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Reduced cases of respiratory disease

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  • Reduced cases of respiratory disease

    Reduced cases of respiratory disease
    Jaime Armendariz
    THE JOURNAL | 12.29.2010 | 23:44

    Chihuahua "This year there have been fewer cases of respiratory disease in the state, explained the State Health Department since Dec. 18 had served as 873,000 cases in 2009 were 942,000.

    In this regard, Dr. Angel Villaseņor, director general of Health Services, said that this reduction could have been given by the difference in climate since the time the cold has not affected as much as the previous year.

    At a press conference, the state official also stressed the H1N1 influenza virus that have been eradicated from the mass contamination. "We generated the diagrams necessary to allow much of the industry is immune to this virus," stressed the head of the Health Services in the state of Chihuahua.

    He says some of the schemes is the media promotion of preventive measures and the application of a trivalent vaccine, mainly children and elderly, since the vaccine works against H1N1 influenza, as well as against seasonal.

    In this regard, Dr. Angel Villaseņor, argued that at least immunized sector exceeds 30 percent and thus kept low chance that the virus may affect as it did in 2009.

    "This gives us the necessary room to prevent the infection being passed by shaking hands. This is known as the herd effect. We are reducing the risk of further infections and can continue with preventive measures and implemented before, "he said.