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More acute Bronchitis cases

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  • More acute Bronchitis cases
    Spanish to English translation

    More acute Bronchitis cases
    POST POSTED: 17/11/2011

    Acute bronchitis is one of the diseases that most afflict the people of Guanajuato, said the Ministry of Health to raise awareness in the last 10 years reduced deaths from acute respiratory infections (HCAI).
    So far in 2010, have attended the institution of 002 thousand people with this type of bronchitis, followed by the 642 563 visits for pneumonia and chronic obstructive other diseases.

    In this regard, Ector Jaime Ramirez Barba, Secretary of Health of Guanajuato, said the IRAS are the main reason for consultation throughout the year, representing 25% of care in health units.

    He added that during the winter season are also common rotavirus diarrheal infections, however, has vaccines to protect children under five years, mainly.

    Therefore, reiterated that the Public Health System has a wide coverage of vaccination against influenza and pneumococcus, which has reduced the number of deaths by cause.

    "We have a very wide vaccination mechanism that has allowed us over the last decade to significantly reduce the number of deaths in children and older adults."

    Ramirez Barba said that there are people more vulnerable to respiratory illnesses, and recommended people to extreme measures to prevent contagion.

    "There are others who are also at risk because they have lower defenses, for example, a person who is an adult who has smoked all his life, has a much greater chance of dying before any acute effect and if you also have diabetes."