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Recorded eight deaths from H1N1 this year in BC

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  • Recorded eight deaths from H1N1 this year in BC

    Spanish-English translation

    Baja California
    Recorded eight deaths from H1N1 this year in BC
    El Sol de Tijuana
    November 19, 2012

    by Alejandro Garcia Magall?n Mexicali. - The alert raised in 2009 in the presence of influenza country has not stopped. Despite the shock of that time has decreased cases still present, with a total of 67 have been recorded in Baja California: 46 type and 21 type H1N1 seasonal. This amount extracted from 300 people suspected of having contracted the virus. above was reported by Wong Leticia Lopez, head of the Department of Epidemiology of the Ministry of Health in Baja California, adding that deaths from H1N1 influenza in the state this year add up 8, with two deaths from other types of influenza. The specialist explained that according to the figures of the institution, 11 cases have been filed in the Court of Mexicali, Ensenada 7 and 28 in Tijuana, this situation being explicable because The latter city has the largest number of inhabitants. Dr. said that because of this situation is that the measures against the disease should follow the population, with the continuous washing of hands, avoid contact with people who show symptoms of any respiratory illness and see a doctor at the smallest sign of this, the most basic of care. Wong stressed that the complicated Lopez in detecting influenza is very similar to most respiratory diseases, including the first discomforts are equal to of other diseases like ricketssia. So said people should avoid self-medication as they may be hiding the presence of the disease. thing to do is seek immediate medical care at the nearest health unit, where they can get guaranteed services as doctors assigned to the Secretary are continuously trained in the field of influenza, in addition to material to detect the disease, he said. Regarding the figures released, said epidemiologist are above those presented in 2011 , which is due to the H3N1 influenza outbreak that emerged in all of Mexico in the month of January, which shot figures in all states of the country.