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Colima total 96 cases of influenza A-H1N1
According to the state Health Department, the disease is stable in the state

Colima | Saturday February 11, 2012
Notimex | The Universal

The state Health Department reported that as of yesterday was detected and confirmed 96 cases of influenza, of which 94 are type A (H1N1), and two more 'A', without any reported deaths.

The head of the agency, Agust?n Lara Esqueda, said that ongoing surveillance in the health units monitors influenza, in addition to the strengthened precautionary measures before the cold wave that records the entity.

In this regard, said that to give a follow-up to the disease, as well as surveillance sampling is performed 74 percent of suspected cases, when recommended in the guidelines for this disease is 10 percent.

He added that the number of confirmed cases mentioned, Colima is located on the site 13 nationally in cases of influenza, and confirmed across the country a total of three thousand 882 cases and 89 deaths.

"According to information in the unique platform of the National Epidemiological Surveillance System (NSES), the Federal District tops the number of cases with 509, and is followed by Mexico, with 347, 342 Oaxaca, Quer?taro with 339 and 319 Jalisco "he said.

Also, with 283 Hidalgo, Texas with 208, Puebla 170, Michoacan 137, 136 Chiapas, Baja California Sur with 124, 117 Morelos, Veracruz, 105, Sonora and Colima with 97 of 96 cases.

He noted that according to this trend, the disease is stable in Colima, so it is urging people to take preventive measures of personal hygiene.

Also for children under five and adults over 60 years, pregnant women and those considered at risk groups, come to apply the influenza vaccine.

Finally, Lara Esqueda said it has enough medicine to deal with the increase of influenza that is recorded in the winter, and insisted on self-medicate and do not go to health units to receive appropriate and timely care.
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