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    Influenza Chiapas postpones return to classes
    The government determines Chiapanecan resume activities in basic education schools until May 18, after confirming the existence of 222 suspected cases of influenza A H1N1

    Oscar Gutierrez / Correspondent
    El Universal
    Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chis. Saturday 09 May 2009

    The government decided to postpone the return Chiapanecan classes in basic education schools until May 18, after confirming the existence of 222 suspected cases of human influenza and a second death in the state, probably by contagion of the disease.

    The State Health Department, Adri?n P?rez Vargas, reported Thursday in Comitan de Dominguez was killed a second person for atypical pneumonia.

    "Although not yet have the laboratory results of PCR, we can diagnose clinically died because of the aforementioned viruses (influenza AH1N1)," the state official.

    On Monday confirmed the first death from influenza in a nursing home in this capital of the ISSSTE.

    The victim, Leonardo L?pez Ramos, Ocosingo originating in the Selva region, served as vocal training that demarcation of District Council of the Federal Electoral Institute (IFE).

    The owner of Health, P?rez Vargas, Chiapas reiterated that while there are 10 confirmed cases of pandemic wrong: "We are sure that there are more cases of this virus in the state, as has happened in other states."

    He explained that currently there are four people hospitalized for suspected influenza, two in the capital, one in Comitan de Dominguez and another in Villaflores.

    As part of the fence healthcare, hospitals and health centers provide care to isolated areas of infection.

    Teams of doctors, nurses and paramedics deployed a "sweeping" health "home" to "home" in the capital, San Cristobal de las Casas, Comitan de Dominguez, and Villaflores Ocosingo.

    System Chiapanecan Radio, Film and Television broadcasts targeted campaigns and information on influenza in the indigenous languages of the entity.

    Information modules were installed in the health sector in the 118 municipalities and caravans health indigenous municipalities in the 28 poorest and most marginalized of Chiapas.

    The Ministry of Health reported that this was partially installed capital equipment testing laboratory PCR (polymerase chain reaction) for the final detection of the syndrome of human influenza.

    Adriana Gomez Bustamente, director of the State Laboratory of Public Health, reported that the new infrastructure will serve 120 samples per day.

    The team will be operated by experts Chiapans.

    Once you have the thermal and reactive, can initiate PCR replacing immunofluorescence, but which was recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) has already been ruled out due to its low effectiveness.

    Gomez Bustamante stressed that the team will also identify the dengue virus, tuberculosis, whooping cough, hepatitis B and C, human papilloma virus and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.

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    Re: Chiapas: Cases

    More on the situation posted above:

    Half of the suspected infected are high, families face discrimination
    In Chiapas, 222 possible cases of influenza A, five municipalities, which are considered hot spots

    Angeles Mariscal

    Ocosingo, Chis., May 9. More than half of the 222 probable cases of people infected by influenza A/H1N1 virus have occurred in Chiapas in the indigenous area of the Highlands, said the Institute of Health, while 38 percent of the population of that region has not heard of the disease or unknown symptoms and measures to prevent it, says a study by the organization Melel Xojobal.

    To this is added that the relatives of affected people suffer from discrimination. In the case of an official of the Federal Electoral Institute of Ocosingo, who died on May 4, came to deny the sale of food to prevent his wife and son and his friends returned to classes at the College of Bachelors.

    The state government announced today that while federal Health has not given recent reports of the analysis, we have documented a second death in the town of Comitan, and there were 222 people suspected of being affected by the virus,
    it found postpone the opening of classes until May 18 and start a trace of possible homes affected by the influenza virus in the headwaters of five municipalities considered hot spots.

    San Cristobal: 103 suspected cases

    The statistics of today's Institute of Health in Chiapas indicated that the 222 people who have symptoms consistent influenza A/H1N1, 103 are located in the jurisdiction of the health of San Cristobal de las Casas, and 42 more in other municipalities, Most indigenous people of the jungle regions bordering Guatemala. The rest in the state capital and two municipalities along the coast.

