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Yellow alert for health system for autumn-winter
Tijuana | Tuesday November 23, 2:42 | Source: Informa Uniradio

Yellow alert for this fall and winter, was reported by Luis Cobos Raul Guzman, Director of Hospital ISSSTECALI the area of El Mirador, who mentioned that there is coordination with the health sector leads Jos? Guadalupe Bustamante to face the diseases could affect the population.

He said that due to climate change have increased chronic respiratory infections, from last weekend to date, as winter has increased in Tijuana.

He explained that there are sufficient vaccines against seasonal influenza and H1N1 and to date no deaths or pictures presented by these evils in the state.

The most common diseases that have been presented is the classic cold so dress warmly recommended, to prevent drafts and keep the place clean to prevent the virus from spreading.

He said they have been little pneumonia cases have been filed and there has been approximately 2% increase in medical consultations.

This was announced during the presentation of awards to people from both the medical area ISSSTECALI as Tijuana administrative staff, who meet 30, 25, 20, 15 and 10 years of service.