Coyucca of Catalan, Warrior, on March 8 of 2014.-The businessman Jes?s Bueno Alonso, died this Monday in the port of Acapulco for influenza H1N1 what turns it into the first calentano who dies for this cause in the Tierra Caliente.

Jes?s Bueno Alonso was provided with an age of 45 years, was original of the community of Pineda, municipality of Catalan's Coyucca, Altamirano was interned in the IMSS of City for eight days, but due to the influenza it presented a picture of pneumonia that provoked the death this Monday in the port of Acapulco.

The boss of the Sanitary jurisdiction 01 in Warm Earth, Enrique Robles Romero, did not discard that the death of the coyuquence has been for influenza H1N1, since in the country to had several deceases for this illness, although he clarified that up to the moment there is no case of this illness in the region, although it does not discard it.