    Gov. Juan Sabines Guerrero acknowledged that the strategy to contain the spread of the virus is complicated by the dispersed population in the state-there are 22 thousand small communities, half of which are difficult to access by low-levels of development and the difficult communication, coupled with that 40 percent of the population speaks only an indigenous language.

    Disturbing misinformation

    Melel Xolobal organization, based in San Cristobal de las Casas, outsourcing also concerned about the misinformation that is the indigenous population of this town, a situation that threatens their lives and health. " The agency presented a study conducted on 29 and 30 April last: a monitor in five colonies in the north of San Cristobal, where they interviewed people between eight and 45 years of age.

    The organization found that about 16 percent of respondents had not heard of the disease by any means, 22 percent know the symptoms and preventive measures for non-contagious.

    "During the tour of the colonies did not observe any poster or paper on influenza, and girls and boys interviewed said that school just told them that without them there would be no more classes," he explains.

    Due to misinformation in the places where they have registered positive cases of influenza-affected families face discrimination. For the family of officer killed by IFE influenza A/H1N1, his widow told La Jornada that have been denied the sale of food, including tortillas.

    "Do not let my son go to the store, they wanted to enter on Wednesday, the College of Bachelors, the director is prevented and told to return when it presented a medical record that was not carrying the virus. A 17 peers also prohibited from entering school because they said they had attended the funeral as they could be sick. "

    Siblings and parents of the deceased person described as the town of Ocosingo is a small community, residents and deny them any closer to salute the fear of viruses.

    Despite the fear, he made a tour in La Jornada Ocosingo and other municipalities found that few people who take preventive measures, including use during cubrebocas acts or mass meetings. Among those who wore it, he was visibly dirty and worn.


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      Re: Chiapas: Cases


      Chiapas reported 40 positive cases of influenza
      For this disease are hospitalized, two in health clinics in the state sector

      Oscar Gutierrez
      El Universal
      Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chis Sunday May 17, 2009

      The State Health Department confirmed 40 positive cases of human influenza in Chiapas.

      For this disease are hospitalized, two in health clinics in the state.

      The Ministry of Health reported that the early confirmation of suspected cases of the virus is by testing polymerase chain reaction (PRC), in the State Health Laboratory of the capital.

      The State Health Laboratory began operating Friday. Its technological infrastructure will respond to requests for influenza testing from other states in the region.

      The state government deploys health fences at airports, bus and highway.

      The state agency said that the modules are given to passengers at the airports of Angel Albino Corzo in Chiapa de Corzo and Tapachula.

      As well as 11 bus from the capital, Hue, Tapachula and San Cristobal de las Casas.

      Personal Health questionnaires and revisions applied to detect respiratory diseases, specifically probable cases of human influenza.

      Some of these modules have temogr?ficas cameras to detect body temperature.

      With the information provided, medical personnel can determine which individuals should be revised in case of clinically suspected cases of influenza.

      nga / MLF


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        Re: Chiapas: Cases


        Google translation:
        For symptoms of flu ...

        Written by Administrator Tuesday, 19 May 2009 02:49
        Not passed the filter 917 infants

        Candelaria Rodriguez l With the application of filters in schools, where one million 229 thousand 854 thousand students -17 basic education schools and schools-Conaf returned to classrooms across the state, could be detected more than 30 thousand infants were not presented.
        Of the total student body, was in preschool, where the absence was 50% and 917 did not pass the filter in the classroom, to register any symptoms of influenza, so they were returned to their homes.

