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    Re: Chiapas: Cases


    Influenza, out of control in Chiapas, 13 are dead
    ISAíN Mandujano

    Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chis., July 15 (approved) .- The state Health Department confirmed today that the influenza virus A/H1N1 is out of control in the entity and to report the death of 13 people.

    In a communique, the agency also noted that until last Tuesday, 14 thousand 980 were confirmed cases of people infected with the virus, of which more than 300 thousand are concentrated in the central region of Chiapas.

    Yesterday, the federal Health Ministry, headed by José Ángel Córdova Villalobos, Chiapas and Yucatan sent medical brigades for a human influenza outbreak, noting that while it has stabilized in Yucatan, Chiapas has not been brought under control, then daily recorded between 100 and 130 cases.

    Despite the seriousness of the problem, Governor Juan Sabines said that although the numbers are rising every day, the pandemic has not been removed from control in Chiapas.

    It explained that to ensure the health of the population has purchased medical equipment at a cost of 43 million pesos, and has hired more nurses and medical specialists, in addition to constantly provide training workshops.


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      Re: Chiapas: Cases-2,200; 14 deaths


      In Chiapas ...

      Written by Administrator Thursday, July 16, 2009 04:12
      More than 2 thousand cases and 14 deaths from influenza
      Candelaria Rodriguez l Two thousand 100 cases recorded Chiapas with people with influenza A (H1N1) with 14 deaths, representing 60 percent of women who have died and where hospitals are exceeded due to the increase in cases that are emerging out of control without the Citizen Advisory Council dares to implement an emergency plan.

      According to the last reunion that brings together staff members of the CCC, that the 2 thousand 100 cases that rises to the closing of this edition, there are 22 cases of people in intensive care, 7 of them very serious tube.
      Just do a tour of the hospitals to check the hospital are collapsed and the doctors do not know what to do with the number of cases that are arriving daily.
      The metropolitan area remains the most affected, followed by San Cristobal de las Casas, Comitan, Palenque, Tapachula and Tonala. Pandemic out of control in Chiapas, despite the refusal of the Assistant Secretary for Prevention and Health Promotion, accused in the Federal District that this system has fallen by not recognizing the seriousness of the matter is in command of Chiapas monitoring and unrest that has left the audience not to recognize the seriousness of the matter.
      The comparison is made, is that to be the Federal District with 33 million people in Chiapas with 2 thousand 100 cases, it is also the number of cases.

      While the authorities claim that "everything is under control" and "something that was expected, and that people have to learn to live together", in Chiapas the pandemic actually fired, and there are families with respiratory health problems.
      After the long, tedious meetings, has not declared any emergency plan, and what was expected on the social distance, there is nothing to prevent the combis are more people, or limit the cinema attendance, as to suspend the ranks, nothing has been planned, while patients remain on the streets, and increasing cases of influenza.


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        Re: Chiapas: Cases-2,200; 15 deaths


        Google translation:

        In addition, 15 deaths ...


        Written by Administrator Friday, July 17, 2009 03:19
        Chiapas occupies first place in influenza infection

        * The cost to the health sector across the nation so far has been 1,700 million pesos: Córdova Villalobos
        * In almost 13.600 cases in the country, Chiapas is 2.205 and remains the Federal District and thirdly Yucatán

        Angeles Mariscal, Manuel de la Cruz l Chiapas became the first country in the number of infection of influenza virus AH1N1. The cost has left the health sector address the disease across the nation has so far been a thousand 700 million pesos, announced Health Secretary Jose Angel Cordova Villalobos.
        During a tour of work to monitor actions to try to contain the spread of the virus, Chiapas Córdova Villalobos explained that he took first place in number of people infected.
        Of just over 13 thousand 600 cases in the country, Chiapas with two thousand 205 cases, followed by Mexico, Yucatan and thirdly, the official explained. Only in the last week were reported in this entity over a hundred new infections a day and two deaths per day, making 15 the total number of people who have lost their lives because of this disease.
        Córdova Villalobos came to supervise the actions to deal with cases of influenza in hospitals AH1N1 Comitan and Tuxtla Gutierrez. He said he came to the hospital staff, Institute for Epidemiological Diagnosis and Reference (Indre) and pneumologists specialists, in addition to mobile health units, microrespiradores, medicine, covering mouths gel.
        "There is an active outbreak in the state, this is attacking with all the resources and strength of the state and the federation. This is going to be controlled. Some will be primary shares, primarily of social distancing, calls halt massive events, "he said the Secretary.
        He explained that in Chiapas are made daily between 200 and 300 tests for possible infections, these are positive between 100 and 130. The highest number of infections and deaths are recorded in the state capital, followed by the cities of San Cristobal and committees.
        While Córdova Villalobos was overseeing operations in Pediatric High Specialty Hospital, a child 4 years of life lost due to influenza AH1N1. With this death totaled 15 deaths. Another six children between one and eight years are hospitalized because of this disease.


