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For lack of power, ISSSTE de Iguala may have lost 15 thousand doses against H1N1

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  • For lack of power, ISSSTE de Iguala may have lost 15 thousand doses against H1N1

    Alert steward of infections on patients, and infections of employees

    For lack of power, ISSSTE de Iguala may have lost 15 thousand doses against H1N1
    Draws maintenance manager of negligence for failing to report damage to the transformer

    NATIVIDAD Ambrocio CUEVAS (Correspondent)

    Iguala, April 9. Hospital workers at the Institute of Security and Social Services for State Workers (ISSSTE) reported that a transformer broke down, causing the elevator that does not serve the laundry machines, air conditioners, refrigerators, even the risk of spoilage around 15 thousand vaccines against H1N1 influenza.

    The steward of the ISSSTE, Heriberto Mart?nez Vel?squez, said he can unhinge at any time by the risk of inactivity for more than 15 billion doses of vaccines, including the A / HINI, after issuing offices to the committee structure ISSSTE-central Guerrero, explaining that the burning of the transformer that regulates power to the hospital, only attended some emergencies.

    Vel?squez Mart?nez noted that the hospital where more than 250 thousand heirs, worry that the lack of electrical service, vaccinations and laboratory tests may be unbalanced or untrue.

    The laundry area and the union have raised the documents, which explain in detail what is being experienced in the hospital, "because at any moment, you can generate a proliferation of pathogens and thereby cause nosocomial infections, not only for patients but for staff working at the hospital. "

    Vel?squez Mart?nez warned that the problem may go beyond, because laboratory results can be "unbalanced" by the reagent to be altered, because the hospital will have temperatures above 35 degrees, as well as setting out the biological products (vaccines), as the A / HINI, poliomyelitis, pentavalent, among others.

    "Today we turn to trades union structure in order to inform not only the hospital problem generated by the burning of the transformer, the head of Maintenance, Aviles Humberto Barrera, must report to purchase a new one, but the designation unilateral nurse named Martha Hernandez Coronado, "he said.

    He explained that apply to the Health Department reviews the status of the hospital and acting accordingly in order to instruct the rehabilitation of the electricity supply, because for now, use the power plant is not sufficient to maintain the hospital.