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    Colima, Libre de Casos de Influenza

    Google translation:
    Colima, Free Cases of Influenza

    COLIMA, COL., April 24 .- With the behavior of the new strain of influenza virus that has occurred nationally, the health authorities of the state of Colima are on alert and are implementing the necessary mechanisms to sustain control and epidemiological surveillance in the state. Although four cases were detected at the beginning of the year at this time has not reported any case of this new virus, reported in a press conference the Secretary of Health and Welfare, José Salazar Aviña.

    However, despite not being an affected state, adding that he instructed the heads of health units and hospitals to develop and implement actions that aim to protect the primary population at the national presence of this disease, with coordinated efforts to gain control, strengthening epidemiological surveillance, health care, clinical and therapeutic management and to promote self care and health promotion among colimenses.

    Jose Salazar also said that the Ministry of Health and all health units in the state already have the relevant information to act if required, to the Pacific side there is no notification of movement of this new virus, but we will get the necessary precautions for the public and strengthen the epidemiological fence around the state of Colima. "

    She asserted that according to the report of the National Center of Epidemiological Surveillance and Disease Control (CENAVECE) is a new strain has mutated to influenza stationary, and the suburban area of the Federal District and the State of Mexico where there has been the highest incidence of this new outbreak, as well as in the states of San Luis Potosi and Sonora.

    The head of health services in Colima said that according to the alert launched by the National Cenavece, the head of the Federal Ministry of Health Jose Angel Cordova Villalobos, announced that it is an epidemic of influenza caused by influenza , emphasizing that it must be distinguished from the seasonal to combat each year with the vaccination program, in addition to that every year changes the wording of the vaccine because it's a sampling worldwide to see the types and subtypes that may affect to humans.

    "Since yesterday evening we were notified to those responsible for health in the states it is a different virus, and now is seeking the possibilities of action, either have direct or use a retroviral vaccine, but most important preventive care that may have the population. "

    The Secretary of Health and Welfare said that the report's ultimate Cenavece and includes a significant upswing of cases and by extending the period of infection, the Health Department launched the alert for people to extreme measures to reduce risks such as washing hands more frequently, avoid sudden temperature changes and avoid approaching people who have respiratory diseases or no contact with secretions.

    At a press conference in which he announced the actions taken to mitigate the transmission of seasonal influenza in the state of Colima,
    Salazar Aviña commented that this situation is not unique to Mexico, as it also happens in other countries like United States and Canada. Given that fact, was activated by the National Committee for Safety in Health, which is a collegial body for analysis, monitoring, identifying and designing strategies and actions to respond rapidly to unusual circumstances that occur in health, however, that in Colima is no record of this disease with the new virus.

    He noted that in Colima 40 thousand doses were applied to protect the most vulnerable groups and health personnel.

    Aviña Salazar explained that influenza is a disease of the airways caused by a virus of type A or B and is different from that which causes the common cold, but both diseases have similar symptoms but are more severe when it comes to influenza.

    He said that in the presence of acute symptoms of flu-like headache, temperature, muscle aches, joint pain, sore throat, sometimes vomiting, and most important is that this is quite sudden, ie at any moment , he asks people to come to health services.
    In this regard, said that this situation does not lower the guard in the fight against dengue as the Secretary of Health and Welfare is prepared to epidemiological surveillance and alert appropriate to take samples and process them immediately to promote appropriate actions in due course.

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    Re: Colima: Cases


    COLIMA, COL., May 11 .- The Ministry of Health and Welfare of the State Government informed that the Institute of Epidemiological Diagnosis and Reference (Indre) notified the confirmation of three new cases of influenza A H1 N1 in the state, by as totaling 14 cases of this disease entity.

    Health Secretary Jose Salazar Aviña indicated that this day she was reported three new cases, and it is a male 34 years of Colima; another five years, from Manzanillo, and a more than 11 years of Villa de Alvarez, who like the earlier cases did not show symptoms of the disease and are in good health.