        The secretary of Education in Chiapas, Javier Alvarez, in a preliminary cut of the return to classes, said that of all students, 97 percent returned to the classroom and three per cent were returned to their homes, while the teacher played a role in cleaning the classroom.
        Young people who had not passed the filter, headache, tearing, drainage, sore throat and sometimes fever. While 50 percent of children not attending preschool classrooms.
        At the reopening of classes that are held at the State High School, Jorge Torres Tovilla in Tuxtla Gutierrez, Alvarez Ramos, confirmed that the closure of the school year will be July 14.
        In this regard, said that working with teachers to give time to replenish the half-hour or one hour of classes, depending on the agreements reached with the teachers and the conditions in each work center, The same will have to do with agreements with the parents. "

        Nine thousand schools without drinking water in Chiapas

        The Education Secretary, acknowledged that more than nine thousand schools in Chiapas, a total of 17 thousand 400, no drinking water, which represents over 60 per cent, and therefore developed a program to reduce this lag.
        Schools that do not have drinking water, are located in 28 municipalities, classified by the UN, and high poverty in the state, mostly in the indigenous area, but Alvarez Ramos, said that the state capital, there are schools without drinking water.
        In this regard, said the state government has ordered a latrine and equipping of a container of water for purposes that schools not only have safe drinking water, but with the toilet to take better hygienic conditions.

        The problem, said Alvarez, is made because the vital drinking water is essential for hygiene, and the shortage is recorded in the more dispersed schools, mostly in multigrade schools.
        And he pointed out that spending on toilets and tubs, is a high investment from the state government.


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          Re: Chiapas: Cases


          Prevent shortages in schools implement health measures
          Tuesday, May 19, 2009 02:55

          Angeles Mariscal l Children of primary school Joaqu?n Miguel Guti?rrez located in this city, returned to classes Monday in a school with dirt floors and latrines instead of baths, which also has no drinking water.
          In Chiapas state government decided to extend until May 18 the return of children to basic education schools as a preventive measure before an outbreak of cases of infection by influenza AH1N1, which this week rose from 10 to 40 cases and more than 300 possible in analysis.
          Tuxtla Gutierrez and the municipalities of San Cristobal de Las Casas, Ocosingo, Comitan Villaflores and are considered hot spots for a record high number of potential infection of influenza virus AH1N1.
          In these municipalities the situation is worse, because as in the rest of the body, between 35 and 40 percent of schools show "gaps" in infrastructure, said last December, Assistant Secretary of Planning of the Ministry of Education State education, Alejandro Navas S?nchez. He said that it is schools that require new classrooms and toilets, among other works.
          Maria Natividad Nucamendi Chanon, director in charge of the school Joaqu?n Miguel Guti?rrez, key 07EPR0657K, explained that the deficiencies in infrastructure potentiates the possibility of infection of influenza virus AH1N1.
          "This influenza virus we are concerned that children, some 80 students, we are going to get sick. These weeks we have looked for a neighbor that we provide a home for children to move there, because we fear what will happen from Monday to return to school. There is fear and concern of parents and teachers of our school is because plate and ground. We have no bathroom or water.
          "Over the past two years we have requested the construction of classrooms, restrooms. The final response to the request was in August 2008, when he had said no date for the works because we have no water, drinking water and we need to install the toilets, "said Natividad Chanon.
          The concern is shared by parents and school managers distributed throughout the body, who this week went to the offices of the Education Services for Chiapas and the federal Education Secretariat, to find a solution.
          Totolapan from the municipality, located in the northern state, the master Nucamendi Innocent Jesus came with the application of 120 parents and five teachers, to request the installation of toilets and a "kid (sic) for cleaning."
          Bring to show the shortcomings of the study center, photographs of the five rooms in it, two of them built with palm branches and mud.
          "This is the reality in the state of Chiapas, the Ministry of Education and they spent so sent to teachers, with no cleaning equipment. They said that the appeal be asked to clean it to parents, they are of very low incomes are excluded. Not true, "said the teacher.
          State Health Secretary, Adri?n P?rez Vargas, confirmed on Sunday that in recent days has been increased from 10 to 40 the number of confirmed cases of infection. Recommended to prevent a "contagion accelerated," the 1.3 million children return to class on Monday should wash their hands three or four times during school hours.
          In Chiapas municipalities considered highly marginal, as Oxchuc, health gaps are required to prevent an outbreak of influenza is accelerated flare.
          In Oxchuc school children can not use the toilets, because when there is not enough water in the place. For washing or toileting children must return to their homes.
          Against this background the general secretary of the SNTE Section 7, Rosendo Galindez said that "teachers must be creative, to improvise. If you have to walk 500 meters or a kilometer to bring a bucket of water, it should d


