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Chiapas: cases of atypical Influenza

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  • Chiapas: cases of atypical Influenza

    Up to the moment only 15 per cent they have increased the respiratory illnesses in medical consultations as in urgencies there reported Jos? Trinidad Aceves L?pez, general manager of the Regional Hospital Pascasio Gamboa.
En the same sense stressed that up to the moment if cases of pneumonia have happened and influenza atypical, but everything has gone so far as to support under control.
 ? Up to the moment we have not had suspects of influenza, we are detecting of respiratory problems in the picture clinical that are the fever and the pneumonia, since this type of patients can present oneself according to the proper pathology we do to him of control the capture and that marks us the norm sampling ? it indicated.

    Also it determined that the hospital is completely alert, in case of patients presented himself with problems of influenza H1N1, from what they are employed at all the areas from urgencies, consultations up to hospitalization.
 ? It Is the period that the respiratory illnesses increase, in January and December and part of February, where repuntan these sufferings, but what we treat is to be alert to avoid hospitable relapsing ? he said.