Edgardo Flores Campbell, nephew of the writer and journalist Federico Campbell, denied that his uncle was disconnected from the artificial respirator that assisted it in the last 15 days. 'The medical party declares that the death was due to a brain death,' he said.In an interview in the lobby of the Mocel hospital of this city, he said that the sequel to the influenza A (H1N1) affecting the health of the writer Tijuana contributed to a series of effects that led him to death this Saturday evening.Make a timeline of the health of her uncle, he recalled that all started with a pneumonia which caused a respiratory arrest, by which two weeks ago began to be assisted with hyperventilation, machines breathing aid.'Then came a negative consequence on their kidneys. It was dialyzing it and for the last two weeks remained in the intensive care unit of the hospital, sedated, cased, and assisted by a ventilator,'said flowers Campbell.

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