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Health Sector wins fight against influenza

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  • Health Sector wins fight against influenza

    Health Sector wins fight against influenza

    April 14, 2010 09:34:00 Today Chiapas Journal
    There is no resistance to the vaccine, said Dr. Gomez Montes

    Tuxtla Gutierrez .- (ASICH) .- Although initially had some uncertainty, in Chiapas there was no resistance to the vaccine against H1N1 Influenza A medical staff of the health sector, as happened in other states of the Republic, held the Health minister in the state, James Gomez Montes.
    He said one of the reasons why they initially had some fear, it is because of the reactions of complications that could be taken for the implementation of
    Influenza vaccine is GB syndrome.
    He noted that this syndrome can occur in a case of one million doses, so the doctor knows of this had some trepidation, but when applied and millions of doses in the country and this region has not this complication, began to recede.
    Emphatically said he now has a great demand for flu vaccine, it seeks to be immunized population, unlike in 2009 when it introduced the virus we were going from door to door.
    He said that now there is no resistance to the vaccine, nor cases of Guillain Barre, condition that it not only produces the vaccine, but also a wild virus.
    Montes Gomez revealed that people who are allergic to egg consumption is prone to reactions from the vaccine, given at the previous recommendation.