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Detected 105 cases of seasonal influenza in Chiapas

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  • Detected 105 cases of seasonal influenza in Chiapas

    Spanish to English translation

    Detected 105 cases of seasonal influenza in Chiapas

    Monday, September 20, 2010

    Tuxtla Gutierrez .- The Ministry of Health in the state has identified 105 cases of seasonal influenza in the current rainy season from July to date, his owner James Gomez Montes.

    He said that there have been no cases of influenza A (H1N1) and to date have been performed over 600 tests in the State Laboratory of Public Health.

    He said if they were to be presented this condition, it has the inputs necessary and sufficient for timely and adequate treatment.

    In an interview, stated that the unit performs an operation for prevention and health care in affected areas with puddles or rivers overflow due to heavy rains.

    He explained that there are three stages: the attention when it occurs the natural phenomenon, epidemiological surveillance, house by house search of patients with diarrhea and respiratory infection, to provide timely and appropriate treatment.

    He also stressed that provides consultation to the population in the different areas where the damages have occurred, as in the Costa, Sierra, Soconusco and Center.

    He said the main demands of care are respiratory diseases, followed by infections of the skin because people walk in the water and mud, as well as diarrheal diseases.

    He added that the brigades also give priority attention to vulnerable groups such as pregnant women, the disabled and people who are in shelters.

    Montes Gomez said that other tasks are the chlorination of water, colloidal silver distribution and monitoring of food consumption in shelters.