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Extreme precautions against cold calling

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  • Extreme precautions against cold calling

    Spanish to Eng. translation

    Baja California
    Extreme precautions against cold calling
    El Sol de Tijuana
    February 23, 2011

    by Ana S?nchez Aguirre light

    Tijuana .- Because the weather conditions prevailing in the region of low temperatures, the jurisdiction of Health Services II, urged people to take action against a possible drop in temperatures in the coming days.

    Therefore, Macareno Ernesto Alvarado, head of the JSS II, said that people should take shelter and avoid exposure to sudden temperature changes, particularly caring for children and more to those with any symptoms.

    It also stated that if they have any symptoms should see a doctor or nearest health center, so you can get proper treatment and avoid self-medication.

    "If the child is suffering from the respiratory tract, must notify the school to avoid infecting other students," he said.

    Ernesto Macareno announced that among the most frequent diseases in this season is rhinitis, nasopharyngitis, pharyngitis and faringolaringitis, they suffered more frequently in children under 5 and adults over 60, "but without proper treatment can affect a secondary problem such as pneumonia. "

    During the winter season 2010 and so far this 2011, said there is no report of any death due to low temperatures, so stressed that this season we must take care not to have meetings with very cold currents, and defenses are low and if we go from cold to warm and change abruptly, our body can suffer.

    He urged the citizens to get in an enclosed harbor, mostly covering his airway and if it comes from a cold and becomes a warm, do not remove the items immediately, but until your body becomes acclimated.