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They confirm woman's death for A H1N1 in Guerrero

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  • They confirm woman's death for A H1N1 in Guerrero

    Chilpancingo, Guerrero. - Jaime Irra Zamora, the director of social communication of the Secretary of Health of Warrior, he confirmed the decease of a person of the feminine sex for the virus of the influenza A H1N1 in Chilpancingo, and the existence of three more cases in Acapulco, four in Chilpancingo and two in Agreement. It detailed that of these nine cases five are out of danger and given of discharge, whereas the four remaining ones are hospitalized even and under an epidemiologic encirclement to avoid his spread to other persons. With these 10 cases confirmed in Guerriero, he informed that the Secretary of Health has reinforced his actions of prevention and vaccination in the whole state, from what he recommended the population in general to come to the doctor before any symptom of respiratory illnesses.

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    Re: They confirm woman's death for A H1N1 in Guerrero

    Accuses of negligency to the health sector for woman who died for influenza

    Chilpancingo, on January 25. The death of Blanca Azucena Ventura Rend?n, the teacher who opened the statistics of the deceases for influenza A/H1N1, was because of negligence of the sector a health, that it gave an erroneous diagnosis, his relatives denounced. The public denunciation was done by a woman who identified as relative of the teacher in the frequency of XEUAG, morning emission of news, and who later looked for telephone route for reporters. It detailed that Lily was interned in the clinic of the Issste 9, where they awarded the cause of his discomfort to an infection in the airways. His familiar doctor gave it of discharge at once. The Issste only authorized him two days of incapability, even if the teacher informed the doctors that was working with children of prescolar. Lily was a teacher of the shift vespertino of the children's garden Rosaura Zapata, of the colony Ruffo Figueroa. He died 16 spent, at the age of 45. His health deteriorated after going out of the Issste, and they interned her in the general hospital, where the diagnosis was a flu. The director of the kinder asked him not to be going to work and better to talk each other with a neum?logo, if it was necessary. In the Issste only they did to him examinations of blood and of urine, and not coltures, as mecessary