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First victim of flu A in Juarez City

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  • First victim of flu A in Juarez City

    Sanitary authorities confirmed the first mortal victim of the virus of the influenza A H1N1 of the present year in Ju?rez.
    With this one they add four in the state in 2012. Previously they had informed that the first three deaths had been in the capital, but yesterday the Secretary of Health clarified that two registered in the city of Chihuahua and other one in the municipality of Namiquipa.
    Although they have discarded an alert, the authorities have pressed to the population to observe preventive measurements.
    According to the weekly report expressed yesterday, until March 15 Big Houses have taken into account also 99 cases that gave positives, of which 43 registered here, 34 in Chihuahua, 13 in Delights, three in New, two in Big Houses, and one in Saucillo, Camargo, Meoqui and Namiquipa, respectively.
    It was a question of locating to managers of the Sanitary Jurisdiction the IInd belonging to Health, but a response was not achieved and to update the number of affected.

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    Re: First victim of flu A in Juarez City

    The first fatality for A H1N1 in 2012 in Ciudad Ju?rez was a 52-year-old woman who suffered chronic diseases.
    Hector Gates corners, owner of the jurisdiction health II, explained that the female died 8 March.
    Entered the hospital with a diagnosis of diabetes, hypertension, obesity and acute respiratory disease, which was complicated by the A H1N1 virus.
    The doctor ruled out that it will change the strategy to combat the seasonal disease, saying, is the medical sector responsible for the vaccine and request it to society.


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      City Ju?rez, on March 4 2016.-sanitary Authorities confirmed the death of a 39-year-old woman, in City Ju?rez, after diagnose him influenza. In accordance with the secretary of health, it would be a question of the fourth victim in the state and the third one on the border, same that was diagnosed by the evil from February 12. It is necessary to point out that her first death registered in City Ju?rez, which corresponds to a 40-year-old woman; then a 59-year-old man died in Tem?sachic and one of 60 years on the border. The secretary points out that 12 are the persons confirmed with influenza, of which three are resident women in Ju?rez, but that they are already attended by the Mexican institute of the Social security. Also there is a minor inmate in the ISSSTE.