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            Re: Chiapas: Cases


            46 confirmed human cases of influenza in Chiapas
            Today 09:45 --

            Google translation:

            Tuxtla Gutierrez, May 19 (EFE) .- The State Government confirmed last night that total 46 cases of human influenza A/H1N1 in a total of 13 municipalities of the entity.

            At a press conference broadcast by the government radio and television, the governor Juan Jos? Sabines Guerrero stated the entity returns to normal gradually and assured that the equipment of the State Health Laboratory will respond to quality and opportunity in society.

            He said that the backlog has been overcome evaluation samples to determine the viral load could be completed today and the other remaining 287 samples, with the implementation of the Test of Reaction Polymerase Chain known as PCR, a molecular biology technique .

            Accompanied by the State Secretary of Education, Javier Alvarez Ramos, and the director of State Health Laboratory, Adriana Gomez Bustamante, said that the "sweep" conducted house to house has yielded results.

            Sabines Guerrero assured supply of drugs and announced that he will "sweep" in the 118 municipalities to know and meet in its true dimension, such as Chagas disease, leishmaniasis, tuberculosis, onchocerciasis, malaria, dengue, among others.

            Explained that with our own resources will address the crisis with public works and temporary employment, as well as the impetus to business.

            In regard to schools, said that the Citizens Advisory Council has made responsible decisions, so the filters will remain in the public and private schools, to monitor the population.

            The state found that "we can be calm, but preventive measures will be maintained, but need to think of other diseases, no self, and go immediately to the doctor.

            In turn, Gomez Bustamante said that there are 24 other municipalities in the presence of suspected cases of influenza, but will ensure the care of people, due to laboratory equipment, which provides results in real time.

            Said that there may be a rebound, but the health actions have to be permanent, the culture of hygiene have to stay and laboratory equipment will respond in a timely manner.

            Meanwhile, Alvarez Ramos added that absenteeism detected after the return to classes at school level is very low, then went to school 97 percent of one million 295 thousand 567 thousand students in 17 schools, and joined their work 54 thousand teachers.

            Meanwhile, 916 students returned to their homes and in preschool there was a greater absenteeism, more than 50 percent of enrollment at that level because they are children who require more care home.

            Said that it had been agreed with Sections 7 and 40 of the National Union of Education Workers (SNTE), to recover the time lost by the work stoppage.


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              Re: Chiapas: Cases


              Chiapas 12 confirmed cases of influenza in secondary
              The school where the outbreak occurred was closed for seven days to prevent the disease continues to expand

              Oscar Gutierrez / Correspondent
              El Universal
              Chiapas, Tuxtla Gutierrez Wednesday 03 June 2009

              The State Health Department confirmed 12 new human cases of influenza identified in students of a secondary school in this capital, which was temporarily closed to prevent the virus continues to spread.

              Chiapas recorded 61 positive cases of influenza since it was declared a health risk.

              The Secretariat of Health reported that infected a dozen students attending secondary school Joaqu?n Miguel Guti?rrez.

              The medical report indicates that patients are stable and evolve successfully with the application of treatments endorsed by the World Health Organization (WHO).

              Patients are in their homes, only one was hospitalized and discharged in the last few hours.

              The school was closed for seven days to prevent the disease continues to spread among students and faculty.

              Revisions health and filters were extended to 46 other secondary schools in the capital, which was attended by about 26 thousand 784 students.

              The health measure remains in airports, public transport terminals and roads.



