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Mexico: stop to the emergency for the H1N1 virus

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  • Mexico: stop to the emergency for the H1N1 virus

    The Mexican government announced today the end of the sanitary alert for the flu A after fourteen months in which 1.289 persons have died in the country and 72.000 cases have registered, announced today the secretary (the minister) of Health, José Ángel Córdova Villalobos.

    This decision adopted on Monday as unanimity the Council of General Healthiness after verifying the evolution of the epidemic - that his last mortal victim registered in the country in May - and in accordance with the World Organization of the Health (WHO) and the Pan-American one of Health (OPS).

    Meanwhile in October, 2009 there were 216 hospitalized persons, on June 25 they were only 22. " The circulation of the virus is minimal ", he declared Córdova.

    Nevertheless, the authorities of Mexico will not lower the custody in epidemiologic terms and they preserve still 875.000 vaccines against the flu A.

    Córdova coded the entire cost of the flu A in Mexico in 4.500 million weight (290 million euros).