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Number of deaths in DF raises to 22

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  • Number of deaths in DF raises to 22

    Mexico, DF. The secretary of Health of the Federal District, Armando Ahued, informed that
    the weekend increased the number of deceases of affected persons
    for the influenza A/H1N1.
    to announce the report of the weekend indicated that the majority
    of the persons who have died for this cause they are young that
    they were facing degenerative illnesses.
    It indicated
    that the cases brought until Friday of last week are of
    549 persons with influenza, of which 510 have A/H1N1. It revealed
    that have presented to themselves 22 deaths, 20 for influenza A/H1N1, one for
    influenza type A and other for influenza type B.

    official repeated his called one to which the persons with symptoms of
    respiratory problems come to the doctor and do not be autoprescribed, and
    he remembered that the system of local health supports 34 positions of
    vaccination against the influenza A/H1N1 in equal number of stations
    of the Meter.
    The official said the previous thing at the end of
    reopening of the Clinic Specializing in the Health of the Woman
    ? Martha Lamas ?.

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    Re: Number of deaths in DF raises to 22

    5 die for influenza in the last week in DF

    Although in the last week five more deaths registered for influenza AH1N1, up to adding 22, the semaphore continues in green and a possible epidemic is discarded, reported the secretary of Health of the Federal District, Armando Ahued.
    He made sure that there are 544 registered cases of influenza, of which 510 are of type AH1N1.
    The cases have registered in persons of between 22 to 60 years and the deaths have the characteristic of presenting themselves in persons with illnesses chronically degenerative as hypertension, obesity and respiratory illnesses.
    Ahued Black-bellied sandgrouse exhorted the population to come to vaccinate in some of 34 modules, located at underground stations and some centers of health.