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                Re: Chiapas: Cases


                Increased cases of influenza A H1N1 in Chiapas
                Today 20:19 --

                Tuxtla Gutierrez, 8 Jun (Notimex) .- The State Government today reported an increase in the number of cases of human influenza A H1N1, which maintains a fence epidemiological and health alert orange for the state capital.

                In an interview, the spokeswoman for the Citizens Advisory Council for the Care of Influenza, Adriana Gomez Bustamante, reported that until Sunday night had 150 confirmed cases, without specifying how many of them are new and only confirmed the increase.

                He said that in addition there are 613 suspected cases and 94 of the type of seasonal influenza, that last figure has stagnated.

                He added that all cases are treated, and also extends the filter in schools.

                Nevertheless, he acknowledged that the number of cases has increased and the subject said that the final cut will be released in the next few hours by the health sector. He recalled that the disease is not necessarily "deadly."

                He assured that the cost of treatment per patient ranges in 500 thousand pesos and the hospital, which does not explain, are not serious.

                Gomez Bustamante also announced that medical staff is going to schools where they have two filters, the first entry and the second in the rooms where the temperature is measured by the student.

                He also pointed out that the spread of the disease has to do with self-care, and therefore has the sweep and Cologne each school, and called on parents to help identify the students who are ill and not send them to schools .

                He also asked the workers to strengthen the education of health care and be alert to any manifestations of health problems.

                No doubt that in the coming hours will be others, but do not panic, but act responsibly requested.


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                  Re: Chiapas: Cases


                  Suman 259 human cases of influenza in Chiapas
                  June 13, 2009 - 11:40 --

                  Tuxtla Guti?rrez, 13 Jun (Notimex) .- In Chiapas 259 total cases of H1N1 influenza A, in which 13 people are hospitalized, according to the spokeswoman for the Citizens Advisory Council for the Care of Influenza, Adriana G?mez Bustamante.

                  In an interview, the official added that there is no cause for alarm because the hospital evolve successfully.

                  Explained that patients are in hospitals of the Ministry of Health, the Social Security Institute for State Workers in Chiapas and the Institute of Social Security and Services for State Workers (ISSSTE).

                  It also clarified that there is no indication of the governor Juan Jos? Sabines Guerrero closing some schools and added that the siege continued health and preventive measures in schools.

                  In this regard, he mentioned that the University of Science and Arts of Chiapas (Unicach) two positive cases were detected after the application of laboratory testing.

                  Gomez Bustamante reiterated that all schools will redouble the fence epidemiological, hygienic measures in health and safety as filters in schools, with the participation of universities and the State Health Department.

                  He noted that in the cases of influenza type A H1N1, the population must strengthen preventive measures like washing hands frequently, avoid kissing or hand in greeting, cough or sneeze by putting the insides of the arm, stay away from people with infections respiratory, not sharing food, cups and cutlery.

                  In this way, he said if any member of the family has symptoms such as fever, headache or nasal discharge, he must return immediately to the nearest health unit.


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                    Re: Chiapas: Cases


                    Google translation:

                    Detect influenza that affected students and teachers in Chiapas
                    Today 14:44 --

                    Tuxtla Guti?rrez, 16 Jun (Notimex) .- The secretary of state education, Javier Alvarez Ramos, admitted that the renewed outbreak of human influenza in the state has affected students and teachers.

                    He said that the virus began attacking mainly young adults between 25 to 45 years of age, but of the nearly 300 cases in the state, 88 are students and teachers.

                    "Today we have pre-school pupils with symptoms of this nature, therefore asked the people not to panic and help extreme caution because the filters that are not sufficient," he said.

                    He explained that the actions to be implemented institutionally not enough "if you do not understand all that the best way to combat the virus is a very careful, take the estimate, the flu is here to stay and other health scourges."

                    "Parents, he reiterated, have to learn to handle this and watch our children, all creating new habits of hygiene."

