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27+ flu deaths in Coahuila - Mexico

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  • 27+ flu deaths in Coahuila - Mexico

    More than 100 confirmed cases of influenza are already registered in Coahuila, in addition to increasing to 14 the number of deaths due to this cause in just one week, although in the past days the Secretary of Health, Jorge Verástegui Saucedo, anticipated that the Cases would begin to decline. According to the Weekly Epidemiological Surveillance Report of the General Directorate of Epidemiology of the Federal Health Secretariat, in the report corresponding to week 09 there is a record of 109 cases of confirmed influenza, as well as 14 deaths. It should be remembered that, According to the record of week 08, in Coahuila, 91 confirmed cases were counted, as well as ten deaths, placing the State in fifth place at the national level in cases referred, as well as in third place in deaths.
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    More than 27 deaths from influenza

    Deaths from influenza in Coahuila can be more than the 27 officially registered until today, for the last 10 accounted for are not all recorded last week, but until the last report were included, but some occurred since late February and early March, said the deputy director of Prevention and Health Promotion, Martha Alicia Romero Reyna.Aseguró that the process is going down, because according to the court on March 16 already have a record of 140 positive cases of influenza, because nine were added compared to the previous week and 27 deaths, while last week a record of 17 had.