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Chiapas reported 2 deaths from H1N1

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  • Chiapas reported 2 deaths from H1N1

    The state Department of Health reported the death of two men by acute respiratory infection, who took the clinical trial for which the State Public Health Laboratory determine or rule out the presence of influenza.

    In a statement, the institution must be in the last few hours, The health jurisdiction II of San Crist?bal de Las Casas reported the death of two patients originating in the region of Altos of Chiapas, which were admitted to the Hospital of the Cultures with 'symptomatology related ailment that viral (influenza) '. One of them is originating in the city of San Cristobal de Las Casas, for 42 years, diagnosed with 'to be diabetic and hypertensive, in addition to presenting an addiction to alcoholic drinks'. The second case, detailed Health, corresponds to a young man of 23 years, originating in the municipality of San Juan Chamula.

    The victim was admitted to hospital with a serious clinical picture of acute respiratory infection, he said. In both cases were taken the clinical samples and sent to the State Laboratory of Public Health, where analyzed to rule out or confirm if the cause of the deaths was due to influenza.