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28 deaths from influenza in Chihuahua

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  • 28 deaths from influenza in Chihuahua

    A 26-year-old woman and a teenager died in hospitals in Chihuahua city apparently by influenza H1N1.The woman died last Wednesday in the Central Hospital of Chihua-hua and the lowest Thursday of last week in the General 'Salvador Zubir?n'. Staff at both hospitals reported that the patient was transferred Tuesday to the Central since in General they did not have appropriate drugs, situation that the teenager, who was also admitted by influenza H1N1 died.

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    Re: 2 deaths from influenza investigated in Chihuahua

    Six people were killed by A H1N1 in Chihuahua

    The number of deaths in the state rose to six, according to the latest report of the of the Directorate General of Epidemiology at the Federal Secretariat of Health which is based on the results of the analyzes to the samples that are sent to them. The report of the January 23, noted that the State had 32 confirmed cases of influenza A/H1N1 (13 of them in Ju?rez) and one more of A H3N2; also reported two deaths by AH1N1, said yesterday at a press conference Alejandro Suarez epidemiologist II health jurisdiction. Of the 13 detected in Juarez, were six men and seven women; most are found in the age range from 25 years onwards.


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      Re: 6 deaths from influenza in Chihuahua

      one more death from influenza

      A 50-year-old man who died in the hospital of the ISSSTE is the latest victim of influenza H1N1 in this city, confirmed authorities of the Sector Salud.Con this death added four deaths due to the virus in this border, and nine in the State during the winter season, pointed out.The Secretariat of health of the State stressed that none of the deaths had applied the influenza vaccine.According to official data, in three days there were 14 new infections, since until last Monday had 33 confirmed cases and 203 suspects in the State so far of the year, while for yesterday figures increased, with 47 confirmed (45 by H1N1 and 2 by AH3N3) and 297 suspected cases.


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        Re: 6 deaths from influenza in Chihuahua

        ninth victim by influenza H1N1

        Influenza H1N1 type claimed the life of another man of 37 years of age, with him as added 9 deaths confirmed in ninth Chihuahua.La victim died in the Hospital General number 35 of the Mexican Institute of Social Security in Ciudad Ju?rez, on 15 January; the man did not have any previous disease.According to official information, the patient entered the hospital 7 days after submitting the first symptoms; on average people who have died in Chihuahua came 4 days after the symptoms, none of them was vaccinated.


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          Re: 6 deaths from influenza in Chihuahua

          Up to 10 the number deaths from influenza in the state

          Chihuahua─ today confirmed a death more by influenza in Chihuahua, with which the number of casualties is estimated to be 10 so far this season, according to information obtained from the portal of the Secretariat of Health of federal government. With the foregoing, Chihuahua is ranked number 11 at the national level, along with Aguascalientes and Tlaxcala, in number of deaths resulting from influenza virus.
          At the national level, the number of deceased sum 273, being Jalisco with 40 deaths the State that more cases of mortality presents. Yesterday, the state health authorities reported that there are a total of 335 suspected cases, of which 49 are confirmed, in addition to that there are 3 deaths that are yet to confirm whether or not it is influenza.


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            Re: 10 deaths from influenza in Chihuahua

            Eleven deaths from H1N1 in Chihuahua

            The Federal Secretariat of Health (SSF) reported that the state of Chihuahua recorded 11 deaths from influenza until January 30, a figure with which to place low number 12 at the national level. The figure for deaths, 5 correspond to Ciudad Ju?rez, 3 to the state capital, and 1 respectively to the towns of Camargo, wood and Carichi.
            The state of Jalisco with 44 deaths, is the first in at the national level, Followed by Baja California with 41; Federal District with 31; Hidalgo and San Luis Potosi with 22; State of Mexico with 21; Queretaro 17; Michoacan and Zacatecas with 14; Aguascalientes and Tlaxcala with 12; and on the twelfth position Chihuahua with 11.
            The Russian record two new cases of infection for the state, To reach 53 confirmed cases, in both losw suspected cases with a total of 443.