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          Re: Chiapas: Cases-2,664; 19 deaths


          2 mil 664 recorded cases and 19 deaths from influenza in Chiapas

          The state government said the searches will continue intentioned of suspected cases, performing examinations, paying over the interest of addressing all possible cases in a timely manner.


          Thu, 23/07/2009 - 13:28

          Tuxtla Gutierrez .- The State Government confirmed two 664 thousand cases of influenza A-H1N1 since last April to the date of the institution and 19 deaths from this virus.

          In a statement, said that through the State Health Laboratory submitted on time since last April 23 at the time the Institute of Epidemiological Diagnosis and Referral all samples taken.

          He added that, initially, the tests were performed by the immunofluorescence and then the method Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) in real time to determine the viral load.

          Indicated that the record does INDRE from information that the health system sends Chiapanecan, it is possible to confirm the presence of cases.

          The document endorses the policy of health in Chiapas, to meet the human development index, health, based on a priority diseases of poverty and backwardness.

          Also, the willingness to work in coordination with all federal, by the clear demonstration of affection that has been Chiapans by President Felipe Calderón Hinojosa.

          Established that the item be continued Influenza intentioned searches of suspected cases, conducting examinations, paying over the interest of addressing all possible cases in a timely manner.

          This Thursday, the governor Juan José Sabines Guerrero will announce the appointment of the new Health Secretary, before the resignation of Adrian Perez Vargas, as well as measures to strengthen the work of health on all issues related to health emergency.


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            Re: Chiapas: Cases-2,750; 22 deaths

            Google translation:

            There are 2.750 cases and 22 deaths ...

            Written by Administrator Thursday, July 30, 2009 02:28
            Reduces hospital admission by H1N1 virus: SaludÁngeles Marshal l State Health Department, James Gomez Montes, announced that revenues have fallen to hospitals because of the human influenza virus A/H1N1. He said that currently there are two thousand 750 cases in 40 municipalities where the attention is focused, the number of deaths rose to 22.
            Gomez Mont said that hospitals are providing comprehensive care to 83 hospitals, 14 cases less than two weeks ago, while 38 are serious, but its complication has to do with disease of overweight, hypertension, diabetes and heart.
            "We have achieved immortality, people are going to die, unfortunately, but we are patients in hospitals, or hospitals, or the State Laboratory of Public Health are exceeded.
            Responded that the registration is from April to date, two thousand and 750 cases, but we are encouraged that we have patients who were serious and that we extubated, some are in candid recovery, others are graduates.
            Patients are at the regional hospital Pascasio Rafael Gamboa, Pediatric Specialty Hospital, in the private sanatorium Muñoa City Health in Tapachula, where he has concentrated on the bass.
            The officer that there were two more deaths that could be positive to the virus, the State Public Health Laboratory performs tests for viral load. He said that the filters are kept in cinemas where it is accepted by half the space in very crowded places and special vigilance is maintained to the fair Comitan due to population concentration.
            In hospitals are being restricted, postpone or cancel surgeries for completion dates in other programs, provided they are not jeopardizing the lives of patients, in order to have less congestion and provide more appropriate care to patients from influenza .
            Gomez Mont said that soon there will be a focus for the conduct of surgery, in order to push the laggards, hospitals are not exceeded, we simply do not expose patients to not be infected within the hospital although there have been no cases within.


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              Re: Chiapas: Cases-2,750; 22 deaths


              Under the control of influenza cases in Chiapas: Cordova
              Public health
              José Ángel Córdova Villalobos
              Human Influenza
              [On cases of influenza control in Chiapas: Cordova]

              Health Secretary (bottom right), supervised medical care for infected patients. NTX

              * Cordova Villalobos reiterated the importance of maintaining surveillance

              The vaccine against seasonal influenza will apply from October 5
              MEXICO CITY .- The state of Chiapas is a safe place like the rest of the country and there is no restriction for those who want to visit that institution for the registration of cases of human influenza, said Jose Angel Cordova Villalobos.

              The Health Secretary said that the recommendation of the World Health Organization is that there should be no restriction on the flow of people and goods and Chiapas have cases such as influenza anywhere in the country.

              In a communique, said that this entity has controlled the problem of influenza A (H1/N1), even going out to a very close, "because it has worked well and the best sample is decreased to Half of new infections and people hospitalized, compared with the peak in the disease.

