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Seduc reinforces measurements against influenza A H1N1

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  • Seduc reinforces measurements against influenza A H1N1

    After 17-year-old minor confirmed the decease of one, for the virus of the influenza type A H1N1, and 19 cases registered in this Municipality, the Secretary of Education of the State instructed to the instructions of all the cadres to reinforce the actions of prevention to prevent from keeping on spreading this illness.

    As it the supervisors, the directors of the schools, and the pupils of basic education have precise instructions of redoubling efforts with the actions of prevention that are realized in the educational cadres, it pointed out. The chief of the Regional Services of the Secretary of Education in Carmen (Seduc), Ada Luz Ferrer Gonz?lez, said that as they have detected new cases and the winter period is adapted for the spread of the virus by the low temperatures, it is necessary that the schools are supported in alert.