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Low H1N1 influenza alert

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  • Low H1N1 influenza alert

    Low H1N1 influenza alert

    03 JUNE 2010

    Do not lower the guard in terms of hygiene measures to prevent influenza A H1N1, said the head of the Department of Health Patricia Herrera Gutierrez, who said the latest cases were reported in February and said to be followed by submitting more throughout the year.

    He said the virus was influenza among the population, but argued that they have the weapons to fight the disease in time because the citizens know the symptoms, and medicines are cure it.

    He stated that the epidemiological alert still does not end because the country did not succeed in fulfilling the goals of vaccination, although it was not the case of Durango where all the applied biological arrived.

    However he said that in some places have dropped their guard in hygiene measures because the boats have no gel at the entrances and hygiene is neglected in some areas.

    Thus Patricia Herrera Gutierrez said that the hygiene measures also serve to prevent gastrointestinal diseases that attack this season of heat and recalled that a year ago had a significant decrease in this condition because of the campaign to prevent influenza.