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Jalisco: 93 deaths from influenza

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  • Jalisco: 93 deaths from influenza

    GUADALAJARA, JALISCO (24/ENE/2014) .-In only one week, the number of deaths and cases for the virus of the influenza multiplied considerably in the state of Jalisco. In the period from January 16 until January 23 there registered the death of another 10 persons, as well as 138 more cases of contagion, from what the Entity comes to 13 deaths and 219 contagions in what it goes of 2014. Although until 13:00, the director of Public Health of the Secretary of Health Jalisco (SSJ), Jorge Blackaller Ayala, made sure that the cases were still equal: 81 contagions and three deceases, a pair of hours later the dependency confirmed that one was provided with a new report, which sent route bulletin of press, about 18:00.

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    Re: Jalisco: 13 deaths for influenza

    Influenza Virus, more aggressive than in 2009

    Up to 70 patients per day arrive at the Civil with symptoms of illness

    GUADALAJARA, JALISCO (29/Jan/ 2014) .- even though this year circulates the influenza A virus H1N1, as happened in 2009, when he appeared and caused a pandemic, this opportunity has been presented in a more aggressive way, with tables of severe respiratory disease. Hospitals reported a large number of cases of people daily who come with symptoms of influenza-like disease, which are more serious than the ones that were a few years ago. "It is more aggressive; before, to come with X-rays with damage so extensive, the patients had to evolve 10 days, We are now seeing patients that in five days they are very ill, is a disease clinically different and more aggressive," said in an interview the head of the service de Infectologia the old Civil Hospital "Fray Antonio Mayor", Eduardo Rodriguez Noriega. He said that at the hospital have had days in which received close to 70 patients, of whom most improve with antiviral treatment, but about six when hospitalized by the gravity of his situation; at least that is what happened last Monday.


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      Re: Jalisco: 13 deaths for influenza

      In Jalisco, the influenza situation is delicate: SSJ

      Guadalajara, Jalisco (30/Jan/ 2014) .- In Jalisco is not hidden information about the cases or deaths from influenza, there should be no speculation on the subject, said the state secretary of Health, Jaime Agustin Gonzalez Alvarez. This morning, the official pays a report on influenza before the Commission on Health in the State Congress, where he states that the situation is delicate in the State, no more alarm, and what you should do is to continue with the strengthening of prevention measures. He acknowledged that the pattern of behavior of the virus H1N1 is more virulent and aggressive than in years past, which has led to have currently 356 infections and 37 deaths. However, he said that all of the deaths could have been avoided. "Unfortunately, the Mexicans and the characters we are short of memory', he said, referring to the population stopped making hygiene measures and apply the influenza vaccine, as it did in the pandemic of 2009.


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        Re: Jalisco: 37 deaths for influenza

        GUADALAJARA, JALISCO (30/ENE/2014)-Jalisco collects 40 deaths from influenza so far of the year, which stands at the head of deaths nationwide.The latest report from the General direction of epidemiology of the Secretariat of health (SSa) confirms also 416 cases of infection in the State.With more cases after Jalisco is Baja Califonia, registering 38 deaths and 103 infections.The authorities have asked people take extra precautions and serve immediately in the presence of symptoms.Starting this Friday every health centre will have 100 shots daily, on a schedule of 08:30 to 18:00 hours during the week, until Friday, February 7.


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          Re: Jalisco: 40 deaths for influenza

          Jalisco records 4 more deaths from influenza; total 48

          According to data from the National Epidemiological Surveillance System, in the entity have been presented 455 cases of influenza, and remains the state with the most deaths at the national level

          after four days of which will not be recorded deaths from influenza in the entity, authorities reported four deaths, With which total 48 deaths from this disease, so the state continues to the head of deaths in the country by the virus.

          The number of cases was increased to be presented eight more, to reach 455 sick. Since last saturday and until Wednesday there were no reported deaths from influenza in the entity, since the figure stopped in 44 during that period, until the information reported this morning by the National Epidemiological Surveillance System (MOH).


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            Re: Jalisco: 48 deaths for influenza

            Jalisco recorded 481 cases of influenza in the year

            The Secretariat of Health Jalisco (SSJ) reported that are recorded in this entity 481 cases of influenza and 51 deaths from the disease, and he urged to not lower our guard and continue taking preventive measures. He cited that the preventive measures against influenza, are the clean and disinfect places such as homes, offices, places are closed and meeting centers, in addition to objects of common use such as handles, latches, phones and computers. He added that the unit is also recommended vent and allow the entry of sunlight. He stressed that in accordance with the Federal Secretariat of Health (SSA) until the court today February 6, at the national level there are three thousand 437 cases and 374 deaths.



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              Re: Jalisco: 51 deaths from influenza

              In 24 hours 10 people killed in Jalisco by H1N1

              So far 534 cases of patients were detected and 61 people have died since it began the year.The Secretary of health of Jalisco, Agust?n Gonz?lez, said that there are possibilities of cases surge during the second week of February.While the rise of cases in Jalisco, Jalisco Technical Committee met to make sanitary alert against the virus.