    It explores the contacts of new cases of human influenza and so far no symptoms of the disease, so it has not been hospitalized these and previous cases and contacts.

    He said that in this way until Monday May 11, has a total of 14 human cases of influenza in the state, of which 10 are from the municipality of Manzanillo, two in Villa de Alvarez, one and one Tecomán Colima.

    The Secretary of Health asked the people continue to adopt health measures to prevent and control influenza in the human condition, which is based on cleanliness and sanitation activities, both personal and collective, to avoid going to places of greatest population density.


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      Re: Colima: Cases


      Influenza detected in three students at the University of Colima
      May 13, 2009 - 19:17 --

      Colima, 13 May (Notimex) .- The State Secretary of Health, Jose Salazar Aviña reported that three students from the School of Accounting and Administration, Tecomán campus of the University of Colima (UdeC) were positive to the virus of seasonal influenza .

      He stressed that the cases were detected within the filters that are made in all of the educational institution, so that samples were taken, which immediately sent to the National Institute of Epidemiological Diagnosis and Reference (Indre).

      He stressed that when the three students were checked in the filter installed in the aforementioned powers, "they detected signs of respiratory problems, so they proceeded to engage in rapid test for influenza type A, which were positive."

      Aviña Salazar explained that this is why they also took samples to send to INDRE, "so that confirmatory tests performed in the presence of the virus AH1N1.

      For the cases identified, explained that it was a couple of 19 years, a woman of 20 years and another man of 30 years, all students of the School of Accounting and Administration.

      He said that once identified, were given treatment with Ozeltamivir, so the two men are stable in their homes, while the woman is in the Emergency Unit of the IMSS Tecomán for persistent fever.

      The state official announced that due to this situation, the authorities of the institution determined to suspend classes in that college, as a preventive measure.

      Finally, today confirmed that the INDRE has reported a total of 14 human cases of influenza in the state, of which 10 appeared in Manzanillo, two in Villa de Alvarez, and another one in Tecomán in this capital.


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        Re: Colima: Cases


        Amounting to 33 cases of human influenza in Colima
        Today 17:42 --

        Colima, 13 Jun (Notimex) .- The State Secretary of Health, Jose Salazar Aviña, that amounts to 33 patients of human influenza in the state, who have undergone appropriate medical treatment without complications.

        The state official said that the Institute of Epidemiological Diagnosis and Reference (Indre) notified the confirmation of three new cases during the week.

        He added that a new case was confirmed in the municipality of Tecomán, a girl eight years, while two were in the city of Colima, in less than four and five years of age.

        Aviña Salazar said that 33 cases of influenza A (H1N1) reported until last Thursday, 18 correspond to Manzanillo, Colima eight to three to Tecomán, Villa de Alvarez to three and one to Armory.

        He also said that since the alert was ordered by the epidemiological disease, 291 samples have been sent to INDRE, of which 33 were positive for human influenza, seasonal influenza and 150.

        He stressed that maintaining the current health of social distancing measures to prevent this disease, in addition to the continued surveillance to detect cases and prevent new infections.

        Finally, he urged people not to neglect the hygiene and control measures, and address the recommendations, to avoid contracting the virus.


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          Re: Colima: Cases


          Strengthen health surveillance for influenza in schools in Colima
          une 20, 2009 - 18:16 --

          Colima, 20 Jun (Notimex) .- First human cases of influenza in two private schools, the state Health Department will strengthen surveillance at all campuses of the institution, with five procedures for the detection and suspension of classes, if necessary .

          The holder of that state agency, Jose Salazar Aviña met with staff from the Ministry of Education to arrange for the operation of the five procedures, which require the involvement of parents, teachers and health personnel.

          He explained that the first will be to implement the family filter, which is considered as a first prerequisite to avoid infections.

          He said that the second procedure is the filter at school, based on the manual "What to do to resume classes without risk."

          The third, "Children in the Classroom", refers to the detection of students with symptoms of influenza in classrooms.

          He said that "if a suspect case is confirmed and recorded a second positive diagnosis in the following seven days, classes will be suspended in that group, and if there is another in a different room, the activities will be halted throughout the school."

