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SSA maintain surveillance in southern border against cholera and rotavirus

Notimex / Province
Tapachula, Chiapas .- The state Health Department maintains a permanent monitoring by the possibility of an outbreak of rotavirus and cholera that could come from Central America, said the head of the Sanitary District Number Seven, Andr?s Gerardo Espinoza.

In an interview, said samples were sent to the Public Health Laboratory for examination, but so far no confirmed cases.

Said maintaining constant communication with the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Guatemala, "with whom we share information and alert."

He noted that immigration from Central America to Mexico, forcing authorities to be aware also of any communicable disease that may arise.

In the case of foreign workers who immigrate to the territory of Chiapas, reported that medical teams arrive at the workplace to address this population, maintain and protect the health surveillance of tropical diseases like dengue and malaria.

The supervision will also extend to other diseases such as rabies, diarrhea, acute respiratory diseases, tuberculosis and AIDS, "and that is very important because then we realize any outbreak and serve immediately."

To public complaints about an outbreak of respiratory disease endemic in the 16 municipalities of Soconusco, said that "is an ongoing health problem that health centers must respond as an emergency to avoid complications."

However, the official clarified that there are no reports of significant increases in the number of cases.

"It keeps monitoring for the presence of H1N1 influenza, with sampling at 100 percent of hospitalized cases and 10 percent in those attending the outpatient clinic," he said, but denied that it has a confirmed case in the region