                    Explained that there is chaos in isolated over seven schools in the state capital in the educational system there are 88 cases of human influenza, but the worst hit with 19 high school is a federal Joaquin Miguel Gutierrez. "


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                      Re: Chiapas: Cases

                      Breaking News
                      WORLD: World health officials tackle swine flu challenges Posted 3:25 p.m.
                      By The Associated Press Thursday, July 02, 2009

                      CANCUN, Mexico — Swine flu is running wild in the Southern Hemisphere and is spreading rapidly through Europe, with Britain projected to reach 100,000 daily cases by the end of August. The virus is even showing signs of rebounding in Mexico.

                      World Health Organization Director-General Dr. Margaret Chan and health ministers from around the globe huddled Thursday in Cancun for a two-day summit to design strategies for battling the pandemic. Nations attending include the United States, Canada, China, Britain and Brazil.

                      “As we see today, with well over 100 countries reporting cases, once a fully fit pandemic virus emerges, its further international spread is unstoppable,” Chan said during opening remarks.

                      Mexican officials wanted the meeting held in the Caribbean resort city of Cancun — where tourism has plunged — to highlight the country’s success in controlling its epidemic with a five-day national shutdown of schools and businesses in May.

                      The measures were applauded by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and international health officials.

                      “Our presence here is an expression of confidence,” Chan said. “Mexico is a safe, as well as a beautiful and warmly gracious, place to visit.”

                      But Mexico is starting to see an increase in swine flu cases in isolated areas. In southern Chiapas state and the state of Yucatan — adjacent to Quintana Roo state, where Cancun is located — cases have jumped more than 50 percent in a worrying sign that the country may see a resurgence, especially when its winter flu season begins in November.

                      In the space of a week ending Tuesday, the number of cases in Yucatan state jumped from 683 to 1,362, and in Chiapas from 492 to 1,079, Mexico’s Health Department said. During the same week, Quintana Roo reported 102 new cases.

                      Yucatan and Chiapas officials blamed the spike on outbreaks in schools, which they closed a few weeks early for summer break.


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                        Re: Chiapas: Cases


                        And three human deaths from influenza in Chiapas
                        Today 19:07 --

                        Tuxtla Guti?rrez, 7 Jul (Notimex) .- The governor Juan Jos? Sabines Guerrero reported that the woman died last hours by human influenza, which added three deaths in the state for that reason.

                        The state governor said that the death occurred during the last days in the Hospital General Regional "Pascacio Rafael Gamboa" in this city.

                        He added that the date from April to add 270 thousand cases of human influenza in the state, averaging more than 20 per day.

                        Announced that this Wednesday will be in Chiapas Health Secretary Jose Angel Cordova Villalobos, to address the problem together, "we continue with preventive measures and health siege," he said.

                        Out that cases have increased, "are the same as always, therefore, through the State Health Laboratory is conducting studies to ascertain the situation of the disease and proceed to treatment.

                        He stressed that the suspected cases are tested and guaranteed medical care and treatment to all patients, however, stressed that it is imperative that society take preventive measures.


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                          Re: Chiapas: Cases


                          Google translation:

                          Cordova Villalobos confirmed outbreak of influenza in Chiapas
                          MIGUEL S. CABILDO

                          MEXICO, DF, July 8 (adopted) .- The head of the Secretariat of Health (SS), Jose Angel Cordova Villalobos, confirmed Wednesday that Chiapas was a human outbreak of influenza in the last month, has claimed the lives of three people and has infected more than a thousand.

                          During a visit to the Regional General Hospital "Dr. Rafael Gamboa Pascacio," the federal official said the deaths in recent days were recorded in the institution were due to patients not attending on time to attend to the hospital.

                          C?rdova Villalobos also attended the meeting of the Subcommittee on Health Sector, which should reinforce the point that the diffusion of preventive activities, so that people know at what point should go to medical services and be diagnosed on time.

                          And then to say that this is not a disease invented, the owner of the SS reported that so far there have been 121 deaths and 11 thousand 699 confirmed cases across the country.