              Cordova Villalobos said that the work is being done in regard to patient care and recording of cases.

              He mentioned that staff has time to work, which allows patients to make serious high in that regard was a recognition of all health workers to demonstrate great professionalism Chiapanecos, allowing to save lives and contain the problem of influenza .

              Explained that the most effective measures for control are the work of the Caravan for Health, the distribution of information materials and the distribution of concentration in places like bars, discos, restaurants, cinemas and theaters.

              The federal official said that since April 23 to date have confirmed 13 deaths in this institution, however, said the latest deaths are not recent, but occurred during these four months.

              He reiterated the importance of maintaining surveillance, especially in the return to classes, which may be required when faced with an outbreak closed the school, but that can arise anywhere in the country.

              Referring to the risk posed by the proximity of Chiapas with Central American countries, he explained that these nations also act accordingly, and have participated in various international meetings on the subject as the World Influenza Summit in Cancun, Quintana Roo, and the reunion Mesoamericana in Costa Rica.

              He also recalled that the vaccine against influenza A (H1/N1) will be ready in December, with an initial batch of five million to Mexico and an equal number in January, February and March, as there is no production capacity to supply the total required for each country.

              The vaccine against seasonal influenza will apply from October 5 and will have a total of 19.5 million. The priority groups who apply will be health workers, he added.


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                Re: Chiapas: Cases-2,750; 22 deaths

                This is a couple of weeks old, but it was just passed on to me. From H5N1: News and Resources about Pandemic Influenza

                Mexico: A second wave of H1N1
                Thanks to the reader who sent the link to Clarí, an Argentine news source: México confirmó una segunda oleada de Gripe A. [Mexico confirms a second wave of H1N1]. Excerpt, with my translation:
                El Ministerio de Salud de México confirmó una segunda oleada de Gripe A, que dejó un tendal de 10 muertos en apenas cuatro días y obligó a las autoridades locales a reforzar nuevamente las medidas sanitarias. Pese a las temperaturas cálidas y sofocantes que recorren todo el país, el rebrote del virus provocó el contagio de 632 personas. La región sur, en especial en el estado de Chiapas, es la más afectada.
                The Mexican ministry of health has confirmed a second wave of H1N1, causing ten deaths in just four days and obliging local authorities to impose new sanitary measures. Despite the suffocatingly hot temperatures everywhere in the country, the new outbreak of the virus has infected 632 persons. The southern region, especially Chiapas state, is the most affected.

                El epidemiólogo Hugo López Gateli, uno de los directores del Centro Nacional de Vigilancia Epidemiológica, reconoció que en Chiapas los casos "se han disparado", al punto tal que en menos de un mes se quintuplicaron los contagios. Actualmente, ese estado contabiliza 3.664 enfermos y 19 muertos. La zona de Yucatán, al sureste, también experimentó una situación similar, con la triplicación de casos en pocas semanas (pasaron de 683 a 1.906). La ciudad de México (2.161 pacientes) es otra de las regiones con alta tasa de infectados.

                Epidemiologist Hugo López Gateli, one of the directors of the National Center for Epidemiological Surveillance, said that cases in Chiapas "have exploded," to the point that in less than a month the cases have quintupled. Actually, this state now lists 3,664 cases and 19 deaths. Yucatán, in the southeast, has had a similar experience, with the tripling of cases in a few weeks (rising from 683 to 1,906 cases). Mexico City (2,161 cases) is another of the regions with a high rate of infection.
                While the Health Secretariat's own flu update page provides current case and death numbers, it doesn't mention a second wave. In El Universal, the health secretary says the country still has time to prepare for the new outbreak.


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                  Re: Chiapas: Cases


                  Continued Chiapas national first cases of influenza
                  ISAíN MANDUJANO
                  Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas., Oct. 1 (approved) .- The state of Chiapas is in first place nationally in cases of influenza A/H1N1, with 3 thousand 576 cases, of which 30 ended in deaths, said Health Secretary in the state, James Gomez Montes, who despite the statistics, said the epidemic is under control ".

                  "The disease is controlled, the virus is circulating in the environment. The disease is under control epidemics," Gomez insisted Montes

                  The state official said the number of deaths is within international standards, which state that only 1% of dying patients infected with influenza A/H1N1 virus.

                  Although this day was only confirmed the infection of two people, the health secretary said that Chiapas continues to lead with 3 thousand 576 cases, representing 11% of the national total, amounting to 32 thousand 950 cases, of which 236 died .

                  Montes Gomez clarified that the death toll has not risen since "as a month and a half ago, but now 12 people are hospitalized in different clinics, public and private, in various cities of the entity.