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May have to destroy four million influenza vaccines

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  • May have to destroy four million influenza vaccines

    May have to destroy four million influenza vaccines | 08.03.2010 - 11:51

    After the rejection of the population unnecessarily vaccinated against the H1N1 virus, the Ministry of Health may have to discard more than four million flu shots this coming winter, according to

    According to the newspaper reported on its website, the freezers of Health have housed a large shipment of influenza vaccine that would not have been used in the past year after the WHO alert.

    After the reluctance of the population to be vaccinated, injectables have been removed from the 17 autonomous regions. The most serious is that while these drugs have not been used, the CC. AA. must pay, which would mean a total debt of more than 28 million euros.

    One solution that opens the way, despite opposition from some medical professionals, a double vaccination. Thus, the population once vaccinate against influenza A and, again, against the influenza virus typical of the winter season.

    For its part, the World Health Organization (WHO) proposed a new vaccine that would combine the influenza A virus with the seasonal flu virus, which would solve the problem of protection of the population, but not of surplus antivirals. If you opt for the trivalent vaccine, would not be forced to destroy four million antivirals.

    A wasted investment

    Since the beginning of the pandemic alert in Mexico, the Spanish Government began investing in these vaccines, which led to criticism from some members of the opposition to rush.

    According to the latest figures that have come to light, the Government could invest approximately some 92 million in preventive medicine, of which, 28 million for vaccines already mentioned, 28 million to four million doses The Government donated to the Pan American Health Organization to countries with Americans unable to purchase the drug, and the rest in the prevention campaign.

    The precipitation test of government is in the numbers of vaccinations, and barely three million people vaccinated.