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Pediatric visits increased by cold

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  • Pediatric visits increased by cold

    Spanish to English translation

    Pediatric visits increased by cold

    TIJUANA, Baja California (PH)
    Because of the drastic drop in temperatures recorded as part of the winter season Tijuana General Hospital, reported that a day on average made 200 inquiries related pediatric respiratory infections.

    The hospital's director, Jose Manuel Robles Barbosa, made an appeal to parents to protect from the cold for their children to prevent respiratory diseases, especially recommended to pay special attention to the smallest.

    She also indicated that older people are more susceptible to this kind of suffering especially during the winter.

    Have increased between 20 and 30%

    In general reported that during the winter season visits for acute respiratory infections increased from 20 to 30%.

    For its part pediatric infectious diseases, Enrique Chac?n, also reported increased consultations with the flu, cough, pneumonia, whooping cough, bronchitis and bronchopneumonia.

    Medically explained that while acute respiratory infections are not caused directly by the cold, since its origin has multiple causes and can occur in summer, the current Santa Ana brings with it a host of bacteria and viruses that directly affect the body.

    Both recommended that people dress warmly and be extra careful especially with children under 5 years of age and older people, and avoid subjected to sudden temperature changes, eating fruits rich in vitamin C such as orange, lemon, grapefruit and guava, and wash their hands frequently, especially after contact with sick people.

    Cover your nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing and not greeting directly, to avoid transmitting the virus, were some of the recommendations of the doctors.
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