          Meanwhile, the fourth procedure is that the clinical diagnosis of a suspect can only be performed by a physician, a member of the Health Sector and validated by the relevant Health Jurisdiction.

          While the latter procedure indicates that principals, teachers, administrative and support staff, before any symptoms, they should go to them for making the diagnosis.

          Moreover, Salazar Aviña released until this Thursday, Colima had 47 human cases of influenza confirmed by the Institute of Epidemiological Diagnosis and Reference (Indre).

          Said that 17 have occurred in the town of Colima, Villa de Alvarez in seven, 18 in Manzanillo, in three Tecomán, in an armory and another in Cuauhtémoc.


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            Re: Colima: Cases


            71 confirmed cases of influenza A-H1N1

   | Press Release | June 28 2009 | 20:49

            The Ministry of Health reports that this Saturday June 27, the National Institute of Epidemiological Diagnosis and Reference (INDRE) reported two new cases of influenza A-H1N1 in the state, thus increasing to 71 the number of cumulative cases this disease to date.

            The Secretary of Health, Jose Salazar Aviña explained that the two cases are men, one of eight years based in Villa de Alvarez and the other for 11 years in the city of Colima.

            It should be noted that the capital of Colima state leads the number of cases by county with 27, followed by 18 Manzanillo, then Villa de Alvarez with 16, eight and Tecomán Cuauhtémoc Armory and one case each.

            Aviña Salazar said that until last Saturday June 27, the 403 tests analyzed INDRE sent by the state of Colima, of which 71 were confirmed to have influenza H1N1 and A-184 to influenza A or seasonal.

            Therefore stressed the need for collaboration of the parents to practice at home the family filter and not send their children to have symptoms of the disease at school, but the move to health services for their care and treatment.


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              Re: Colima: Cases


              Google translation:

              Increased cases of influenza in Colima: Health
              Agency | Press Release | July 4 2009 | 08:42

              Given the increase of cases of influenza A H1N1 that has occurred in our institution in the country, the Health Ministry said that this increase is natural because, as this is a new disease, the population is susceptible to suffering.

              Health Secretary Jose Salazar Aviña said that during the recent two weeks has increased the number of cases in the state of Colima, which has also been submitted to other entities of the republic, even where there have been significant spikes in the disease.

              Salazar Aviña mentioned that in the case of our state, the highest number of cases has been presented in the most densely populated centers, where the metropolitan area of Colima and Villa de Alvarez the highest risk of transmission, Manzanillo and occupy places Tecomán subsequent.

              Indicated that the age groups most affected are the first 10 to 14 years and followed by 15 to 19 and from 5 to 9 years, which places the population in middle school and as the primary means higher risk of infection.

              Therefore, confirmed that joint meeting of the Secretariats of Health and Education was established to strengthen coordination among the units of local directors of education services and the heads of the three health jurisdictions, the maintenance activities and standards for the prevention of influenza in school, as well as the response to the presence of suspected cases of influenza in schools.

              Invited parents to take the family filter in their homes, no sending to him or her to school, if you have any symptoms of the disease and bring it to the State Health Services for receive appropriate medical care and treatment.

              It also makes an appeal to society at large to maintain preventive health measures that have been recommended.

              Notify INDRE 12 new cases

              Health Secretary reported that on Friday July 3, Indre reported the confirmation of 12 new cases of influenza A H1N1 in the state, bringing to 96 the number of cases accumulated.

              Of these 12 new cases, four are from Colima (a male of 10 years, a male of 14, one male and 7 male 8), four of Villa de Alvarez (one male, 13, a male, 7, 4 male and 22 male), two of Tecomán (a female of 13 and a female 12) and two Comala (one male and 14 male, 8).

              To this day, the 453 tests analyzed INDRE sent by the state of Colima, 96 of which have proved positive for influenza and 199 human influenza A or seasonal.