                          The day before, the governor of Chiapas, Juan Sabines Guerrero, revealed that in less than a month, more than a thousand people were infected by influenza A/H1N1 virus, or an average of 30 per day.

                          However, he argued that while the increased number of infections, the number of dead "does not go beyond three people in Chiapas since the epidemic was detected in April.

                          Meanwhile, as part of a coordinated health care services with federal health, to counteract the spread of the virus, dozens of public and private schools ahead of its closure 2008-2009 school year, after it was detected in some schools in several Children with the disease.
                          > swap


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                            Re: Chiapas: Cases


                            Google translation:

                            The outbreak of influenza hit Tuxtla Gutierrez
                            Tuesday, July 14, 2009 03:56
                            Candelaria Rodriguez

                            With 8 deaths, and mostly women, and the number of people sick with influenza A (H1N1) are in Tuxtla Gutierrez, as the municipality with the largest population in the state (503 thousand 320 according to the INEGI census of 2005 ).
                            The resurgence of the virus, which is here to stay and people still do not understand, is hitting the state capital, where the 12 clinics that were installed in the palace of government are not cope.
                            A week ago, Secretary of Health Jose Angel Cordova Villalobos, warned that in Chiapas, after the onset of illness on April 16, there is an outbreak of influenza virus transmission to humans, and then the neglect of citizenship and the government under guard, beaten severely regrowth populations.
                            The secretary acknowledged two weeks ago that the virus has affected 600 thousand people, now estimated at more than 720 thousand cases, with 8 people died.
                            During his visit to Chiapas, where the Minister of Health visited the regional hospital Pascasio Rafael Gamboa, the state health laboratory and chaired the subcommittee meeting of health sector. Córdova Villalobos noted that the south recorded more cases of human influenza.
                            "In Yucatan two weeks ago there was an outbreak that is already fading, in Chiapas, he added," we work to contain it, we are not overwhelmed but we need to containment measures, "he said.
                            Although the public claims that there are few medicines, the Ministry of Health, and reiterates that there is sufficient staff available to cure. "
                            Anyway, that while in the country, make the country two weeks to 11 thousand 699 cases with 121 deaths from A/H1N1 virus. And practically, it has sustained the Secretary of Health, "has not increased significantly in the rest of the country is off the disease, all of a sudden there are one or two cases, we just need to contain this outbreak in Chiapas," he said.
                            So, even if the public does not understand that we can send any flu to hospital, will stay in the list of priorities of the Ministry of Health, which already count them is the reality in Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas, and in general...


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                              Re: Chiapas: Cases


                              Google translation:

                              Science and Technology
                              Human influenza viruses, out of control in Chiapas
                              According to information provided by the Ministry of Health in Chiapas, there are over 900 thousand people infected, although not specifying the number of deaths per AH1N1. Photo: El Heraldo de Chiapas

                              ? Confirm new cases of influenza A H1N1 in Mexico
                              ? mismatch influenza curriculum
                              Mexican Editorial Organization
                              14 July 2009


                              Mexico City .- The virus of human influenza is out of control in the state of Chiapas, where every day there are between 100 and 130 cases of infection, reported Tuesday that the Ministry of Health of Mexico, a country in that the epidemic has left 124 dead.

                              "For two weeks there has been a resurgence in these two states, which is stable and Yucatan, Chiapas, however not yet able to control, because every day are registering between 100 and 130 cases," the agency said.

                              According to the secretariat, in Chiapas, one of the most important tourist destinations of Mexico, more than 900 thousand people infected, but could not specify the number of deaths corresponding to that district.

                              The Health Ministry said it has sent to Chiapas respirators and medical pneumologists to be responsive to the population that needs it.

                              "They are also working the Caravan of Health in order to make an early diagnosis through rapid tests," he added.

                              In its latest report, the Health Ministry said on Monday that the dead by the Human Influenza in Mexico amounted to 124 and contagion reached 12 thousand 521 people, a country second only to United States, with 211 cases, and Argentina, 137.