Chilpancingo, Gro.,
On February 28 of 2012.-The Secretary of
Health in the State, L?zaro Maz?n Alonso, reported than in Warrior, in what it goes of 2012, 41 cases of Influenza AH1N1 have registered, and between these, 3 deaths.

Maz?n Alonso said that
this illness came to remain, from what to avoid the contagion
it recommended to have no contact with persons
sick persons with airways, to consume food rich in vitamin C and abundant liquids, to wash his/her/its hands
frequently, to use gel antibacterial with base in alcohol, between others.

He added that
Influenza AH1N1 went on to the second term at national level and that the interest
essential in the Secretary of Health is the combat to the obesity.

? It is the problem that
the System of Health is thundering at national level ?, it mentioned.