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                Re: Colima: Cases


                It rises to 136 the number of cases in Colima

                Agency | Press Release | July 12 2009 | 16:23

                The Health Ministry reported that on Friday July 10 the National Institute of Epidemiological Diagnosis and Reference (Indre), reported five new cases of influenza A/H1N1 in the state, thereby increasing to 136 the number of cases accumulated up to that date .

                The Secretary of Health, Jose Salazar Aviña explained that the five new cases reported, three are from Colima (a girl of 4 years and two children, 8 and 5 years respectively), one of Villa de Alvarez (a man of 20 years) and one of Manzanillo (a woman of 18 years).
                In this sense Colima continues as the county with highest number of cases in our institution, with 63, followed by Villa de Alvarez, 30, 22 Manzanillo, Tecomán with 15, with three Comala and Armory Ixtlahuacán and a Cuauhtémoc each case.

                Until Wednesday 08 July, the 531 tests analyzed INDRE sent by the state of Colima, which were confirmed at 136 and 225 influenza A/H1N1 influenza A or seasonal.

                Aviña Salazar stressed the need to return to the health measures recommended to avoid contracting the flu, and include: wash hands frequently with soap and water, cover your mouth when coughing and sneezing, no kiss of greeting or handheld attend and to avoid crowded places.
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                  Re: Colima: Cases


                  Google translation:

                  Colima first recorded human death from influenza

                  Human Influenza

                  * A 18-year-old native of the municipality of Villa de Alvarez

                  The State Health Department confirmed the first death by the human influenza in the state
                  COLIMA, COLIMA .- At a press conference, the official told the couple that his condition began last July 7, with fever, general attack, cough, fatigue and adinamia.

                  He said that a day after he was admitted to the clinic of the ISSSTE, which determined that the claimant "presents with septic shock syndrome and adult respiratory failure secondary to atypical pneumonia, which performed the rapid test negative '.

                  Accompanied by the deputy state ISSSTE, Ulises González García, and the Coordinator of Social Communication of the state government, Salvador Padilla Silva, said that July 10 was performed a pharyngeal exudate, which was sent to the Institute of Epidemiological Diagnosis and Reference (Indre).

                  It also was hospitalized for a week, 'evolving so favorable, with resolution of a state of shock in the first 48 hours, but with continued respiratory health care due to respiratory distress syndrome.

                  Aviña Salazar noted that the July 15 request for further voluntary high management in a particular hospital, but he said the diagnosis of atypical pneumonia to determine the origin, so the state went from serious to very serious and prognosis reserved for development.

                  The same day, said the official, 'is the result of INDRE received positive for influenza A H1N1, "while the next day,' came into the picture frank respiratory deterioration, worsening their health status with a bad prognosis.

                  On the night of 19, 'presented a cardiac arrest, which was reversed with possible assistance, but since then presented hemodynamic instability, and this Tuesday July 21, died at 11:00 hours.

                  The State Health Department indicated that the causes mentioned on the death certificate are severe respiratory acidosis (12 hours of development), respiratory distress syndrome (11 days), atypical pneumonia and influenza virus (14 days).

                  It also said that so far, and family contacts are asymptomatic under medical treatment and prevention.

                  During the same conference, Salazar Aviña reported Monday that up to yesterday, there were 180 total cases of influenza A H1N1 in the state, and 309 influenza A or seasonal.

                  Of these, 77 are of Colima, Villa de Alvarez 41, 32, Manzanillo, 18 Tecomán, four and a Comala in the municipalities of Armory Coquimatlán, Cuauhtémoc and Ixtlahuacán.
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                    Re: Colima: Cases


                    Government of Colima hidden deaths from influenza, accuses union of Health
                    PEDRO ZAMORA Briseño

                    Colima, Col., July 22 (approved) .- The secretary general of Section 30 of the Trade Union of Workers of the Ministry of Health, Dolores González Meza, contradicted this Wednesday the head of the agency, José Salazar, noting that killed by influenza A/H1N1 and three, not one.