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                Re: Jalisco: 61 deaths from influenza

                Jalisco state with the largest number of cases of influenza

                According to the latest cut of the Secretary of Health, have been confirmed 3 thousand 930 cases of influenza, of which 3 thousand 303 were due to H1N1, in Jalisco 553 cases and 66 deaths...



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                  Re: Jalisco: 66 deaths from influenza

                  71 Deaths from influenza in Jalisco

                  The number of deaths from influenza positive continues evolving, there are now 71 official records in the state of Jalisco, the cases nearly doubled in comparison with other federal entities; although the Ministry of Health (SSJ) keep the version that they were the first to notify and extreme preventive measures the notification continues. Although the unit keep the version that Jalisco in comparison with other States by number of rate is lower, the Federal Government in the pyramid brand of cases to the State as the first place by number of cases at the national level. While the number of sick sum 571 this is two times more than the State of Mexico and three times more than Michoacan and Mexico.



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                    Re: Jalisco: 71 deaths from influenza

                    74 deaths in Jalisco

                    In the last hours another three deceases were brought for influenza in Jalisco, with which they add 74 deaths for this illness in what it goes of the year. Up to the moment, this entity is the one that has brought more deaths and cases of the virus in the whole country.

                    On Wednesday another 25 patients were brought with the viral illness, with which they add 596 cases.

                    At national level thousand 314 affected ones add already four, since the number increased on having detected to him 201 patients on Wednesday; also, 16 persons died for influenza yesterday to add 488 in the year, reported the Secretary of Health.

                    In deaths for influenza, Jalisco has 74 continued by Low California with 49 and the Federal District with 48 up to yesterday. In detected patients, Jalisco with his 596 is continued at the head by the Federal District with 416 and State of Mexico with 317.



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                      Re: Jalisco: 74 deaths from influenza

                      Jalisco recorded 77 deaths from influenza

                      Guadalajara, Jalisco.- The Secretariat of Health of Jalisco reported that up to the Court of February 13, there have been 77 deaths from influenza, while the cumulative amount is 618 cases of all types. The Secretariat of Health of Jalisco reiterated its recommendations to decrease the risk of contracting influenza as the frequent hand washing or the use of antibacterial gel, sneeze into the arm angle, carrying covers ports, if you are already suffering from respiratory disease, And not to go to spaces with massive concentrations of people.



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                        Re: Jalisco: 77 deaths from influenza

                        82 deceases for influenza

                        GUADALAJARA, Jalisco (OEM-Informex) .-In Jalisco a day has died at least a dozen of persons for the complications of the illness of influenza of type AH1N1 in the first weeks the year, the majority there were inhabitants of the Metropolitan Zone of Guadalajara and of the region of The High places. Accumulated from the first of January until the date it is 82 deaths, locating the Secretary of Federal Health to the entity in the first place at national level for number of cases; whereas the number of patients spent from 655 to 693 in the last two days.



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                          Re: Jalisco: 82 deaths from influenza

                          Two pregnant woman suspected death by influenza

                          Guadalajara, Jalisco (21/Feb/ 2014) .- In the year, in the State of Jalisco have occurred eight maternal deaths, of which, two are in study to confirm whether his death was caused by the influenza virus.
                          The two women died of pneumonia, after being hospitalized in serious condition at the end of the month of January. The Secretary of Health in Jalisco, Jaime Agustin Gonzalez Alvarez, reported this morning that the federal Secretariat of Health (SSA) is to deliver the results of the two deaths, That will be discarded or confirm if the influenza was the main cause of maternal death. 'There were many pregnant women that unfortunately are not vaccinated on time and in the proper manner, that if there was an increase in deaths maternal-infant by influenza; we don't have the census still, i can't give the numbers, We're looking at what were the causes' .Although not accurate if there are more deaths of pregnant women in study by likely influenza, said that the Federation analyzes cases.



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                            Re: Jalisco: 82 deaths from influenza

                            84 Deaths by some type of influenza in Jalisco and 694 sick

                            The Health secretary, Jaime Augustine Gonz?lez ?lvarez, confirms that until the time van 84 deaths by some type of influenza in the state and 694 patients.
                            The state official ensures that by the time the disease is found in stage of recession, however, recognizes that there is a possibility of a rebound, Explains: "California is a border state with our country, and in addition is a state in which they live many characters that come and go, even going on vacation to California, then the potential for bringing back the active virus exist? ". Remember then not lower our guard and continue with the preventive measures such as the use of antibacterial gel that he says, if you kill to the avian influenza virus



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                              Re: Jalisco: 84 deaths from influenza

                              Jalisco sum 90 deaths from influenza

                              MCE CONTENTS

                              The state of Jalisco amount already 90 deaths from influenza, according to the latest court released by the Ministry of Health (SJS) .At the same time, the State Department reports that there are a total of 720 cases, of the different types of influenza. Meanwhile, at the national level there are registered 5.591 cases and 625 deaths. 'Among the basic measures to protect themselves against influenza is avoid touching your face with dirty hands, especially nose, mouth and eyes', it is recommended that through a statement of the SSJ.