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              Re: 10 deaths from influenza in Chihuahua

              15 deaths from influenza in the State

              Chihuahua─ a total of 15 deaths have been recorded so far this year because of the flu virus in the State, according to the Secretariat of health of the State, where the number of cases amounted to 73 cases, as well as 563 suspected cases, while national Chihuahua ranks number 11 in deaths along with previous Aguascalientes.Lo was confirmed by the Ministry of health, in which points out that at the national level, Mexico advises 3 thousand 898 confirmed cases, of which 73 belong to Chihuahua and representing 1.7 per cent of all cases.



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                Re: 15 deaths from influenza in Chihuahua

                Degree of alert rises due to influenza in the state; pregnant dies

                A 32-year-old woman originally from Chihuahua capital that was in the sixth month of pregnancy is a recent victim by the influenza virus, informed the Secretary of Health of the State. The victim died in the city of Los Mochis, Sinaloa, becoming the death 20 for the state so far this year, more the two deaths in December 2013 by the same evil.
                To give a total of 22 deaths in the state during the cold season, according to authorities of the Health Sector. They indicated that the woman was in the sixth month of pregnancy, and he passed away on February 14. Gumaro Neighborhoods Gallegos, deputy director of epidemiology of the Ministry of Health, explained in a statement, that the pregnancy will lower the defenses of the mother, which complicated the health status of the patient, still the pregnancy the comorbidity in this case, in addition to that did not have the influenza vaccine. The number of HIV infections in the state is 86, according to the Ministry of Health of the State.
                At the national level, in this 2014, have been confirmed 4 thousand 879 cases from influenza, of which 4 thousand 070 were by AH1N1; 326 by AH3N2; 79 by B and 404 due to other types, it was reported. In the same period, there have been 532 deaths from influenza, 486 by AH1N1, 6 by AH3N2, a by B, and 39 by other types, are notified.



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                  Re: 22 deaths from influenza in Chihuahua

                  Recorded four more deaths from influenza; 25 in the year

                  Four more deaths and three other persons infected with the influenza virus, were corroborated this day according to the report issued by authorities of the health sector.
                  In the year, the total number of deaths in the state was going in 25 and 98 confirmed cases of the virus. However, in the cold season there were two deaths for the same illness, giving a total of 27 deaths in the state by this evil.
                  In the country, the Secretariat of Health registered 5 thousand 368 people infected and 588 deaths from influenza.



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                    Re: 25 deaths from influenza in Chihuahua

                    26 Cases of death due to influenza in Chihuahua

                    The death number 26 for Chihuahua for influenza was formalized by the Federal Secretariat of Health, which relates, was a less than 5 months of age, a native of Casas Grandes, who after 20 days of hospitalization, lost his life at the clinic 66 of the IMSS of Ciudad Ju?rez. This lower income to the hospital last January 31, presenting the first symptoms, which were aggravated by cardiovascular problems and immune suppression (low defenses), key factors for that lost his life last February 19 in the Chihuahua border.



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                      Re: 26 deaths from influenza in Chihuahua

                      Baby 5 months died because of the influenza H1N1 virus

                      The federal Government Health Ministry formalised the death of the child as a result of influenza, Chihuahua has so far of the year, with 26 deaths from this disease.In just 6 days increased deaths from influenza H1N1 in the State of Chihuahua from 20 to 26, occurring most of these in the municipality of Juarez.acerca of the death of the child, the Ministry of Health reported that the baby was originally from big houses and it was admitted to the clinic on 31 January.The first signs of the influenza were aggravated by cardiovascular problems and low fenders, said the Health Secretary and described them as key factors for its demise.With this death, this year killed 26 people from the disease in the State.



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                        Re: 26 deaths from influenza in Chihuahua

                        SS analyzes likely new death from influenza

                        It is reviewing a new death that could be related to influenza in the hospital of the ISSSTE and for the Sunday could confirm if it was influenza', commented briefly. The specialist said that so far are 799 suspected cases and is maintained by 101 the number of confirmed cases in addition to the 28 deaths that could increase to 29.
                        At the same time, made the invitation to the citizenship of that vaccinations as well as keep the hygiene to avoid the contagion.