                    In response, Salazar said that the accusations are false of the union leader, as the information that reveals the unit in charge is upheld and supported by the National Institute of Epidemiological Diagnosis and Reference (Indre), which is now only has issued a death for that cause.

                    At a press conference, Gonzalez Meza reported that the Ministry of Health and Welfare (SSyBS) has no medicines or equipment necessary to tackle the outbreak of the virus in the body, which has confirmed 176 human cases of influenza, a total of 700 samples were sent for analysis to INDRE.

                    Moreover, complained that health workers do not have the medical equipment and materials sufficient to prevent infection, such as rapid testing and cubrebocas.

                    In response, Deputy panista Brenda Gutierrez Vega called the hearing of the Health Secretary to the Congress, to respond to the deputies about the alleged deaths and accusations that the unit in charge has not been recognized.

                    The lawmaker, who is also elected mayor of Villa de Alvarez, questioned the actions of Joseph Salazar Aviña the front of the unit, as has been said, "by the opacity of the health information."

                    For his part, chairman of the internal government of the Congress, the PRI Gaitán Luis Cabrera, said that it was inappropriate to cite the owner to appear in the SSyBS because there is no single formal complaint against him.


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                      Re: Colima: Cases


                      Reported deaths of two women with pictures of influenza in Colima

                      The procedure for surveillance requires convening an expert meeting to consider the cases for the dictaminación clarify the cause of the deaths, said state Health Secretary.

                      Fri, 31/07/2009 - 19:56

                      Colima state .- The Secretary of Health, Jose Salazar, said that two women died of infuenza human frames, and said that it will conduct an analysis to decide the cause of the deaths, as both had other diseases.

                      At a press conference, accompanied by the State Commission for Protection Against Sanitary Risks, Velasco Magdalena Valdez, the state official said that the dead were 46 and 35 years of age.

                      He said that both were confirmed as positive for human influenza viruses by the National Institute of Epidemiological Diagnosis and Reference (Indre).

                      He explained that "the process of epidemiological surveillance forces to convene an expert meeting to consider the cases for the dictaminación to clarify the cause of death."

                      He explained that for women of 46 years, her clinical initiated July 21 with dry cough, fever and headache.

                      However, that was until July 26 when she went to University Hospital where he was diagnosed with pneumonia, respiratory failure and generalized sepsis or infection. "

                      He said that he performed a quick test that was negative, but as part of the processes of surveillance, and be within the definition of cases of influenza, he took a sample that was sent to INDRE.

                      Meanwhile, "the development of table worsened and the patient suffered respiratory failure, so the morning of July 27 was admitted to the intensive care unit, where he died minutes later."

                      He said that was Thursday July 30 at night when the INDRE reported that the outcome of the sample that was positive was sent to the human influenza virus.

                      He emphasized that the patient suffered from diseases of substance, such as hypertension, pulmonary hypertension and venocapilar Congestive heart failure. "

                      Considered that this fact "confirms the picture of the majority of deaths from A (H1N1) in the country are associated with different pathological history."

                      With regard to women in 35 years, explained that the disease started July 17 with cough, fever, sore throat and nasal discharge, which was filed a day after a health unit that sent the morning of 19 Hospital Regional Universitario.

                      He explained that in the latter hospital, he underwent a rapid test that was positive and started on treatment, and it was a pharyngeal swabs to be sent to INDRE.

                      He added that the patient worsened so quickly, so the morning of July 20 presented a severe difficulty in breathing, "fell in cardio-respiratory arrest, which was reversed with resuscitation maneuvers, but introduced to 14:20 hours unemployment, in this case irreversible. "

                      He said that the report confirmed INDRE human influenza virus, which was received on July 28.

                      He clarified that the patient also suffered from colon cancer two years of evolution, with lung metastasis, which was subjected to radiotherapy and chemotherapy. "

                      Further explained that in recent months chronic renal failure and hydronephrosis, which was submitted to hemodialysis sessions, and also suffered from hypertension. "

                      Finally, Salazar Aviña reiterated that both bind to "convene a meeting of experts to study the situation for the dictaminación to clarify the cause of death."