. It aimed that 73 per cent of the cases have presented himself in the metropolitan zone of Guadalajara, and the municipalities with major number are Guadalajara, Zapopan, Tlaquepaque, Tonalß and Tlajomulco de Z˙˝iga. He added that of the deaths, 81 owe to themselves to influenza of the type A (H1N1) (87 per cent) and the rest (12) they are not sub typified, whereas 85 per cent of the deaths have happened in the metropolitan zone of Guadalajara. It specified that at national level there register seven thousand 229 cases of influenza and 756 deaths.