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    Prevent Influenza
    NOTE PUBLISHED: 4/27/2010

    A year after it was enacted in the state of Guanajuato epidemiological alert for the presence of influenza virus A-H1N1, the contingency continues.
    Jorge Armando Torres Aguirre, secretary of health in the state, insisted yesterday that the "litmus test" is not overcome even though six months have passed without casualties.

    "The situation in the state is controllable but we must not lower our guard, we in health alert, the contingency should continue as a legacy he left the influenza pandemic," he said.

    Hygiene measures such as frequent hand washing, use of antibacterial gel and medical care at the slightest sign of the flu, was quoted by the official as part of a culture that should be encouraged further between Guanajuato.

    The latest death occurred in Leon on October 19, 2009 adding to the state statistics a total of 31 deaths since the virus detected in the state.

    Aguirre denied that the state government affiliated hospitals have dropped their guard, by contrast, announced that continue to work on prevention networks